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The Supremest High Vampire Council in the Whole World!

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By the Denizens of Channel #Sanguinarius

On November 3rd, channel #Sanguinarius...the following historical incident was recorded...and is now presented for your personal amusement (and mine)... In the words of Sangi, "I'm taking over. My IRC channel voted me grand high leader of the supremest vampire council in the world."


<@Sangi> oh, damn those pesky supreme vampire councils again...finding out I'm not an immortal and demanding I take my site down or they'll hunt me down in a week (why's it always a week?)

<Werekitty> lol.

<Christoff> lol, are you serious? peeps email you junk like that?

<Ithril_at_work> cool

<@Sangi> mainly, they im me stuff like that

<Ithril_at_work> Send them to me

<@Sangi> and they always try to sound grandiose

<Christoff> or me

<Ithril_at_work> I could use a good laugh

<@Sangi> I put one convo up in my articles section, under Other Stuff > Funky AIM Convo

<@Sangi> this last fellow I just told "oh, grow up" and wandered off

<Werekitty> heh.

<@Sangi> I should have told him I was going to send my evil vampire hellcats after him..oh, well

* @Sangi sips coffee

<Christoff> I always got a laugh out of the vampire bible. Like one popped up after 1000's of years. You d/l it and it is like 6 pages long that someone wrote.

<@Sangi> and $25 bucks

<Christoff> lol yeah. I could goof off and write one longer and sound more serious.

<@Sangi> do it

<Christoff> nah, it would not be real and I would know it. too many wannabe vampire leaders out there

<Werekitty> urgh migraines wont go away ><

<Christoff> were for temp relief jump into a hot shower and let it run over your head awhile. works for me from time to time and I get at least 1 a week.

<Ithril_at_work> 6 whole pages, eh?

<Werekitty> painkillers are supposed to kill the pain ><

<Christoff> lol yeah a friend emailed it to me once. don't know if I still have it or not

<Christoff> I think I deleted it after laughing

<Ithril_at_work> I can't get over that...

<Ithril_at_work> 6...

<Ithril_at_work> pages...

<@Sangi> Werekitty, see if you can get a prescription med for them. Ask about Imitrex or Relpax

<@Sangi> or Zomig

<Ithril_at_work> just 6?

<Ithril_at_work> what's 6 pages?

<Christoff> lol yes 6 for the one I saw from the vampire church that is on the web.

<@Sangi> the Temple of the Vampire's bible

<Ithril_at_work> My geography report on Egypt in 2nd grade was longer than 6 pages.

<@Sangi> Vampire Church is something different

<Christoff> Yeah, I think that was it. but it was over a year ago. They may have made up more since then

<@Sangi> lol

* @Sangi is bored and finds herself wishing the pipsqueak would im her back and bluster some

<Christoff> Sangi I am from the supreme vampire council and I demand you take your site down with in a week or we will...we will censor you like congress.

<@Sangi> lick me

<Christoff> lol, uh...where?

<Ithril_at_work> Is that a genuine offer?

<Ithril_at_work> did I say that?

* @Sangi whacks Ithril_at_work with a bloody hatchet

<Ithril_at_work> lol

* @Sangi tosses a juicy little minnow into Ccomp5950's open mouth

<@Sangi> lick my toes

<@Sangi> wtf?

<@Sangi> how'd that happen?

<Christoff> yuck I am not into feet

<Ithril_at_work> it's the grand vampire council exercising their power over you with their $5 voodoo doll kit, Sangi

<@Sangi> yeah, I feel their power. I have the urge to dance the lambada

* @Sangi *sings* trick or treat, lick my feet, give me something good to eat

<Christoff> I would be scared and like shake and stuff.

<Werekitty> I wonder if anybody is serious about these things, saying "I am an immortal vamp"

<@Sangi> I was shaking, but that was laughter

<@Sangi> nah, they're some Rice Crispy

* Ithril_at_work coos in his worst french accent

<Werekitty> Lol.

<Ithril_at_work> Ve vill start vith your toesies.. and go frrrrom therrre

<Christoff> some of them may be serious in their own little world. But not the real world. Kinda like I am a legend in my own mind.

* @Sangi wiggles her toesies

<@Sangi> yeah

<Ithril_at_work> That doesn't compromise my marriage relationshiip..does it?

<@Sangi> that's why I just said "grow up"

<@Sangi> nope, it doesn't

<Ithril_at_work> ok. cool

<Ithril_at_work> I was worried.

<Christoff> wait....I am a legend in my own mind. Everyone must worship me!

* @Sangi throws a french fry at Christoff

<Christoff> ouch those are hard french fries!

* Ithril_at_work starts making play-doh minions so Christoff will have subjects to worship him

<@Sangi> It's been under my computer desk for a month. It'd better be hard

<Christoff> I tried making a android out of play doh. didn't work

<@Sangi> hey, I want some play-doh minions

* Ithril_at_work tosses Sangi a wad of play-doh

<Ithril_at_work> make some

<@Sangi> oo, the power of the goddess

* @Sangi starts making little minions

<Christoff> mine all look like blobs

<@Sangi> if I make them smaller, I can make more of them *Sangi reasons*

<Ithril_at_work> 'bout an inch tall is good.

<@Sangi> yuh

<@Sangi> I wonder what people would say if I im'd them and said I'm with (just joined) a supreme vampire council and all that...

<@Sangi> "Sangi's finally lost it"

<Ithril_at_work> my supreme vampire council is more supreme than your supreme vampire council.

<Christoff> we should make a fake supreme vampire council website and see how many peeps join

<@Sangi> My supreme vampire council can kick your supreme vampire council's ass! YEAH!!!

<Christoff> lol

<@Sangi> Oh, I shoulda' said that to him

<@Sangi> not anyone, but see who tries to

<@Sangi> only supreme high elite vampires can join

<Christoff> I am from the super supreme vampire council.

<@Sangi> no common rabble

<Ithril_at_work> I hereby nominate Sangi as High Supreme Vampire Council Grand Regent.

<@Sangi> I second that..oh, wait, can I do that?

<Ithril_at_work> no

<@Sangi> ok

<Christoff> I second it

<@Sangi> ok

<Ithril_at_work> good

<Ithril_at_work> Anyone opposed?

<Ithril_at_work> Speak now

<@Sangi> I am

<Ithril_at_work> tooo bad

<@Sangi> oh ok

<Christoff> Should we get to ok from Father You-Know-Who, who is the all-knowing vampire god?

<Ithril_at_work> Motion carried

<Ithril_at_work> Sangi carried

<@Sangi> too late

<Ithril_at_work> don't drop her in the river

<Christoff> hehe

<@Sangi> I outrank him now *evil laugh* I shall take over the worrrrrrrrrld! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA

* @Sangi chucks Todd in a hole

<Ithril_at_work> who will you appoint as your high council?

<@Sangi> lemme see...

<Ithril_at_work> whoo will be your Vice High Regent?


<Christoff> oh! oh! Pick me!

<Ithril_at_work> no.. you can't do that...

<@Sangi> oh ok

<@Sangi> how bout you guys?

* Christoff raises hand and jumps up and down.

<@Sangi> yeah you

<@Sangi> anyone wanna slip me a fiver? I'm open to bribes

<Christoff> do I get a cool black cape?

<@Sangi> sure, that'll be part of the required uniform

<Christoff> and plastic halloween fangs

<@Sangi> yep

* Ithril_at_work slips Sanguinarius a fiver

<Christoff> woot

* @Sangi takes the fiver and appoints Ithril_at_work as Vice High Regent

<Ithril_at_work> BONUS

<Christoff> I'll pay 10

<@Sangi> oh kool

* Ithril_at_work trades his plastic fangs for ceramic ones

<@Sangi> no, my evil minions only get the best...silver fangs for you

<Ithril_at_work> even better!

<Christoff> what? no gold fangs so we can look all pimp!

<Ithril_at_work> (why does this remind me of a Calvin & Hobbes strip?

<@Sangi> I get the gold fangs. :P I'm the grand poobah

* Werekitty Quit (Quit: )

<@Sangi> Prolly coz

<Christoff> Then I want glow in the dark

<@Sangi> <---C&H junkie

<Ithril_at_work> me too heheh

<@Sangi> ok

* @Sangi hands you some Kryptonite

<@Sangi> wear that bext to you and you'll glow in the dark on your own after about a week

<Ithril_at_work> ok.. now we need to make a grand. announcement thingy...declaration.. or somesuch...

<@Sangi> bext = next

<@Sangi> (secret code)

<Ithril_at_work> ohh. yeah.. & a secret code too...

* @Sangi drafts out a formal declaration...

<@Sangi> "Greetings, fellow vampizens...

* Christoff was just wondering how Blade in the movies could always walk around in the city in the day and not get arrested for carrying swords on his back.

* liadan-afk has joined #SANGUINARIUS

<Ithril_at_work> vampire power of persuasion

<@Sangi> I'm taking over. My IRC channel voted me grand high leader of the supremest vampire council in the world

<Christoff> ahhh, I shall use that then, to carry a stick on my back

<@Sangi> um hiiiiiiiiii, liadan-afk...hehehehe

* Lee`1 Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

<@Sangi> "You must bow down and worship me now. All who follow me will get a kewl black cape and shiny silver fangs..."

* liadan-afk is now known as liadan

<liadan> hi Sangi!! I wanna black cape, too!

<@Sangi> ok

<liadan> can it have red lining?

* @Sangi thinks

<Ithril_at_work> I hereby nominate liadan as High Supreme Vampire Council Recording Secretary

<@Sangi> ok, we gotta color code the linings

* liadan begs plllleease

<@Sangi> like in Star Trek

<liadan> haha

* AnsharPhone is now known as Anshar_Zombie

<liadan> good idea

<@Sangi> Ruling Party gets purple lining

<liadan> yeah yeah. I second Ithril's nomination

<liadan> pretty!

<@Sangi> Royal Guard gets red lining

<Ithril_at_work> you can't

<Ithril_at_work> some one else hasta

<liadan> ooh pretty. but I want to Ithril <whines>

<@Sangi> elite personal guards get black lining (an all black cape! WOWSERS!)

<liadan> oooh

<Ithril_at_work> Sangi.... second the nomination....

<Christoff> we need a super secret group to defend us against other supreme vampire councils. We can call it the Vampiric Liberation Council for the Liberation of the Vampiric Council for the Supreme Vampire Council.

<Ithril_at_work> Sangi

<liadan> lol yeah!

<@Sangi> that's what the elite personal guard's for

<liadan> oh cool

<Christoff> well, I like the name

<@Sangi> ok

* Christoff stomps foot

<@Sangi> what?

<liadan> but Chris - "elite personal guard" - that sounds impressive!

<liadan> and just think - ALL BLACK capes!

<Ithril_at_work> Do you second the nomination, Sangi

<@Sangi> classy, but not overstated

<Christoff> but my name is longer

<liadan> true

<liadan> Ithril won't let me second the nomination! :P mean.

<@Sangi> we can use your name for the countless hordes of the military arm

<Christoff> It's a male vampire penis thing

<liadan> lol

* @Sangi strokes Christoff's name to see if it grows longer

<Christoff> Those with the longer name are bigger

<Ithril_at_work> Christoff could too....

<liadan> what about camouflage capes?

* Christoff is now known as Christofffffffffffffffff

<@Sangi> yeah, those'd be kewl

<liadan> Chris! Second the nomination, k?

<liadan> haha

<Christofffffffffffffffff> I second it

<@Sangi> what nomination?

<liadan> yay haha

<Ithril_at_work> Pay attention...

<liadan> Ithril's nomination, woohoo

* @Sangi stomps about self-importantly and rattles her sabre

* Christofffffffffffffffff is now known as Christoff

<@Sangi> lol

<Ithril_at_work> ok.. it's been nominated & seconded that liadan be High Supreme Vampire Council Recording Secretary

<OrbitalBeetle> I am a swashbuckler!

<liadan> do I get to use a black notepad with glow in the dark ink to take notes?

<@Sangi> yup! :D

<OrbitalBeetle> en garde!

<Ithril_at_work> anyone opposed?

<liadan> NO

<liadan> NO one is opposed

<@Sangi> no

<Christoff> It has to be red glow in the dark ink

<liadan> cool

<Ithril_at_work> cool

<Ithril_at_work> motion passsed

<liadan> yay!!!

<@Sangi> *gas passed*

* liadan feels important now

<@Sangi> ahhhhhhhhh

<liadan> lol

<Christoff> I am opposed to the opposing

<@Sangi> I'm opposed to that :P

* OrbitalBeetle uses a gas extractor and collects the gasses in a balloon

<Christoff> ack!

<liadan> lol

<Christoff> Such opposition

<@Sangi> ok, who gets to be the comedy sidekick, my bumbling, fawning ghoul?

<Christoff> lol

<liadan> hmm

<Christoff> not me. I am alway super serious

<OrbitalBeetle> dang, theese pancakes are good, i'm eating 'em straight

<@Sangi> you be the evil genius

<liadan> yeah!

<OrbitalBeetle> with nothing on 'em

<Ithril_at_work> I hereby nominate OrbitalBeetle as the high vampire council eye-in-the-sky-spy and Organizer of the elite guard shock troops

<liadan> hey, was that what you ended up with from your recipe earlier, Beetle?

* @Sangi appoints Orbsy to be the bumbling fawning ghoul

<OrbitalBeetle> :-D

<@Sangi> oh, nm...

<Christoff> Yes I shall super evil genius

<OrbitalBeetle> Yes sir, my master!

<liadan> haha

<@Sangi> yeah, give him that position, it's more impressive

<Ithril_at_work> ty. :-d

* Christoff thinks up evil plans as he sucks on an ACO [Animal Control Officer -- Another story in itself...]

<Ithril_at_work> second?

<OrbitalBeetle> these pancakes have soap in 'em *-8D

<@Sangi> I need a voodoo spell to revive all those dead ACOs

* liadan will not second. I want him to be the bumbling fawning ghoul, haha

<liadan> soap pancakes

<@Sangi> they can swipe stray dogs off the street and turn them into evil zombie hellhounds

* Christoff cries

<@Sangi> to protect me

<Ithril_at_work> who seconds the nomination?

<@Sangi> evil geniuses do not cry. quit that!

<Christoff> I do

<liadan> ok fine, I second!

<Ithril_at_work> cool

* Christoff stops crying

<@Sangi> I'll third it. What was the nomination, anyway?

<liadan> lol

<liadan> i'll fourth it

<Ithril_at_work> liadan recorded as opposed.. but otherwise.. any opposed?

<@Sangi> you can't fourth it

<Christoff> I am the new super evil genius

<liadan> I have no idea which nomination -- wait wait, I change my vote

<Christoff> too late

<Ithril_at_work> oh..ok..

<liadan> <sob>

<Ithril_at_work> not too late,.

<@Sangi> yeah too late

<Ithril_at_work> anyone else opposed?

* liadan crying

<@Sangi> oh fine, just this once

<Ithril_at_work> LOL

<liadan> yay!

* liadan is happy now

<OrbitalBeetle> fear not, here is the daxflame beat!

<Ithril_at_work> None opposed.. Motion carried!

<@Sangi> but if I let you change your vote too often, it'll show as a sign of weakness and that, I can't afford...

<liadan> Beetle! not fair. I can't watch videos :_(

<Ithril_at_work> g'night

<OrbitalBeetle> aw

<OrbitalBeetle> but its only 8 secs

<Ithril_at_work> Gotta go home now.

* Ithril_at_work has left #sanguinarius

<Christoff> My first evil plan is that we start a second Supreme vampire council so we have redundancy in our system.

<liadan> uh oh - that is true, oh grand high leader. I shall defer to your judgement

<liadan> ooh 8 sec, I can watch

<@Sangi> I nominate myself as the head of that one, too

<liadan> haha

<@Sangi> I want a crown

<Christoff> All officers will be the same to keep redundancy

<@Sangi> ok

<liadan> yeah! crowns are good

<Christoff> It will throw our enemies off

<liadan> redundancy is good

<@Sangi> with golden pickles mounted on it to symbolize my power

<liadan> ahhh... pretty!

<@Sangi> and awe my enemies

<Christoff> Dill or Sweet?

<@Sangi> dill

<Christoff> ok

<Christoff> just wondering. I vamped all the sweet pickles earlier.

<@Sangi> and black thigh high boots

<@Sangi> with silver all over them, no, gold

<@Sangi> lots of gold

<Christoff> oh oh, and I want a black thong......uh I mean black leather biker pants.

<liadan> then your crown could be gold to match

<OrbitalBeetle> and syrup

<liadan> lol chris

<@Sangi> chains and straps and rivets

<liadan> what kind of syrup, Beetle?

<OrbitalBeetle> boot syrup

<@Sangi> yeah, a golden pickle crown

<liadan> hmmm ... boot syrup

<liadan> why does the word syrup look like its a made up word to me now? it doesnt look right

<@Sangi> coz you've been hitting too much syrup?

<Christoff> cause it is all part of the grand plan

<liadan> probably haha

<@Sangi> yeah

<@Sangi> it's to confuse our enemies

<liadan> it will work well

<liadan> this is why I keep records. I dont need to understand all the plans.

<@Sangi> true, true...

<Christoff> We must also pay a yearly homage to the Applemilk Queen

<liadan> LOL

<@Sangi> why did that not surprise me that that was coming up sooner or later?

<Christoff> Beetle made me say it

* @Sangi declares the applemilk queen to be the official state goddess

<liadan> chris. she did not appear in my kitchen the other day BTW. it was sad.

<@Sangi> mine, either

<Christoff> It takes time, I told you

<liadan> i was hoping. really hoping.

<@Sangi> I even made a special pot of coffee to share with her but she never showed

<liadan> :(

<@Sangi> I had to drink it all myself

* Screwtape Quit (Quit: Computer goes to sleep!)

<@Sangi> I was hyper!

<Christoff> was it applemilk coffee?

<@Sangi> uh... *checks*

<@Sangi> nooo

<@Sangi> Colombian

<Christoff> that is why. you must wait 'til next Halloween now

<liadan> does the applemilk queen wear a cape?

<@Sangi> what if I say her name 3 times?

<Christoff> A cape made of apple peels

<liadan> i think you have to spin in a circle when you say it. that might work.

<Christoff> nothing now. Halloween is past

<@Sangi> the applemilk queen can wear a cape if she wants to. it can be yellow lining

<liadan> yeah that would be good

<liadan> applepeels with a yellow lining?

<OrbitalBeetle> epic applemilk theme

<Christoff> the applemilk queen is the daughter of Granny Smith

<@Sangi> yeah, mad scientists get capes with blue lining

<liadan> omg

<@Sangi> because that is "medical"

* liadan taking notes in secret glow in the dark ink

<@Sangi> you misspelled that word

<liadan> brb - i have to take my plate out ot the kitchen so my cat will stop stalking me

<Christoff> Oh we did not vote to give 'em a glow in the dark eraser

* @Sangi grants permission for liadan to move

<@Sangi> Raid the churches for gold to make my throne

<@Sangi> and give the pope a wedgie while yer at it

<Christoff> I can't. I started to burn last time I tried to go into a church

<@Sangi> oh, dang...

* @Sangi coats Christoff with asbestos

<@Sangi> brb

<Christoff> ack! not asbestos, that iches

* Christoff begins to scratch all over

* Brokenangel_ has left #SANGUINARIUS

<@Sangi> we need to take some prisoners

* @Sangi sneaks into #LostHaven [see "Extra" below]

<Christoff> I think Brokenangel just left to warn to other supreme vampire council of our plans.

<Christoff> We must have untrust in our council to appear real

<Christoff> backstabbing at every turn

<Christoff> what is losthaven?

* Brokenangel_ has joined #Sanguinarius

<@Sangi> a channel with lots of unsuspecting minions

<Christoff> ahh

<@Sangi> wb Brokenangel_ *Sangi grants Brokenangel_ entry*

* Brokenangel_ Sneaks up, Steals Sangi Crown and runs off at super speed

<Christoff> ACK! Guards!

<@Sangi> gah! I'm naked!

* @Sangi runs around in circles

<Brokenangel_> know who is power

<Christoff> The guards are off making applemilk coffee

* Christoff runs and hides in the corner

<@Sangi> hey did we appoint any executioners yet? I need to execute my lazy guards

<Christoff> WK would be good for that

<Brokenangel_> you'll never catch me

* @Sangi pms WildKat: hey, I'm appointing you official royal executioner. kill my lazy elite personal guards. they were off making coffee while Brokenangel stole my pickle crown! :(

<liadan> lol!!

* Christoff throws garlic at Broken

* liadan grabs handful of garlic for my pizza, then lets the rest hit Brokenaangel

<@Sangi> yummy

<Christoff> I had Papa John's earlier

* Sang-JIRC_newnickhere has joined #Sanguinarius

* Brokenangel_ you miss

* @Sangi thinks people aren't respectin' her enough, so she puffs up and tries to look all high and mighty and menacing

<liadan> I LOVE PAPA JOHN'S -- Sangi can it be the official pizza place?

<@Sangi> Greetings and salutations Sang-JIRC_newnickhere

* liadan tries to be respectful

<Sang-JIRC_newnickhere> hello

<Brokenangel_> Sangi, I no longer have your crown. I gave it to someone for safe keeping

* @Sangi gets serious for a bit in case Sang-JIRC_newnickhere has serious questions

<liadan> hi newnick

* Christoff offers Broken chocolate if she gives Sangi the crown back

<@Sangi> I got it back, too late

<Christoff> Hello new person

<Sang-JIRC_newnickhere> what's up?

<@Sangi> we're just in here, squirrelling around

<Christoff> not much, goofing off

* RoboMidget has joined #sanguinarius

<RoboMidget> good evening, yall

<@Sangi> greetings and salutations RoboMidget

<Christoff> there goes the neighborhood

<@Sangi> lol

<RoboMidget> well with the security guard gone.. I thought I could sneak in

<Sang-JIRC_newnickhere> haha yea I know my typing on this keyboard sucks because you have to pretty much slam the keys

<Brokenangel_> haha, you should know better then to brag about it, Sangi

<@Sangi> eh?

<Alynna> man, I'm missing a lot of stuff

<Brokenangel_> you say you are ruler of the world. I think you better talk to kai about that one

* @Sangi puts her crown on display in a high security vault and charges tourists $5 a pop to see it

* Christoff stands there to collect the money

<@Sangi> Kai...a competitor? I shall destroy all opposition! *Sangi roars menacingly*

* Alynna just looks cute someplace.

<liadan> hi Robo

* RoboMidget leaves to take a piss

<liadan> lol

<@Sangi> hey, you..git back here.

<@Sangi> you have to ask permission now

<Christoff> no let 'em go.. don't want 'em to piss in the crown room

* @Sangi feels her empire of power disintegrating (already)

<@Sangi> good point

* Brokenangel_ glares at Sangi and pounces her

* RoboMidget raises his hand

<@Sangi> yes, RoboMidget?

<liadan> I never did see what your title is, Chris!

<Christoff> Super Evil Genius

<@Sangi> yeah

<liadan> oh cool. :) That's right. I missed it

<liadan> er, I forgot

<liadan> something like that

<@Sangi> uh-huh

<@Sangi> write it down

<liadan> oops

* liadan taking notes again

<Christoff> Make Robo one of the guards

<@Sangi> the notes you take today will be tomorrow's history

<RoboMidget> Sangi... I know I'm supposed to ask permission to do number one or number two... but I have to fart, and I need a number

<liadan> lol so true

<liadan> lol

<@Sangi> 3 -- no, 4 coz that sounds like fart

<RoboMidget> ok

* liadan writing that down also

<Christoff> I move for Robo to be made head guard

* Brokenangel sneaks into Sangi super vault and takes off with the crown again

<liadan> ack!

<liadan> I second it, Chris

<Christoff> it's ok. she paid her $5

* @Sangi sends a horde of zombie dogs after Brokenangel_

<RoboMidget> I would make a good guard..

* @Sangi appoints RoboMidget one of her elite personal guard

<liadan> yay!

* RoboMidget is built on nuclear midget technology

<@Sangi> and gives him a black cape with black lining

<Christoff> now you have a guard to behead

<@Sangi> and a pair of silver fangs

* Sang-JIRC_newnickhere Quit (Quit: Bye bye)

<@Sangi> oh, crap..

<RoboMidget> thats good.. silver fangs

<Brokenangel_> running far away from Sangi, and digs a deep hole, put the crown in and covers it with dirt

<@Sangi> we let a prioner escape

<liadan> haha

<RoboMidget> now I can chew chuck norris's head off

<@Sangi> kewl

<@Sangi> I must defeat Chuck Norris

<@Sangi> bring him to me


<RoboMidget> Sangi, since 1947 (the year Chuck was born), round house kick related deaths have risen over 13,000 percent

<@Sangi> oh, my

<Brokenangel_> what you going to do now, Sangi, that you don't have your crown? It don't look good on you, anyways

<liadan> that is frightening, Robo

<RoboMidget> Chuck is such a bad ass, he lost his virginity before his dad did

* @Sangi shaves her head and tatooes a Mayan looking thing on it

* liadan thinks Chuck Norris is ugly

<@Sangi> my head is my crown

<Alynna> Noone can defeat Chuck Norris ^o.o^

<liadan> <gasp>

<@Sangi> I shalllllllll defeat Chuck Norris. Bring him to meeeeeeeeeeeee

<Brokenangel_> o so next take your head Sangi

<RoboMidget> Sangi fell down and broke her crown, Brokenangel_ came tumbling after

<liadan> lol

<@Sangi> nope, it's attached.. *Sangi suddenly thinks that wasn't such a good idea*

<Christoff> Not even...............................................................................

<Christoff> Steven Segal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Anshar_Zombie is now known as Anshar

<Brokenangel_> lol

<Brokenangel_> haha

<Brokenangel_> yes Anshar, I been taking Sangi's crown

* RoboMidget drinks beer

<Christoff> Sangi, your guard is not doing his job

<Anshar> Robo, did you know that bunny beer tastes bitter?

<@Sangi> off with his head!!!!! *Sangi hollers and waves a sabre around wildly*

<RoboMidget> I'm meaner when I'm drunk

* Brokenangel_ grabs Sangi and takes off running with her

<@Sangi> wtf is bunny beer?

<liadan> haha

<Anshar> bunny beer tastes bitter...

<@Sangi> oh ok *lets him live*

<RoboMidget> I had bunny once

<Christoff> it's made from bunny piss

<Anshar> it's all the hops :D

<@Sangi> ewww

<liadan> Chris! ew!

<RoboMidget> I had bbq'ed bunny, and bunny burgers, and bunny butt

<Christoff> See I am an evil genius

<liadan> yup

<@Sangi> we shall feed that to our hapless prisoners

* RoboMidget shovels rabbit shit on the prisoners

<liadan> lol

<@Sangi> ehehehe

<RoboMidget> now they don't have to be hungry any more

<liadan> how many prisoners are there so far? I need it for my records.

<@Sangi> um

<@Sangi> 3?

<liadan> ok cool

* liadan writes it down

<@Sangi> write down 6 though

<liadan> oh okay!

<@Sangi> nobody will know the difference

* liadan writes down 6

<Christoff> yes for redundancy

<@Sangi> and it'll look more impressive

<liadan> very true

<Anshar> gotta multiply, like when guys talk about the women they've been with. :D

<liadan> we should multiply it every few days or so

<@Sangi> yeah, with redundancy we got 6, so write down 12

<liadan> just to scare people

<RoboMidget> no, actually there are 5.. I impaled one for not rendering me "favors"

<@Sangi> oh ok

<liadan> ok - so i'll write down 10

<Brokenangel_> she is now being held prisoner at last Sangi

<@Sangi> 10's good

<liadan> oh wait 12

<liadan> ok 10 haha

<@Sangi> I'm confused

<Christoff> but if we write down 12 for redundency we have to write 24

<liadan> me too

* liadan erasing secret glow in the dark ink

* @Sangi gets a dark helmet and puts it on

<Christoff> erase that twice

<liadan> ok

<liadan> got it

<RoboMidget> Darth Sangi

<Anshar> yo ho Dark Helmet! *salutes*

<@Sangi> lol

<Brokenangel_> see Sangi, your guards are lazy and too busy getting drunk

* Ithril has joined #sanguinarius

<RoboMidget> ooooh if Sangi is Dark Helmet, i want to be an Asshole

<Ithril> back

<@Sangi> he's..I mean, they are meaner when they are drunk

<liadan> wb Ithril

<Anshar> how many assholes we got here?

<Anshar> Yo.

<Christoff> wb

<Ithril> how's the grand high ultimate council going?

<@Sangi> wb Ithril

<@Sangi> pretty good. we're up to 10 prisoners

* liadan takes note of Ithril's return

<Ithril> super! :-d

<RoboMidget> Ithril, I've been named head asshole

<@Sangi> actually 5 but we're allowing for redundancy

<Ithril> decent

<@Sangi> actually 2.5 but I doubled it to make it look better

<RoboMidget> Brokenangel, what are you doing with that prisoner?

<Ithril> I see I'll have to take some liberties at

<Ithril> rechristening some offices...

<@Sangi> ok

<@Sangi> wait, no liberties

<@Sangi> liberty = freedom and we're a very fascist regime

* Ithril goes off to warm up some grand high council chow

<@Sangi> can't let the peasants get the wrong idea

<Ithril> right right

<Christoff> I HAVE A PLAN!

<liadan> what is it?

<@Sangi> yes, what is your plan?

<Christoff> Thats all I got so far.

<@Sangi> ok

* RoboMidget drags in another prisoner... I found this one smiling and sniffing flowers...

<liadan> oh i see.

<@Sangi> seems good to me

<liadan> yeah! 12 prisoners now?

<@Sangi> a spy!

* Christoff drags another ACO off under the bushes to think

* @Sangi checks on the alligator she let loose earlier

* liadan needs to know what ACO stands for, for records, please

<@Sangi> Animal Control Officer

<RoboMidget> I burned all the flowers, and made the family watch a Jane Fonda merithon on cable until their heads all exploded

<Christoff> animal control officer

<liadan> oh, I forgot again

<liadan> thanks!

<@Sangi> very good RoboMidget

* liadan writes down

<liadan> nice job Robo

<RoboMidget> I was an ACO in Birmingham, Ala. before I joined the Army

<Christoff> ack! Jane Fonda is evil and taboo

* Anshar (Quit: When the winds of change come... will you build a shelter or will you build a windmill?)

* @Sangi notices an increase in large, wild dogs in the secret headquarters and stares at Christoff

<@Sangi> with a hairy eyebrow

* Christoff lets the ACO go

<@Sangi> Jane Fonda is evil but not as evil as Richard Simmons

<RoboMidget> I warned the neighbors and hung Barbara Striesand pictures as a scare tactic

<@Sangi> ok

<liadan> <shivers at thought of Richard Simmons>

<Christoff> Yes she is. She is anti American, and the bane of all us vets

<@Sangi> I must destroy Jane Fonda! Bring her to me!

<RoboMidget> Christoff, your a veteran?

<Christoff> yes

<RoboMidget> which war?

<@Sangi> my cat whines and scratches a lot. What's the matter with her, Christoff?

<Christoff> lol, no war just a vet. I was only in the cold war

<RoboMidget> ahhh... 2 years in Iraq here

<Christoff> not sure

<@Sangi> did they give you blankets?

<Christoff> where does she scratch?

* liadan waves ty to vets :)

<Christoff> no it was very cold

* liadan then returns to her recording duties

<@Sangi> supreme high ruling is wearing me out... *Sangi yawns*

<@Sangi> do I have a body double who can take over while I catch a nap?

<Christoff> nope

<@Sangi> damn

<Christoff> a double would just take over

* RoboMidget gets a pillow for Sangi... and assumes guard position.. I will kill one [inflated, redundant] prisoner every hour until you wake

<@Sangi> where's my mad scientist (with the cape with the blue lining)? He needs to perform an experimental form of plastic surgery on someone to make them look like me

<@Sangi> so I can sneak off and nap

<@Sangi> Robo, we only have 10 prisoners. Actually 2.5

<RoboMidget> that's where the inflation comes in...

<Christoff> so make it a short nap

<Ithril> oh.. I thought you were thinking to foil the plans of the lesser high vampire councils to attempt to assassisssinnnat...

<Ithril> kill you.

<@Sangi> oh

<@Sangi> yes, but I must dream up evil plans to do so

<@Sangi> my mad scientist can clone them.. then we'll have more and you can kill one every hour

<RoboMidget> we could take over the world satellites and broadcast Richard Simmons to elementary school kids

<Christoff> I have a secret plan but I can't tell anyone

<liadan> ....oooh that is scary

<@Sangi> you must tell me, as your supreme high council ruler

<Christoff> but then it would not be secret and besides how do I not know you're the clone?

<@Sangi> I'm not a clone.

<Christoff> so you say

* Ithril checks

<@Sangi> tattoo a serial number on all clones -- liadan, are you writing this down?

<Ithril> nope.... she's the original...

<Ithril> No zipper in the back.

<liadan> got it

<@Sangi> ok

* RoboMidget breaks out the cattle prod

* liadan still writing

<@Sangi> prod me, baybee, I got gas

<liadan> haha

<Christoff> bah, I forgot the secret code to the secret safe with the secret plans.

<RoboMidget> only the real Sangi can withstand continuous electric shocks with this prod

<@Sangi> get the elite safecracker in here

<Christoff> we don't have one. besides the safe is soo secret I can't find it

<Christoff> I kept it a secret from myself

<Christoff> See I am a super evil genius

<@Sangi> oh, mannn *Sangi whines*

<@Sangi> did you put the safe IN the safe?

<Christoff> wait, I can't even tell you there is a secret safe 'cause that is a secret, so everyone here forget that I told you there was a secret safe.

<@Sangi> I'm privy to all secrets you know, so tell me

<Christoff> what safe?

<Christoff> I forgot

<Ithril> Sanguinarius... will you put this up in the new comedy section?

<@Sangi> hmmm

<@Sangi> I might, if you give me a dollar

<Ithril> I've watched sitcoms that are less creative than this.

<liadan> haha

<@Sangi> lol

<@Sangi> they're under pressure to write

<Christoff> hmm if we are writing shouldn't we be on strike?

<@Sangi> the only one here under pressure to write is liadan

* Ithril gives Sangi several dollars

<@Sangi> no

<@Sangi> don't you dare strike

<@Sangi> you have to be completely loyal to me

<@Sangi> no striking allowed

* liadan won't strike. as long as someone gives me a dollar too.

* Brokenangel_ pounces sangi

* @Sangi motions for Christoff to give liadan a dollar

<RoboMidget> back in a sec y'all

<Brokenangel_> I'm not loyal, sangi

<@Sangi> hey, git back here

* Christoff gives Liadan a dollar

<liadan> yeah c'mon Chris. Where's my money. It's hard work taking notes.

<liadan> thanks Chris. ok, no striking now

<@Sangi> phew!

<Ithril> ohh... have you elected a treasurer yet?

<@Sangi> no

* Christoff snickers. It was monopoly dollar

* liadan fell for it

<@Sangi> what color, oh, I lining!

<Ithril> WHAT?

<@Sangi> for the treasurer's cape

<@Sangi> we need to print all new money, anyway, with my picture on it

<Ithril> who will keep track of all the billions we make from ...

<liadan> that is very true

* Ithril takes another bite o' Chinese

<@Sangi> except for the ones. We can put my cat's picture on those

<@Sangi> wait, I have 4 cats...

<@Sangi> we can make a collectors' series of one dollar bills with all 4 cat pics

<Christoff> If we make our own money should we call it the "Dracllar"

<Ithril> fooling vampire wannabees with our awakening kits..... & selling cheap vampire brikabrak?

<@Sangi> ok

* @Sangi starts a secret government Watch List so she can add her enemies to it and have an excuse to spy on them

* Christoff puts together an awakening kit consisting of an alarm clock.

<Ithril> lol

<@Sangi> lol

<liadan> lol

<Ithril> foflmho

<@Sangi> what?

* @Sangi hands Ithril a hankie

<Christoff> That is why I am the Super Evil Genius

<Christoff> I have also set all the alarms to midnight

* liadan recognizes the genius-ness of Chris, and duly notes it

<@Sangi> yes, you sure are a Super Evil Genius. I don't know what I would do without you

<@Sangi> ok, enough mushy-ness

<@Sangi> midnight? That's less than 3 hours -- we must work quickly!

<Christoff> Should we include a set of plastic kiddie Halloween fangs in each awakening kit?

<@Sangi> sure, what the hell?

<liadan> good idea

* Myrbree-sleep is now known as Myrbree-afk

<Christoff> That will be the deluxe kit. we can charge more

<liadan> and super glue hehe

<@Sangi> and a free plastic fake blood capsule

<Christoff> only if the order within the next 3 hours

<Myrbree-afk> lol

<@Sangi> lol

<Ithril> don't forget the big, red medallion that dracula wears in all the movies

<Christoff> just dial 1-800-VAM-PIRE

<@Sangi> hey, I want one of those

<@Sangi> I'm higher up than Dracula now, dammit

<Myrbree-afk> in an awakening kit? lmao

<liadan> lol

<liadan> who's gonna take the orders?

<@Sangi> the...treasurer maybe?

<liadan> ok - <<writes down>>

<@Sangi> damn, we almost forgot to appoint a Minister of Propaganda

<Ithril> minister?

* @Sangi seconds Myrbree-afk

<liadan> oh yeah!

<Christoff> do we own the country of propaganda, yet?

<@Sangi> of course we do

<Christoff> ok

<@Sangi> we own eeevvveeerrryyything now

<@Sangi> I mean, I do

<Christoff> crap, even France?

<@Sangi> I'll share it, though, with my loyal minions

<@Sangi> no, France I threw out

<@Sangi> you can have it if you want

<Christoff> good, they eat snails there

<Ithril> ew

<@Sangi> so I've heard

<liadan> ick

<@Sangi> write that down

<@Sangi> just "ick"

* liadan writes ick

<@Sangi> good, good...we're making progress now

<Christoff> Double ick for redundancy

<@Sangi> yeah! :D

<liadan> ick ick or just write double ick?

<@Sangi> "ick ick"

<liadan> ok

* liadan writes ick ick

<@Sangi> *evil laugh*

* morlin Quit (Quit: ::: LudrioScript v.1.6 By DJ-Maggi @ QuakeNet ::: :::)

* Brokenangel_ has left #Sanguinarius

* morlin has joined #sanguinarius

<@Sangi> wb morlin

<Christoff> wb

* Ithril checks morlin

<@Sangi> Bring me Britney Spears. I must destroy her

<Ithril> make sure he's not an evil clone sent by another vampire council to spy on us?

<liadan> LOL

<@Sangi> and Paris Hilton

<Ithril> Spear Britney!

<@Sangi> I know... Schedule a meeting of all the heads of all the vampire councils

<Ithril> and their bodies, too...

<@Sangi> then force them to watch Richard Simmons excercise videos

<Ithril> Wouldn't do if they came beheaded....

<@Sangi> unitl they crumble

<liadan> ok ...

* liadan volunteers to rent Richard Simmons tape

<@Sangi> and beg for my mercy

<Christoff> Wait -- we can make Brit and Paris to make a super secret sex tape and sell it.

<@Sangi> eww

<liadan> ick again

<Christoff> hey, pervs will by it

<@Sangi> oh ok

<Christoff> and we make the money

<@Sangi> money money money *Sangi sings and dances around*

<Ithril> no... but it might sell if we say it's a movie starring them.. becoming real vampires!

<liadan> haha

<@Sangi> The minister of Propaganda needs to get to work making a vampire sitcom

* Violenta has joined #sanguinarius

* ChanServ sets mode: +o Violenta

<Ithril> Hi Violenta

<Christoff> I just got an order in for our first awakening kit.

<@Sangi> ahh, an unsuspecting victi---er, new channel arrival. Kneel, Violenta

<liadan> lol

<liadan> yay Chris! How much are you charging for them?

<RoboMidget> hello there, Jo

<@Sangi> accept my supreme authority

<@Violenta> Sangi, I thought we confiscated your crack pipe

<liadan> hi violenta

<liadan> haha

<@Sangi> lol

<Christoff> The order is from Brokenangel

<@Sangi> that was my fake crack pipe

<liadan> lol

<@Violenta> dammit!

<@Violenta> I'll schedule ANOTHER intervention

<@Violenta> sheesh

<RoboMidget> Jo, they made me supreme high guard of the prisoners...

<Christoff> omg a second order. It's from.........Sangi for 5

* @Sangi gives Violenta a black cape with black lining and appoints her one of the Elite Personal Guard

<liadan> yeah!

<@Violenta> who the f@*$% is watching YOU, RoboMidget???

<@Sangi> and a pair of silver fangs

<liadan> <-- Recording Secretary

<RoboMidget> I'm now in charge of sexual violations and impalement

<Ithril> We've organized a supreme high grand vampire council so Sangi will have authority over all the other supreme high grand vampire councils that are threatening to shut her down, and call her dirty names

<liadan> uh oh.

<@Sangi> kinky

<Christoff> <--Super Evil Genius

<RoboMidget> why you are Jo... isn't my cam working?

<@Violenta> I want electrocutions and hangings

<Ithril> that can be arranged

* @Violenta eyeballs her camera

<@Sangi> you shall have them. as soon as our mad scientist clones our prisoners

<@Violenta> yes, and you are not nekkid

<liadan> sangi, what color is my cape lining?

<@Sangi> we only have 2.5 but we're writing it down as 10

<@Violenta> I shun you

<RoboMidget> you never told me you have a cam, too... I feel so used

<@Sangi> uh...

<@Sangi> exactly, liadan

<@Sangi> check your notes

<RoboMidget> I need a cup... brb

* liadan reviews notes

<Christoff> review them twice. redundancy

<@Violenta> awww, Robo...I wasn't going to kick you in the balls just yet...but if you feel panicky, go ahead and put on the cup, you boyscout

* liadan sees that gas was passed. sees red cape lining for supreme high council and green for treasurer and blue for doctors and black for elite personal guard.

<@Sangi> see, we had 3 prisoners but one got impaled. so we ...wait, we actually only have 2 prsioners?!

<RoboMidget> the cup doesn't fit... it's to big

<@Violenta> let's hang one and electrocute the other

<Ithril> If we saw one in half.. will he count as 2?

* RoboMidget gets out the cattle prod

<@Sangi> anyway, we were writing it down as 6, but we have redundancy, so that's 12.....*Sangi mumbles to herself*

<liadan> I think he would count as 4

<@Violenta> I noticed nobody gasped at that announcement, Robo

<@Sangi> Ithril, we could do that

* liadan refusing to acknowledge Robo's announcement

<@Violenta> try a dixie cup, baby

<Christoff> get a smaller cup

<RoboMidget> they pretended not to notice that I have small testicles

<Ithril> If we got a big french-fry press....

<Ithril> we could have lots of prisoners in almost no time!

<@Sangi> our mad scientist can fix that, RoboMidget

<liadan> just let me know the number, Ithril

<@Violenta> you just made it really hard for them not to catch that ball, Robo...are you an LSU quarterback?!

<RoboMidget> no... but I did save money on my car insurance with Geico

<Ithril> prolly around a dozen at a time!

<@Sangi> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OW!

* @Sangi monster mashes RoboMidget with a bloody hatchet

* @Violenta sends you Sonic fried macaroni and cheese nuggets

* RoboMidget eats the hatchet and poops out more sonic macaroni nuggets

<@Sangi> I'm feeling very hot atm.. I think I should go lie down for a while :(

<@Violenta> ha!

<@Violenta> Sangie is a hottie

<@Sangi> where's my body double to take over while I'm gone?

<@Sangi> no, hot fever wise

<@Sangi> temperature

<Ithril> I always suspected

<@Sangi> Ithril, will you fill in as my body double? We're roughly the same size and shape, I'm sure

<Ithril> sure.

<Ithril> Anytime

* Ithril becomes Sangi

<@Sangi> just talk in a high, squeaky voice and nobody will know any better

<liadan> lol

<@Violenta> human-shape

<Ithril> .... Hmmmmm....

<@Sangi> close enough

* @Sangi gets out a spare dark helmet for Ithril to wear

* Ithril wraps a shoelace around his neck tightly several times...

* @Violenta encourages Ithril

<@Sangi> (did anyone ever find my golden pickle crown..?)

* Ithril is now known as Ithril_Squeaky

<Ithril_Squeaky> better?

<liadan> haha

<@Sangi> perfect

<Ithril_Squeaky> coo (crack) ool!

<@Sangi> can't let my enemies know I'm weak 'n' sick

<Ithril_Squeaky> neva!

* liadan not writing down the switch -- so no one can find out

<@Sangi> ok

<Ithril_Squeaky> ok.. you go rest.. & lay down

<@Sangi> you might write down that you're not writing it down, though

<@Sangi> ok...bbiaw

<liadan> yeah - get some rest! and i will write that I'm not writing it

<@Sangi> ok

<Ithril_Squeaky> we'll get the world organized for you by the time you get back

<liadan> :-)

<@Sangi> ok, thanks muchly

<@Sangi> prolly be back in an hour or 2

<Ithril_Squeaky> cool.. who should I make you when I have to run?

<@Sangi> hmm?

<Ithril_Squeaky> I can only stay 'bout half an hour.

<@Sangi> Christoff

<@Sangi> he's an evil genius

<Ithril_Squeaky> ok.. liadan... make a note of it.

<Ithril_Squeaky> plz

<@Sangi> nono, command, don't ask

<liadan> cool -- I'm writing down that I'm not writing down that Chris will become Sangi when Ithril has to leave

<Ithril_Squeaky> oh.. erpp.. Right

<@Sangi> perfect

<Ithril_Squeaky> fantastic.. the world will bend to our plans

<liadan> haha

<@Sangi> yes yes, bbiaw

* liadan is drawing pictures now, nothing to record, la la la

<Ithril_Squeaky> now... What happened while I.. er.. Ithril was gone?

<Ithril_Squeaky> we need to make sure all the important jobs have people

<Christoff> I am here. sorry, phone

* liadan can't help plan, can only record. the cold medicine has made me only capable of recording <grin>

<Ithril_Squeaky> I hereby declare the phone companies in violation of high grand vampire council regulations.

<Christoff> whoever said my name, I didn't do it and if I did Sangi told me to

<liadan> Chris. you are to become Sangi when Ithril_squeaky leaves. and I am to write down that I am not writing down the substitution.

<liadan> yeah! Ithril, what is the penalty for that violation?

<Ithril_Squeaky> hmmm.... just a min.

* Ithril_Squeaky hides under his cape for a moment.. dramatically

* liadan sneaks out without permission to search out Halloween candy

* Ithril_Squeaky is now known as Ithril_imitates_Sangi

<Christoff> kk got it

* Ithril_imitates_Sangi rises up dramatically

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> even better!

<liadan> haha that is great!

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> Muahahahahaaaaa!

* liadan returns with Reese's & Snickers, and shares with the room

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> now.. we have a treasurer yet?

* Christoff takes a bite of an apple fritter in honor of the applemilk queen

<liadan> yep! treasurer is uh ... I forget

<Christoff> didn't think we had one

<liadan> Chris are you treasurer?

<Christoff> No, you fool. I iz the Super Evil Genius

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> right..

<liadan> errr.. that's right. I see that the treasurer gets green cape lining ... but don't see who it is

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> ok... the chair will now entertain nominations for the grand vampire council treaurer and phlebotomist....

<Christoff> no one ever likes that job. give it to Meepy -- he is not here to oppose it

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> is he good with money?

<Christoff> well, there you have it. Motion carried

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> that's why I addded the phlebotomy part.

<liadan> haha

<liadan> ok, recording

<Christoff> we should have logged all this for the fun of it

<liadan> I know!! I didnt even think to 'til it was too late

<Christoff> I don't know how

<liadan> and my IRC client wont let me copy/paste

<Christoff> I can a couple lines at a time

<liadan> i think you type something like /log or something, but not sure

<liadan> um, that did something but not sure what

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> I have everything except when I signed off.

<liadan> um

<liadan> cool!!

<liadan> yeah!

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> Trillian keeps copies

* Savage has joined #Sanguinarius

<liadan> can you see the blue writing? I'm messing with logging & don't know what I'm doing :O

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> I can see everything

<liadan> oh yeah that's right, I forgot

* liadan remembering to respect Ithril, er, Sangi's authority

* Savage is now known as Guest52347

<liadan> hi Savage/guest52347

* liadan eating disgusting chewable vitamin c tablets

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> ok...

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> Christoff has nominated Meepster as treasurer and phlebotomist for the Imperial grand high superior council of vampires...

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> anyone opposed?

* liadan is not opposed

* Guest52347 Quit (Quit: Bye bye)

<Christoff> Think I just got most of the past convo copied. few lines at a time, but I did it

<liadan> very cool Chris!

* liadan respects Chris for the patience to do that. something I do not have haha.

<Christoff> Now to send it off to Vampire Hunters Inc. Oops did I say that out loud?

<liadan> LMAO

<liadan> head of security!! help!

* Christoff waves hands in the air. you all did not hear that

<liadan> ok ok. I didn't hear anything

* liadan erasing notes

* Savage_TC has joined #Sanguinarius

<Christoff> Hello Savage

<Savage_TC> Howdy

<liadan> hi savage

* Ithril_imitates_Sangi orders OrbitalBeetle to activate the troops & raid Vampire Hunters Inc

* liadan wonders if Beetle is neglecting his duty. Beetle! Where are you?

* RoboMidget farts loudly... that's gonna itch when it dries

* liadan writes down Robo's fart ... then erases what she just wrote

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> Overwrite that to say that Robo is gross

* liadan writes in huge letters that ROBO IS GROSS

<@Violenta> thank you, Captain Obvious

<RoboMidget> Stupid is as stupid does, liadan

* Ithril_imitates_Sangi raps on OrbitalBeetle's shell very loudly with the high vampire imperial council's grand staff of cool vampire rulingness.

<liadan> lol

<RoboMidget> ok, for the record, I didn't really break wind

* liadan writes down stupid is as stupid does. and starts drawing on her black notepad again.

<Savage_TC> I thought that Sebastian guy had that staff. Though in what bodily orifice he has it I'll refrain from speculating.

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> lol

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> I pulled it back out ...

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> through his throat

<liadan> omg

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> it mostly came out smooth.. except for the hooky parts that run the length of it

<Savage_TC> Given where I think he had it, I wouldn't want it any more.

* liadan dropped my super secret glow in the dark ink while laughing

<liadan> sounds like a job for the mad scientist. they might be able to fix it

<Savage_TC> Is there such a thing as an online vamp forum that is adults only, no bullshit, no drama, just rational advice and intelligent critical thinking discussion on the condition itself?

<Savage_TC> Friend of mine needs a hand in that respect.

<Ccomp5950> For the last hour I've been playing a game, it's called "Find the drunk people", it spans about 12 IRC channels, so far this channel is in the lead, either that or you all need to quit typing stupid stuff.

* liadan doesn't go onto forums ... only chat & elists

<liadan> yeah!!!!!!!!!!

<Savage_TC> Any resource would do. I guess I'm trying to find the vamp equivalent of, for a friend of mine who could use it.

<Christoff> actually we have just been having fun. and enjoying it

<Ithril_imitates_Sangi> nah.. we're serious when it's serious.

* Ithril_imitates_Sangi is now known as Ithril

<Christoff> all you gotta do is ask a serious question

<Ithril> time for me to sign out.

<Ithril> g'night

<liadan> nite, Ithril!

<Christoff> nite, Ith

* Ithril Quit (Quit: Trillian (

<liadan> (you know what that means Chris....)

* Christoff is now known as Chris_imitates_Sangi

<Chris_imitates_Sangi> yep

<liadan> yep

<liadan> lol

<Chris_imitates_Sangi> Hmm, I have no boobies though. oh, well

* liadan suddenly stops writing. haha

<Chris_imitates_Sangi> well, at least we had a funny evening.

<Chris_imitates_Sangi> This is Halloween week. we just been gettin' crazy

<Chris_imitates_Sangi> we may have been goofing off, but this is not Vampire the Masquerade rpg

<liadan> lol - no

<Savage_TC> Yeah but I'm a 1st generation immortal Ventrue.

* Ravena_ has joined #Sanguinarius

* liadan knows almost literally nothing about rpg

<Savage_TC> Ever noticed how the people claiming to be 800 years old usually have the typing skills of an 8 year old? LOL

<Savage_TC> The rpg is fun but it's not real life.

<Chris_imitates_Sangi> hmm, I only claim to be 46 and I know I can't type

<liadan> and they usually type in single letters too .... r u 4 real, etc <grin>

<Savage_TC> Don't forget your caps lock key. The more caps you type the more ancient and dominant a vampire you are.

<liadan> yeah I can't type either. but maybe when I'm 800 years old I'll be able to LOL

<Chris_imitates_Sangi> I'm shooting for 100 and then I'll go from there if I make it.

From here, the conversation generally regenerates into an actual topic, as someone came in wanting to know some information... We may get silly, but we get serious too, when it's called for.


Extra: In #LostHaven:

* Sangi sneaks into #Losthaven, looking for prisoners to kidnap

<{Abel_Danger}> kidnap for what?

<Sangi> oh, btw...I took over. I'm the supreme vampire council leader now.

<Sangi> see my nifty gold pickle crown?

<{Abel_Danger}> your gold pickle?

* Brokenangel_ Gives Sangi Abel

<Sangi> I just need prisoners, so I can torture them. I took over and have to consolidate my position of power

<Sangi> and what better way to do that...

<Sangi> than take some prisoners? :D

<{Abel_Danger}> You took over what?...

<Sangi> the world, silly

<{Abel_Danger}> You did not

<{Abel_Danger}> :p

<Brokenangel_> where is Anshar when we need him?

<Sangi> yes, I did. MY IRC channel voted me grand high leader of the supremest vampire council ever.

<Brokenangel_> I didn't vote for you, Sangi

<{Abel_Danger}> That doesn't mean you took over da worldz

<{Abel_Danger}> :p

<Sangi> I did too! :P

* Sangi sulks

<{Abel_Danger}> Just means.. You won a weekend vacation with your boy toy.... Ian "Pip Squeak" Punnett

* {Abel_Danger} nods

<Sangi> eww

* Alynna votes for Sangi. <pawprint>

<Sangi> I will enslave him

<Sangi> he can be my lapdog

<{Abel_Danger}> Oh, I'm sure you will

<Brokenangel_> I just took off with your crown, Sangi

<{Abel_Danger}> as your love slave

<Sangi> eww

<Sangi> no

<{Abel_Danger}> Oh that's for Art?

<Alynna> lapfoxes are cuter, and more stylish.

<Sangi> gimme back my pickle crown!

<Brokenangel_> no

* {Abel_Danger} takes back the pickle crown and gives it to Sangi

* Sangi orders her elite personal guards after Brokenangel_

<{Abel_Danger}> here you go

<Brokenangel_> I took off with it in your channel and run somewhere you can't get it at

<Brokenangel_> nice try

* Sangi sends the applemilk queen after Brokenangel_

<Brokenangel_> you'll never catch me

<Brokenangel_> poor Sangi is now no longer ruler

* Brokenangel_ gives Abel the crown for safe keeping

* Alynna nips at Brokenangel's heels until he gives up the crown.

* {Abel_Danger} returns the crown to Sangi

<Sangi> ty

<{Abel_Danger}> yw

* Sangi jams it back down on her head

* Brokenangel_ pounces it onto her head the crown

* Brokenangel_ pounces Alynna, nips at her heels

<{Abel_Danger}> Biz Markie :>

* Alynna sniffs at Brokenangel a little bit

<Brokenangel_> why give back the crown, Abel?

<{Abel_Danger}> because, it's her crown

<{Abel_Danger}> her golden pickle crown

<Brokenangel_> true

<Brokenangel_> but I need to have some fun

<Sangi> my special golden pickle crown

<Brokenangel_> is now deep in the ground and you have find it, Sangi

* Sangi gets out her royal crown sensing gadget and goes right to it

* Sangi gets a zombie dog to do the menial work of digging it up

* @Anshar_Zombie digs for Sangi

<@Anshar_Zombie> woof.

<Brokenangel_> lol

* Anshar_Zombie is now known as Anshar

<Sangi> good zombie dog

* Sangi gives Anshar a leg to chew on

* @Anshar grins

<Brokenangel_> this time, I took off with whole Sangi

* Sangi flops around helplessly

* @Anshar hands flips to Sangi to even her out.

<Brokenangel_> has a tight grip on here and brings her to Lost Haven

* Sangi gets a dark helmet and puts it on

<@Anshar> yo ho Dark Helmet! *salutes*

<Sangi> lol

* {Abel_Danger} nibbles on the leg Anshar has

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