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By Anonymous

I was doing some research on blood subsitution recipes (these things happen when one muses over the topic of Klingon Blood Wine too long) and I happened to come across Sanguinarius. To be honest, I was kind of dissappointed with all the recipes I found on the net, so I did some research from some medical sites and created my own blood subsitute recipe. It is chemically very similar to real blood, but obviously lacks all biological components. At any rate, I figured that the vampiric community might be interested in my findings, so I hand this recipe off to Sanguinarius in the hopes that she will perhaps post it up somewhere for all to enjoy.

Recipe follows:

Here are some theories of blood substitute creation for use in food. The recipes are based off of actual medical information.

Recipes make a half gallon of HemoSynth(TM)

Best Version

8 cups water (1/2 gallon)
1000 mg Calcium
3000 mg Potassium
2200 mg Sodium
18 mg Iron
40 g Sugar (10 level tsp, [or 7 rounded])
300 mg Cholestrol

Directions: Blend until frothy and all lumps are completely dissolved. Crush pills beforehand if necessary. Also, a good way to dissolve pills is in a little bit of water in the mircrowave in the bottom of a cup. Speaking of microwaves, you may want to heat your blood in the microwave depending on your usage (I don't want to know, please don't tell me).

Two things will vary in the recipe. First of all will be the amounts of each ingredient included. Men may want to include less iron, women more. Sugar, cholestrol, and sodium are also items you may want to play around with dependent on your dietary needs and desires.

The second factor will be the source of these ingredients. In general pills work well. Sodium can come from salt or stress tabs. Sugar in granulated or powdered form. Cholestrol can come from dairy products, plant oils, or animal fats dependent on what effect you are going for. Be aware that if you get one ingredient from a dairy product you cannot then include anything acidic in the mix as it will cause curdling to occur.

Remember, the closer that you stick to the recipe, the closer this will be to the contents of actual blood. I admit that the recipe is not really scientific, but, sadly, it is better than anything that I have found on the internet so far. Basically, it is blood without the biological component. The mix is very similar chemically to plasma. If you do decide that you would like a biological component, pulp fruit and vegetable juices work well as does ground meat (but that kind of defeats the purpose of synthetic blood doesn't it?). For goodness sake do not, under any circumstances, attempt to use this as a medical substitute for blood; the person recieving it will die painfully. Finally, for those of you thinking it, sports drinks actually do not make a good base for this mix, as the electrolyte chemical levels are far too low to be usable. A final, final comment: Don't raise the level of Potassium, ever.

Have fun!

(Numbers are based on daily allowances. It seemed like the best and easiest way to do it at the time.)

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