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Funky AIM Convo

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Here is a nice little conversation I had on 1 August, 2002, with a wonderful fellow who seems to think that he knows everything, is vampier-than-thou, and has poweful connections with some mythical Vampire High Council or whatever. He seems to think that I'm a poser / fake; but I seem to think that he's a poser / fake. I guess that kind of makes us even, in an odd sort of way, don't you? I think he's just a roleplayer.

I don't know where this fellow gets his information, but it doesn't jibe with anything I've ever come across, talked about, or heard about. I guess that is proof positive that I (and most of the rest of the real vampires) are actually just posers and fakes, after all. Whatever... The conversation is rather amusing...I just love arrogant assholes. *hork*

Because of the implied threat, I am choosing to make this conversation a matter of public record. Ya don't like it? Then don't threaten me, -- veiled, implied, real, fake, or otherwise. Capiche?

Due to people contacting him and/or harassing him, I have altered his screenname. He claims it was probably his sister or girlfriend who used his screenname, and not him. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, regardless of what I personally think is the case (which is that he most likely just got tired of lying in the bed he made).

(screenname withheld) (3:04:18 PM): Daemon spero tui...
SangiVamp (3:04:31 PM): <----- English
(screenname withheld) (3:04:47 PM): I had hope for you little demon...
(screenname withheld) (3:05:10 PM): are you male or femlae?
SangiVamp (3:05:14 PM): female
(screenname withheld) (3:05:45 PM): You are responceable for the information on the website?
SangiVamp (3:06:06 PM): depends on which website you mean. is mine
(screenname withheld) (3:06:25 PM): where did you get your information?
SangiVamp (3:07:03 PM): personal experience, anecdoteal expereinces from others, talking and doing a lot of research and talking to others
(screenname withheld) (3:07:47 PM): Have you spoken to any real vampres, or have you not done that yet?
SangiVamp (3:07:54 PM): I am one
SangiVamp (3:08:00 PM): I have talked to many as well
(screenname withheld) (3:09:08 PM): YOu are one [chuckles] and what kind do you donsider yourself to be..?
SangiVamp (3:09:32 PM): sanguinarian / blood / whatever you want to call it
(screenname withheld) (3:10:38 PM): You say you speak english but yet you use the word Sanguinarian...anyway do you feel you need blood to survive, or do you just enjoy blood play?
SangiVamp (3:10:56 PM): I need it. I'm not into the fetish stuff
(screenname withheld) (3:11:53 PM): Do you think it will make you live longer and stay pretty? That is if you are pretty now...
SangiVamp (3:12:03 PM): no
(screenname withheld) (3:12:46 PM): what illness do you have, physical....
SangiVamp (3:12:51 PM): illness?
(screenname withheld) (3:13:29 PM): Do you have any physical illness that could have led to your condition?
SangiVamp (3:13:42 PM): not that I know of
(screenname withheld) (3:14:04 PM): So why do you consider yourself one of the blood?
SangiVamp (3:14:09 PM): II'm pretty health if I get blood regularly
SangiVamp (3:14:24 PM): healthy, even
SangiVamp (3:16:32 PM): have you looked through my site?
(screenname withheld) (3:17:24 PM): Yes I have, I'm not very happy with some of the information that I have come across...your terms for todays Lamia....
SangiVamp (3:17:36 PM): what do you mean?
SangiVamp (3:17:51 PM): I don't generally have any folklore terms...
(screenname withheld) (3:18:10 PM): Elders.....
(screenname withheld) (3:18:32 PM): Shit like that, we nolonger call them Elders, nor have we really ever...
SangiVamp (3:18:59 PM): All elders means is the leading figures in the community; those who've been around a while, are knowledgeable and ppl look to for help, advice, etc.
(screenname withheld) (3:19:58 PM): We nolonger use that term, they are the "head" of a "house", I would figure one of the blood to know such a thing...
SangiVamp (3:20:37 PM): I just define things as most of the other vamps do..
(screenname withheld) (3:21:08 PM): Most of the other "vamps" are fakes, as I think you might be...
SangiVamp (3:21:32 PM): well, whatever. If you feel more comfortable thinking so, that's up to you.
SangiVamp (3:22:13 PM): which house are you a part of, if you don't mind my asking?
(screenname withheld) (3:22:19 PM): Well, I feel I have no other choice, the evidence that oyu've given me points more to being a Cadre....
SangiVamp (3:22:30 PM): what is Cadre?
(screenname withheld) (3:22:43 PM): Dei Ameth is the name of my house...
SangiVamp (3:22:52 PM): I've heardthe term from the Sanguinarium, but do not remember what it means
(screenname withheld) (3:23:02 PM): I can not tell you of my location, so don't ask...
SangiVamp (3:23:19 PM): I won't
(screenname withheld) (3:23:23 PM): It is a term that means something close to your word for fake...
SangiVamp (3:23:30 PM): /me understand the need for anonymity
(screenname withheld) (3:23:42 PM): What house are you from [chucklse] if oyu have a house..
SangiVamp (3:23:49 PM): *shrugs* I wish others disbelief would change things...
SangiVamp (3:24:27 PM): I joined House Quinotaur, but have started my own, House Sanguinarius, some time ago
(screenname withheld) (3:25:05 PM): Snd the head of your house has no problem with you doing this?
(screenname withheld) (3:25:10 PM): and*(
SangiVamp (3:25:21 PM): With doing what?
(screenname withheld) (3:25:40 PM): Starting your own house...
(screenname withheld) (3:25:57 PM): If you were in a real house youwould be cast out...
SangiVamp (3:26:13 PM): If he does, he can ask for my resignation. AFAIK, he is happy to have me
SangiVamp (3:26:25 PM): ok, hten I'm a member of a fake house
(screenname withheld) (3:26:28 PM): How ere you embraced?
SangiVamp (3:26:32 PM): I'll let him know
(screenname withheld) (3:26:33 PM): were*
SangiVamp (3:26:42 PM): I was not embraced
(screenname withheld) (3:27:18 PM): So you are a vampire by birth?
SangiVamp (3:27:26 PM ): yes
SangiVamp (3:27:35 PM ): so far as I am aware
(screenname withheld) (3:27:43 PM ): your other and father were both vampire?
(screenname withheld) (3:27:54 PM ): mother*
SangiVamp (3:28:09 PM ): I would not say that to her
SangiVamp (3:28:23 PM ): it's not something we talk much about
(screenname withheld) (3:28:36 PM ): I do not see what is so funny about that remark...
(screenname withheld) (3:28:56 PM ): You remind me of the Baphomet....
SangiVamp (3:28:59 PM ): that is baecause you don't my mother
SangiVamp (3:29:16 PM ): and who is that? I thought that was a symbol
(screenname withheld) (3:29:55 PM ): Well, it is and it isn't, Vampires use the name as to show that of a traiter....or fake...
SangiVamp (3:30:38 PM ): I've never heard it used that way
(screenname withheld) (3:31:01 PM ): So I had assumed...
SangiVamp (3:31:25 PM ): so if I'm not a vampire, tell me what is a vampire?
(screenname withheld) (3:32:38 PM ): It depends whop you are, what I consider a vampire and what you consider a vampire may be different...
SangiVamp (3:33:31 PM ): what do you consider?
(screenname withheld) (3:35:43 PM ): A vampire is a creature or person that needs and energy force to feed on if it be blood or some physical form of energy...They are not made by birth or by race...The true vampires have a physical need for blood, but will not die without it but may grow rather I need to give more information?
SangiVamp (3:36:01 PM ): no
SangiVamp (3:36:11 PM ): not unless you want to
(screenname withheld) (3:36:45 PM ): Is this enough that you may understand what it is I think,,,
SangiVamp (3:37:22 PM ): pretty much. if one is not born one then how is it htey end up this way?
(screenname withheld) (3:39:02 PM ): They are NOT made by birth or race.... It is a physical change that happens mid-teens like that of maturing, but it is a different maturing and it ends up being more advanced...
SangiVamp (3:39:32 PM ): *thinks we have different ways of describing hte same phenomenon*
SangiVamp (3:39:58 PM ): because that is when I started becoming what you think I am not
SangiVamp (3:40:30 PM ): but, to be such that I did, I feel I must therefore have been born the way
SangiVamp (3:40:43 PM ): *figuring out how to communicate this better*
SangiVamp (3:41:22 PM ): If I was not turned, and I am this way, then I must have been born as such, in my mind
(screenname withheld) (3:41:26 PM ): It's not a a natural thing that happens to only a few people, birth is not a reason for such is a change forced by your enviroment, a physical change to adapt to your surroundings...
SangiVamp (3:41:43 PM ): *Sangi listens*
(screenname withheld) (3:42:21 PM ): Is there a reason that you mock me in you cyber actions?
SangiVamp (3:42:42 PM ): I'm not mocking you. I was letting you know that I AM listening.
SangiVamp (3:42:47 PM ): sorry
SangiVamp (3:44:05 PM ): <-----does not generally mock ppl whom she may learn something from
(screenname withheld) (3:44:29 PM ): That is a good idea...
SangiVamp (3:45:23 PM ): So what makes it happen?
(screenname withheld) (3:46:14 PM ): What is your real name, I fell this is so digitalto speak to you as Sangi...I am unaware of what makes the reaction to the surrounding happen, all I know is that it is somewhat violent...
SangiVamp (3:46:51 PM ): Sanguinarius will do, or Sangi, the short form. It is an actual name of mine, though not legally recognized on the record books.
(screenname withheld) (3:47:48 PM ): What is your true birth name, something not so blood related...
SangiVamp (3:48:00 PM ): I do not let that out
(screenname withheld) (3:48:01 PM ): I tire of this theme though it is one of my own...

(Because you're not getting your way.)

SangiVamp (3:48:21 PM ): personal security, you understand
(screenname withheld) (3:48:40 PM ): A first name is no breech of security...
SangiVamp (3:49:00 PM ): Sangi will do if this conversation is to progress.
(screenname withheld) (3:50:04 PM ): If this conversation is to progress? My name is William. if it make you feel more confident in me... I wish now only that you would do the same..
SangiVamp (3:50:32 PM ): I do not.
SangiVamp (3:50:35 PM ): I am sorry
(screenname withheld) (3:51:31 PM ): I guess you do not belive in the faith of the vampire who and what you are....never plunder the others...
SangiVamp (3:52:01 PM ): I trust myself, most of the time. As for otehrs, they must earn it over time
(screenname withheld) (3:52:38 PM ): So you are saying that you do believe in the faith of the vampire, when it is in aide of you...
SangiVamp (3:52:53 PM ): I suppose
SangiVamp (3:53:23 PM ): I know that not everyone is honorable. I do not know who is and who is not, until I see it over the course of time
(screenname withheld) (3:53:36 PM ): That is what is also called a cadre from where I come from...
SangiVamp (3:53:50 PM ): ok
SangiVamp (3:54:25 PM ): it does not bother me that you think I am a cadre or fake or whatever.. It changes nothing. Either I am real and it changes nothing, or I am fake and it changes nothing.
(screenname withheld) (3:55:16 PM ): Do you understand this word cadre yet? it is not to cut oyu down or build you is to identify youas who you are...
SangiVamp (3:55:31 PM ): I don't care what you call me.
(screenname withheld) (3:56:16 PM ): So would you mind that untill I find out your true name That I call you Cadre?
SangiVamp (3:56:49 PM ): If you do so, I cannot stop you, but I may not answer to a name which I do not feel fits me
SangiVamp (3:57:02 PM ): I would prefer Sanguinarius
SangiVamp (3:57:07 PM ): or Sangi
(screenname withheld) (3:57:29 PM ): It is not a word that is used to look down upon you, it just means That I am unsure of you for now..

(No you don't. You use it to belittle me. You won't mind if I call you an arrogant asshair, then, would you? I mean, I'm just calling you what you are...)

SangiVamp (3:58:03 PM ): that is fine, as I am unsure of you, as well
(screenname withheld) (3:58:41 PM ): And as I allow such things to happen....your house as it seems is unlisted i the underground...
SangiVamp (3:58:51 PM ): *nod*
(screenname withheld) (3:59:13 PM ): That's against all rule to not list with the head of the states...
SangiVamp (3:59:31 PM ): and who might that be?
(screenname withheld) (3:59:48 PM ): Monsure De Tepet....
SangiVamp (3:59:59 PM ): what state?
(screenname withheld) (4:00:22 PM ): the head of states-all of them...
(screenname withheld) (4:00:28 PM ): The record holder...
SangiVamp (4:00:34 PM ): and what is hte penalty for not doing so?
(screenname withheld) (4:02:01 PM ): No regcognotion for you group, no government aid, no protection and no social rig, And if they were to find would be disbanned and it is possible they would send in a KRF.
SangiVamp (4:02:18 PM ): and what is that?
(screenname withheld) (4:03:09 PM ): Koeper Reinshaft Fensteht
SangiVamp (4:03:26 PM ): and what or who is that?
(screenname withheld) (4:03:38 PM ): A rounding up unit that would get rid of you all legally...
SangiVamp (4:04:03 PM ): you speak of recognition and state aid?
(screenname withheld) (4:05:22 PM ): Yes, you have never heard of such a thing...the recognition is only in the classes of one of the blood, other than that noone knows of it..

(Well, golly darn! They do NOW! Oopsie...)

SangiVamp (4:06:18 PM ): well, the way I figure it, most of us are, as one once put it rather not-so-nicely, "bastard-children"

Auto response from (screenname withheld) (4:06:19 PM ): Beiss mich in ruhe. Ich spreche nicht moegen.

At this point, I figured that I'd been dismissed, so I closed the window. His buddy (or possibly he, himself, under a different screen name?) was also messaging me. I did not save the first part of that conversation when I figured we were through talking and closed the window. Then he messaged me again, the text of which is below:

I don't remember what I asked him, other than something about why as such nobodies/nothings we'd be so worthy of their attentions, and that they considered us a threat?

VisionsofMisery (4:15:39 PM ): ~rae, chuckles~threat??
SangiVamp (4:15:52 PM ): *Sangi shrugs*
VisionsofMisery (4:16:26 PM ): what was that question for Cadre??
SangiVamp (4:16:46 PM ): SOmething your freind said
VisionsofMisery (4:17:44 PM ): ah, I see.. he has a bit of arrogance to him..
SangiVamp (4:17:59 PM ): I noticed
VisionsofMisery (4:18:22 PM ): ~nods~
SangiVamp (4:18:40 PM ): *Sangi overlooks it*
SangiVamp (4:20:33 PM ): So what's the deal with this KRF thing he speaks of?
VisionsofMisery (4:21:47 PM ): a squad that deals wiht unmarked houses..
SangiVamp (4:22:17 PM ): unmarked?
VisionsofMisery (4:22:46 PM ): unmarked, unsigned... they disbann them..
SangiVamp (4:24:07 PM ): what is disbann?
SangiVamp (4:24:31 PM ): To disband? By what authority?
VisionsofMisery (4:26:18 PM ): governmental...................
SangiVamp (4:26:26 PM ): what government?
VisionsofMisery (4:27:51 PM ): -THE- Government....................................................
SangiVamp (4:28:07 PM ): The UN?
SangiVamp (4:28:15 PM ): wow, I had no idea...
VisionsofMisery (4:28:27 PM ): ~nods~
SangiVamp (4:29:04 PM ): cool. They should be able to access records and contact me through some officially recognized channel, then...?
SangiVamp (4:30:04 PM ): I'm in the USA, and we don't acknowledge the authority of the UN, anyway... So who am I to disagree with my own government?

(Except, of course, to bitch about some of the policies the current administration is doing...)

VisionsofMisery (4:30:16 PM ): I do nto know too much 'bout that much setail, just know not to get caught.. fuckers can fight~nods~
SangiVamp (4:30:47 PM ): ok
VisionsofMisery (4:31:02 PM ): gotta go..
SangiVamp (4:31:07 PM ): ok,be well
VisionsofMisery (4:31:12 PM ): ~nods~

Wow, he left awfully fast when I asked about that. Strange... Then, a bit after I'd closed out [screenname withheld]'s IM window, he started IM'ing me again, continuing with our previous convo:

(screenname withheld) (4:14:11 PM ): Is that the way you feel about it?
SangiVamp (4:14:20 PM ): no, not really
(screenname withheld) (4:15:12 PM ): Then what do you care of what other people think?
SangiVamp (4:17:17 PM ): So why so much trouble over the lot of us fakes and posers?

(Ahh, that is basically what I asked his buddy above.. Having received no satisfactory answer, so I asked him, instead.)

(screenname withheld) (4:19:10 PM ): Fakes and posers as you put it are a threat to the lot of us...You might want to sign with the head of states...or I'll be forced to report you and have a KRF unit dispached...

(But why would I need to sign with these heads of state if I am only a fake or poser? That doesn't make sense.)

SangiVamp (4:19:34 PM ): and what proceedure would I expect from that?
(screenname withheld) (4:20:36 PM ): Having the KRF come, or signing?
SangiVamp (4:20:57 PM ): either, and both
(screenname withheld) (4:22:16 PM ): The signing is simple, just alocate the head ofstates, which should be easy for a vampire...The KRF would dissban you and maybe take further precautions
SangiVamp (4:23:50 PM ): Well, and I have never heard of any of these things, so how do I know that you, your head of state, or anything is real? How do I know that you are not just playing around with me?
(screenname withheld) (4:25:27 PM ): You do not know, but if you were a legit vampire you would know I tell the truth, your head would have told you so...

(Well, I am a legit vampire, and I DO know. The whole thing is bunk.)

SangiVamp (4:25:56 PM ): Or that your organization is not some new thing which you are trying to establish as _the_ authority over vampires?
SangiVamp (4:26:09 PM ): A legal vampire?
(screenname withheld) (4:26:21 PM ): You do not know this again, but you should..
(screenname withheld) (4:26:37 PM ): no legit, a true one of the blood..
SangiVamp (4:26:49 PM ): so, I am an illegal vampire?

(So, am I an illegal vampire (but therefore a real one), or am I a poser/fake? I wish he'd make up his mind. I'm beginning to have a bit of an identity crisis, here...)

(screenname withheld) (4:27:53 PM ): None the less I have given you a warning, this is your warning, the first and last...Your are not an illegal vampire, but your house on the other hand is...
SangiVamp (4:28:34 PM ): and what makes my house illegal?
(screenname withheld) (4:30:14 PM ): It is not any means and we the others must knowof you existance to propperly cooperate..therefore your warning hase been given..I give you one week to do so...let me know by then if you have followed my ordrs...
SangiVamp (4:30:34 PM ): And what if it is a private house which wishes to remain private?
(screenname withheld) (4:31:22 PM ): That can not be so, if there were private houses, then our standard would fll through and there would be chaos

(Shove it up your ass, buddy boy. My house can and shall remain private so long as I choose for that to be so. If you were even a third as knowledgeable as you think you are, then you'd know why this is so and a good idea, and indeed, you AND your mythical state-group-council-thingy would encourage houses to be so. Get a clue.)

SangiVamp (4:31:36 PM ): what standard?
(screenname withheld) (4:31:53 PM ): The life standard...
SangiVamp (4:32:35 PM ): ?
(screenname withheld) (4:32:56 PM ): you have been given one week to comply, be glad I gave you that long......Report back to me when you have done so...


SangiVamp (4:33:11 PM ): so what would I do to comply? How?
(screenname withheld) (4:34:03 PM ): Sign with the head of state, your head should know how that is to be done.
SangiVamp (4:34:17 PM ): my head?

(My head? Nah, only if it's not on straight...)

(screenname withheld) (4:34:41 PM ): Your elder, as you so put it...

(So, you want me to contact Narradas and make a moron of myself. I don't think so...)

SangiVamp (4:34:56 PM ): And if I do not, then what?
(screenname withheld) (4:35:02 PM ): You must have someone above you to know so little about such things...

(What if there is no one above me?)

(screenname withheld) (4:35:26 PM ): Then the KRF will be forced to dissban you and take further acions against you...
SangiVamp (4:35:29 PM ): Unless you give me some shred of proof, then I will not comply and I will have a valid case. I think I will wait and see what happens.
SangiVamp (4:35:53 PM ): And if I am disbanned (disbanded?) then I will merely reestablish my house once more.
SangiVamp (4:36:11 PM ): what "further actions"?
SangiVamp (4:36:29 PM ): /me gets bored with threats until the are immediate and happening
SangiVamp (4:36:58 PM ): Nowq, I have a newsletter to work on, if youdo not mind...
(screenname withheld) (4:37:01 PM ): Do as you will, you have been warned....
SangiVamp (4:37:08 PM ): ok
SangiVamp (4:37:20 PM ): the warning has been noted.
SangiVamp (4:37:25 PM ): have a good day
(screenname withheld) (4:37:57 PM ): In one week I shall contact you...
SangiVamp (4:38:23 PM ): have a good day
(screenname withheld) (4:39:00 PM ): That I shall, this is in no way a threat, I just like to keep order amongst us...
SangiVamp (4:39:18 PM ): that is all. have a good day.
(screenname withheld) (4:39:52 PM ): are you angered with me cadre?
SangiVamp (4:40:01 PM ): 4 have a good day

(I believe at this point, I started using AIM's little warning level function, which is basically what the rest of the conversation is referring to.)

SangiVamp (4:40:31 PM ): "Thank you, come again" *said in indian convenience store voice*
(screenname withheld) (4:40:52 PM ): This is not going to go well with your entrance of state, if you know what I mean...(I see no reason why you do not just block my name)

(Only if they don't bother asking me my side of things. Quite frankly, assuming they are real, their entrance didn't go over well with me. But then, I don't count for shit and am a nothing, a nobody, a poser and an illegal vampire with an illegal house* And I still haven't figured out how I can be a poser AND a vampire, even if it's an illegal one...)

SangiVamp (4:41:04 PM ): "Thank you, come again" *said in indian convenience store voice*
(screenname withheld) (4:41:39 PM ): Now you warn me, what a turn of events...[chuckles]
(screenname withheld) (4:42:23 PM ): You have now had your comply date cut to three days, sleep fast my cadre friend...

(Oh, darn...My mommy always told me my big mouth'd get me into trouble...) And the warning level goes up to...

SangiVamp (4:43:08 PM ): 35%
SangiVamp (4:43:14 PM ): I will
(screenname withheld) (4:43:30 PM ): Yes, I can count, let's see how much higher it get's
SangiVamp (4:43:31 PM ): hell, just make it tomorrow
SangiVamp (4:43:40 PM ): fine by me
(screenname withheld) (4:44:05 PM ): if you so is done, but the KRF unit wouldn't make it out there for another week...
SangiVamp (4:44:18 PM ): well, then, I still have a week, now don't I? :-)
(screenname withheld) (4:44:46 PM ): So it seems...Don't try me noenate.....
SangiVamp (4:44:51 PM ): or would it have been 2 weeks? 1 week for the waiting on me then another week for them to get out here?
SangiVamp (4:45:03 PM ): I'm hardly a neonate, dear...
SangiVamp (4:45:17 PM ): *pats you on your head, and SENDS YOU ALONG YOU WAY*
(screenname withheld) (4:45:51 PM ): Well you have one week to run and hide, if you so choose to. none the less they will find you..I have said my piece...aduie
SangiVamp (4:45:59 PM ): I'm staying put

Previous message was not received by (screenname withheld) because of error (4:46:00 PM ): User (screenname withheld) is not available.

SangiVamp (4:46:12 PM ): heh
Previous message was not received by (screenname withheld) because of error (4:46:13 PM ): User (screenname withheld) is not available.

(Did I mention that AOL IM's html coding sucks to try and straighten out?)

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