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Am I a Vampire???

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By Mys

(Originally posted on Sanguinarius Vampiric Community Message Board on 7/25/03)

Many people often come to this site wondering and asking if they are a vampire or not (including me when I first came). The only answer is "We can’t tell you". Unfortunately, there’s no physical test discovered yet that might tell us and you whether we are vampires or not. But we surely can help you understand what is going on and share our experiences with you, which might lead you to find out about yourself and decide if you are a vampire.

Before you write your question or worry about being or not being a vampire, please read any relevant posts to vampirism [on the message board] and study the main site ( very well. You can find an abundance of information at the FAQ section as well as at the Guide, Tips and Advice section.

After getting informed, please keep in mind that someone is not a vampire if they just:

1. Wear Goth styled clothes, have black hair and pale skin, long nails, natural fangs/sharpened canines. Being a vampire has nothing to do with your appearance.

2. Like blood. This might as well be a fetish, which is something you do for pleasure and not for need. Sang vampires need the blood they receive so that their organism will function well.

3. Have a sensitive skin structure and/or sensitive eyes, which means they get easily burnt when exposed to the sun and their eyes hurt under strong lighting.

4. Are psychic/empath. Being psychic/empath does not make you a psy vamp. Psy vamps need the energy they drain to stay healthy. They don’t drain for fun or for whatever other purpose.

5. Like the night.

6. Feel lonely.

7. Are attracted by vampires and/or vampiric folklore.

8. Belong to satanic, witchcraft or religions that have blood rituals. A vampire is not generated by the religion they follow. We can be Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, Satanist, Atheist, Mormon, Jew, Protestants or anything else.

Someone might be a vampire if, in combination or not with some of the things listed above, they have the actual need to consume a certain amount of blood/energy so that they will feel well and healthy. What might happen to a vampire that refuses to feed usually includes strong headaches, feeling of dizziness and weakness, high skin and eyes sensitivity. Forms of insomnia, light (eye and/or skin) sensitivity, migraines are usually accompanied symptoms of vampirism, always including the need for blood/energy. However, a person can be a vampire without presenting any/some of these symptoms (other than the need).

One very important thing to keep in mind BEFORE you describe your symptoms, thoughts or worries related to being a vampire or not, is to be checked by a doctor. There are several health problems that are usually mistaken for vampiric symptoms like anemia (causes weakness, light sensitivity and pale skin), eye problems (light sensitivity that might be caused from several things, or you might need glasses), insomnia, thalassemia (very serious health problem that is related to blood), migraines or even psychological problems (like stress, loneliness, melancholy). Any symptom noticed should be checked by a doctor. It would not be a bad idea to take a blood test and see if your blood has adequate vitamins or if anything is missing. Better be safe than sorry, after all. Your health is very important and you should not relate yourself with a certain condition (like vampirism) unless you have checked all the other possibilities.

It must be added that theories on vampirism are many (genetic mutation, virus, psychological problem, and many more have been discussed), but one thing remains certain: something is going on with us and we simply can never tell 100% if we are vampires or not. The answer will probably be found if some serious research is done on vampirism. So please don’t insist that we can/guarantee tell whether you are a vampire or not. This is something you yourself must decide, after deep thinking and research. Good luck and remember that we are always here to help.

(This article is written using information and ideas given in previous articles of people in this message board.)

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