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The Truth About Magick

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by Sanguinarius

(Originally posted to the Vampiric Community Message Board on 7 July, 2002)

Magick is not dependent upon whether your intentions are selfish. But, chances are, if you know that what you are wanting is selfish, then your mind will balk at it, and you will not focus and give it your all. Kind of like doing something you really don't want to do halfheartedly because someone else says you have to.

Magick is not contingent upon morality, or religion. But in a way, it does take "faith" -- that is to say, that you must believe that you can do it, or the same thing will happen as I mentioned above.

All the items, all the herbs, and candles, and statues, garb, and whatnot, -- all those are intended to set the scene, to focus your mind, to help guide your will to the task at hand. (Well, sometimes the herbs are necessary if you're making a potion to make a little...for lack of a better term..."apparent magick" happen.)

All you need is the force of your will. If you just kinda want something (and prayer works on the same principle, as it is the same forces at work), and do a wishy washy spell, you're not really "going after" it, not making it happen. But if you desperately want or need something, and feel a deep yearning for it, -- you must have it, you must do it, -- and you do whatever you can to achieve that goal, then you're far more likely to get that to come to pass.

Some people confine their magick to certain times when they do their rituals; others more or less live in a constant, perpetual state of magick. I'm not sure how to explain that to you where it would make sense. The language does not really have the means to express some things. A clarification, if I can, though: To live in the perpetual state of magick is not to imply that the people are of great power, or have things or people at their command. It is more like..... *thinking* never "practice" magick, but you're always doing it, like you're always breathing. You want something, you feel it, even if you are not actively pursuing it, you are still constantly willing it to be on some constant, low level.

Can someone supply the quote which is the classic definition of magick? It's something about conformity to your will, or something.. I'm not sure, but it might have been Aleister Crowley who spoke it?

At any rate, I hope I have made sense.

One more thing: Magick, or the practice of magick, is neither good nor evil. It is an ability, a tool; nothing more. A hammer is neither good nor evil. If you build a house with the hammer, or if you bash someone's head in, the hammer is neither good nor evil. Only your intentions and what you do. And if you know what you are intending to do is evil, for instance (I always pick on evil, lol), then mostly likely, you will have something inside of you that balks at doing it, -- and that is what causes it to not work, or to misfire.

You won't be able to throw fireballs, or hold back the waves of the sea, but you will with practice and focussing your mind and will, be able to have a bit of an advantage in influencing that which is.

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