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On 'Vampiric Rape' and Prey, Part 4

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By Lauren

I want to bring up a very practical topic if one is considering vampiric rape. Health risks.

If you've read this far, and you still think this practice is A-OK, I feel safe in saying you don't care about your victim and your only consideration is yourself and meeting your own desires. So, let's talk about you.

For the past 20 or so years, the ingestion, or contact of body fluids has come to be physically threatening, in some cases life-threatening. While there are potentially threatening diseases that the victim may contract due to your attack, YOU are at the most risk, in most scenarios. If you are accidentally cut in the tussle with your victim, your victim's risks increase. But we have, for the purpose of this article, decided the victim isn't important. You will be ingesting their blood. Are you comfortable with the risks of feeding from an untested individual? I don't care if you have known the person 10 years. Do you know every person they've slept with? Do you know every job they've had and that they have never come in contact with infected blood on the job. Nurses and medical staff aren't the only ones to come in contact with blood. While looking around and putting my thoughts together on this, I found a post by Rikkar and a reply by HerrDraggon and have received their permission to quote them in this article. I do not think I can say it better than they have. Special thanks to Lord Rikkar and Lady Dawn (HerrDraggon).


"HIV and HEP C are blood-borne diseases and, guess what, can be caught by ingesting blood! I believe that falls into the category of a 'no brainer'.

"I remember a blather going around the community that one cannot contract the ills from ingesting blood. Guess what, boys and girls, this is a fallacy.

"HIV and HEP C cannot be caught through contact with unbroken skin. Now, how many of us have completely unbroken skin in our mouths? How many of us have perfect gum health and have no bitten lips, sores, or whatnot? Assuming you raised your hand and said that you have perfect oral health, are you willing to stake your life on this? And what about stomach ulcers, "acid reflux", or any number of other ails that compromise this? Stomach acid has been said to kill the fragile HIV virus. However, are you willing to risk your life that the lining of your gastrointestinal tract is pristine? The diseases that can be caught by the blood drinker are much more than just a cold or the flu (which can also be caught). Any and all blood-borne diseases can be caught by contact of blood upon any unbroken skin.

"Any consumption of blood, be it by taking direct from the donor or using a syringe or other indirect method is going to bring you in contact with the wee beasties in that Donor's blood.

"This goes for Donors as well. I do not recall the HIV viral load in saliva and know it is quite low. Last I heard there was no instance of transmission of the HIV virus via saliva itself. However, that is "last I heard", which was some time ago.

"Now, given the above statement, do you wish to have some unknown vampire's mouth upon your open wound? The HIV retrovirus is present in saliva. Do you want to be the first case I have heard of where the virus is transmitted via saliva?

"I do not know if the Blood Bars are still around. Back 'in the day' there were underground establishments where Donors and Vampires (or blood fetishists) went to have, basically, casual feedings. I never went to them but I heard of them in San Francisco. Even in the 80s before the AIDS epidemic I knew enough of disease to know this was a very, very bad idea from a disease standpoint only. I am not going into any other of my views on this in this post.

"Basically, drinking blood or allowing intimate consumption of your blood is the same as unsafe sex. These days you have to be rather an idiot to have unsafe sex without knowing the disease status of your partner. I know vampires who indulge in this and it is, basically, like putting a bullet in a revolver, putting it to your head, and pulling the trigger. Eventually there shan't be a 'click', rather there shall be a 'BOOM!'.

"I have been an active vampire for 31 years. I have never contracted a virus nor given one. I might have gotten a cold or flu bug from sleeping with my Lovers, like any normal person. I am not saying I am perfect for I have not always insisted upon an HIV test (a couple of times) and this has been extremely risky, though I, for the vast most part, have been very cautious in this. This is bad and dangerous practice on my part. I am lucky that I have not caught it. Suffice it to say that if someone 30+ years awakened can survive disease free, it is possible.

"Another thing (I am breaking this down into digestible chunks, by the way):

"In 'the day' of the 80s, some of us 'real vampires' (not me of course) believed we were immune to HIV because we are vampires, damnit, and vampires do not contract disease. It appears that this preconception is dwindling, thank the gods.

"I am not saying there is not a race of vampires out there that is immune to disease. However, I say, especially to the Donors... do you want to risk it upon the word of a vampire?

"To the vampires I say... do you want to risk your life upon a untried and untested hypothesis that you are immune? Gods the things I saw in the 80s.

"I know not a single vampire personally who does not come with the factory installed Human genome. Anyone with the Human genome is susceptible to a retrovirus. HIV is a retrovirus that actually rewrites your genetics for you.

"Please do not take the risk.

"If I am making anyone a little bit nervous and a mite paranoid, I have one word for this...


"That is my intent."


"Speaking as someone that has a close relative with AIDS, I have to say that anyone that ingests blood would have to have a suicide wish, and desire a long, drawn out, painful death, to indiscriminately drink from people that they do not know the medical history of. We do not even do much skin-to-skin contact with my nephew anymore, and the doctors tell us his bloodwork comes back near normal at this time.

"AIDS mutates. And when something mutates, it is unpredictable. The digestive tract has the express purpose of taking things that are swallowed, and absorbing parts of it into your body's system. Even if there is no unbroken skin, it is stupid in the extreme to wish to introduce something that could have mutated and will be absorbed.

"AIDS is not a pretty way to die. If you are stupid enough to go and take in body fluids from someone that you don't know, then prepare to spend weeks or months lying in bed, catching every disease that comes around, wearing oxygen masks, unable to eat, viewing your family and friends through a sheet of plastic, untouched, alone, even with them there.

"And enjoy your drink."

Furthermore, the obvious lack of hygenic safety in taking an unwilling victim is a consideration also, unless you intend to take your own "wash kit", and "antibacterial soap" and scrub down your victim before you cut them. This sounds highly impractical to me with a squirming, resisting, struggling and combative partner.

(Go on to Part 5 )

© Copyright December 29, 2006. This article is the intellectual property of the author and may not be redistributed, copied, posted, sent through electronic message, sold, or quoted, in part or in whole, without express written permission of the author. To contact author for permission to use this article send email to bad_influence (at) -- Please put "Vampiric Rape" in the subject line.

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