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On 'Vampiric Rape' and Prey, Part 3

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By Lauren

"Sometimes, the word rape is used colloquially to dysphemistically describe forms of non-sexual unwelcome conduct ('My team got raped on the field yesterday'), or metaphorically as in 'the rape of the Earth' referring to environmental destruction, possibly implying a female gender of the Earth (Gaia). Other than in literary usage discussed above, this use of the term is unrelated to the original sense of 'abduction' or 'carrying off' and implies a comparison with sexual violation." -- wikipedia, Rape (word)

So... I hear you saying, "Okay, Okay, Lauren, but still all I did was, or want to do is, subdue them, cut them, and drink a little of their blood!! At most, it's assault!!"

As far as legalities go, you happen to be right. In this society you would be charged with assault. IF you use a razor or some sort of blade to cut them, the charge would be aggravated assault -- which, by the way, is felony assault, rather than a misdemeanor. You might want to think long and hard about whether that one feeding is worth a couple years of your life.

Let's put that aside a moment and talk about why our laws make specific laws separating rape from assault. Obviously the law considers one different from the other and the penalties for each are vastly different. Why?

In both assault and rape, the victim is violated on many levels. As stated in Part I of these articles, the person is stripped of the sense of safety, they are often made to feel defenseless and unable to protect themselves, and thus, left vulnerable and unsafe in the world. This often inhibits their ability to function as they second-guess themselves in the most innocuous situations. It leaves them feeling "less-than" the person who attacked them; it creates in them anger, rage, and hatred, both of themselves and the person who attacked them, and often of anyone who reminds them of their attacker. It strips them of their rights to live freely without harm.

However, humans are intrinsically sexual creatures. They often build their identity around their gender and sexuality. Humans are the only animal that use sex for pleasure, to declare and express love and individuality. Their self-esteem is often highly motivated by their sexuality. In the secretions of the individuals are DNA and other biologically identifying markers. It is an intrusion of not only one's space and right to be unharmed, it is a violation of the person's very "soul" or "energy", if you prefer. It is also a transfer of YOUR energies to them and the transfer may be emotionally damaging if that person does not desire that type of interaction. While sexuality is such a very integral part of a human, it is also one of the most protected and private parts of a human. We're taught from an early age how to use our sexuality to attract a mate, so if we are attacked and raped, we're often accused of, or believe ourselves to have brought on the attack ourselves. We somehow sent the signal to violate us in the most private and debilitating way. Many times when this happens, a person is damaged emotionally to the point of sexual disfunction, which interrupts the flow of reproduction of our species.

While humans are sexual creatures, they're also emotional creatures. The rape of a person does more than physical harm. It does emotional harm; it does harm to relationships; it does spiritual harm; it does financial harm. If the victim is a woman, and the physical harm is extreme enough, it does reproductive harm. Women are hard-wired to be mothers. Ever heard of the "biological clock"? Most women are driven from a very young age, before they've even had time to be convinced this is their "role", to have babies and families. After such an attack, many of them are damaged sexually to the point this becomes a problem. They no longer take pride in themselves as a sexual creature, rather they hide it and cover it up. The affects of rape last long after the bruises and contusions of assault have healed. It robs them of their very identity in some cases and takes years, sometimes lifetimes, to overcome the negative effects of rape.

So, how does this reflect on forced vampiric feeding?

Simply, a vampire who is going to subdue a victim, cut them, and then suck their blood from the wound, has done the exact same thing a rapist has done to his/her victim. There is nothing more identifiably individual than one's blood. In the blood is the entire genome schematics of the person. The genes that determine their gender are in blood. The genes aaht determine hair color, eye color, skin tone, height, weight tendancies, their entire DNA schematics, are carried in the blood. Oh, let's not forget, any diseases or disorders are also carried in the blood. This very blood will be instrumental in reproduction. It's instrumental in the thermal stability of humans, it carries nutrients through the body. This is the very life-force of the being before you. The same is true of this sort of transfer, as in the sexual sense. The contact of bodily fluids, in this case the victim's blood, with the attacker's saliva, can endanger the health, at best, and the life, at worst, of both individuals.

Since the actual goal of the vampire is "energy", basically the same thing two people share during sexual activity, the vampire is forcing the tranferance of energies from one to another. The vampire is STEALING the victim's very "essense" and forcing his/her own on the victim.

Society doesn't accept the reality of vampires. Therefore, they would have to

  1. Declare vampires real;
  2. Legally define a vampire;
  3. Legally define what makes a vampire different from a non-vampire;
  4. Legally define what a vampire needs to survive, and what they have a right to do in order to gain those needs;
  5. Set presidence regarding undesirable acts by those who legally fit the definition of "vampire".

We are, likely, not going to see this in our lifetimes. However, WE know what we are. We know what defines us, and WE know right from wrong. We know what our behaviors do to those around us and how those behaviors negatively affect us, or further our existence. The legal systems of our societies may not have binding law that governs what we do, or punishes those of us who violate others. However, you're not off the hook. The majority of the vampire community knows what they believe is right and wrong, and within their own society, they will do what they can to enforce their own "laws". Referring once again to the safeguards that protect the "Circle of Life" I have two words to say to you: "Vampire" and "hunters". It is because of vampires like those who assault and vampirically rape their victims that these nutjobs still hunt us. Some of them are not 13 year old, pimply faced kids.

Vampiric rape, just like rape in the legal definition, puts everyone in the same "group" as the rapist in danger. How many times have we heard "men only want one thing", "all men are rapists", "men are heartless animals"? All because of those who do rape. THAT is why we vampires cannot walk freely amongst our non-vampiric counterparts. It is why we are feared, misunderstood, and hated.

This type of attitude among vampires is why we cannot proudly say, "I'm a vampire", -- which by the way, is something I AM proud of, and would be proud to proclaim.

(Go on to Part 4)

© Copyright December 29, 2006. This article is the intellectual property of the author and may not be redistributed, copied, posted, sent through electronic message, sold, or quoted, in part or in whole, without express written permission of the author. To contact author for permission to use this article send email to bad_influence (at) -- Please put "Vampiric Rape" in the subject line.

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