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General Vampire Articles

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Articles and information for and about vampires that isn't type-specific.

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If an article lacks "date added" information, then I added it before I started keeping track of when things were added. In musical terms, it'd be a "golden oldie", I suppose. lol.

Blood and Psy Vamps: Not So Different, After All..., by Sanguinarius. What if blood- and psy- vampirism were not separate types of vampirism?

The Blood and the Life, by Manfred Newstead. Manfred discusses the relationship between feeding on blood and draining life-force in myth and real vampirism. (Added: 16 January, 2005)

Genetic Biochemical Interaction Theory, by Deacon Gray. A theoretical perspective on how latent genes within an individual could result in a display of vampiric characteristics. Briefly touching on the probability of how genes may align or 'click' into place allowing for an individual's awakening. This article outlines a few ideas on what may cause such a change and how it might take shape. (Added: 15 December, 2006)

Popular Vampire Myths, by Vampy. A short and fun little article that dispels a few common myths about vampires. (Added: 17 March, 2011)

Top Pick!Real Vampires. A well-researched article by Enygma on the types and characteristics of real vampires. (Added: 8 December, 2004)

Off-Site"Real Vampires" Revisited, by Vyrdolak. Commentary and correction on the article, "Real Vampires," which she wrote in the summer of 1987 for issue Number 2 (Fall 1987) of FireHeart magazine and republished on the EarthSpirit website in early 1997. (Added: 26 February, 2010)

Realization, by Wolfgang Weichbrod. An educational summary of vampiric existance. (Added: 2 April, 2000)

Red, Red Wine -- The Modern Vampire. Hawkmoor delves into the existence of vampires and what/who they are. (Added: 17 November, 2007)

Turning, Awakening & Sympathetic Vampirism. Article explains about how some vampires can misinterpret the process of awakening as being 'turned', and includes some information about other possible causes such as energy imbalances from being fed upon, sympathetic vampirism, 'medical student's syndrome' and empathy. (Added: 31 March, 2003)

The Vampire Speaks, by Manfred Newstead. A vampire speaks of his existence. (Added: 16 January, 2005)

Vampire Traits. An article by Jetstorm V which discusses the author's observations about various common vampire traits. (Added 15 January, 2003)

Vampires: The Truth Behind the Legend, by Cacophony. (Reprinted with permission from the author.) An article discussing real vampires.

Top Pick!What Does It Mean to Be a Vampire? Anshar Seraphim writes a sensible, down-to-earth article on, well, what it means when someone says "I'm a vampire". (Hint: we don't mean we think we're undead, immortal or superhuman.) (Added: 19 November, 2008)

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