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#Sanguinarius Discussion (2009-08-25)

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Log of the Auguist 25, 2009 discussion in #Sanguinarius during which participants mostly discussed their symptoms and effects they attributed to extended non-feeding.

Before I get to the log, let me include a response by someone who was unable to attend the discussion:


I am going to chime in now, only because I won't be able to attend the discussion later. I have gone without feeding for several months, and it definitely affects me negatively. I'm tired all the time, and I'm developing chronic health issues that I never really had before. I almost feel like I'm aging rapidly I feel like I'm developing arthritis. I've also been emotional and cranky for no apparent reason. These symptoms seem to get worse as time goes by. Feel free to share this info with the people this evening in the discussion. That's basically my two cents! ;)

Isis bless,


=============== BEGIN LOG ===============

(@Sanguinarius): ----- BEGIN DISCUSSION -----

(@Sanguinarius): Welcome to #Sanguinarius's scheduled topic discussion. Discussion is moderated so please stick to the currently discussed topic. We've got quite a turnout so this is very important to maintain order and minimize mass confusion!

(@Sanguinarius): I'll post the topic we'll be discussing and then we'll discuss that. Then we'll go on to part 2, and so on. The main topic tonight is:

(@Sanguinarius): The Possible Effects of Extended Non-Feeding.

(@Sanguinarius): 1.) How long have you gone without feeding?

(@Sanguinarius): I have gone several years without feeding regularly and using subsitutes

(isabellerose): a year after i awakened

(Masticina): as Psi vampire I been "not actively" feeding for I guess 4-5 months the most

(Masticina): luckily they had a big party at the end of the year YUM

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I constantly psi feed but this city is not a good place for that

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): mostly negative

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I am tired all the time and am sick at the moment

(@SphynxCatVP): months at least, with everything going on in RL I kinda loose track

(Adevarat): I use subs most of the time. It has been over a year since I last fed properly

(+hirudo): I've recently started feeding again after a fast of nearly six years.

(+hirudo): I don't use subs.

(Fooln): about six months, not counting the time directly after my awakening.

(@Sanguinarius): wow, 6 years!

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): you cant ambient feed?

(+hirudo): Who? Me?

(@Sanguinarius): I can't

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): its not as good but I have a very high motabolism

(Fooln): me neither.

(@SphynxCatVP): Not all sangs can work over to psi, JP

(@Sanguinarius): I mean, sometimes I'mn sure I must be but.......*shakes her head* I'm not sure

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): oh thats not good

(Masticina): that you get with sanguiÅ› ugh you know that is a big long word

(jyu_dragon): i am currently abstaining from sang feeding, 3 months thus far

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I have no choice

(AcrophobicPixie): Hirudo, you should look into the subs. they can be very helpfull

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere): is it possable not to have the ablity to ambient feed?

(@Sanguinarius): has anyone found it's gotten easier over time?

(+hirudo): Sangi-It's going to take me a long time to recover from the ill effects of not feeding for that long.

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): blood is a rarety has been about 6 months for me too

(Adevarat): no for me it seems to be harder

(Masticina): as you get more used to it you will have better control

(@Sanguinarius): *nods*

(isabellerose): it dont get easier over time for me

(VanArtsdalen2): I have found the blood lust gets easier over time if I'm not around people, but the ill effects do not.

(Carfax): hm, round a bout 6 to 9 months, timespan i dont feel hunger increased since my awakening

(jyu_dragon): i am a sexual sang

(Masticina): doesn changes a need

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere): my need tends to change alot

(Fooln): at the time i was really miserable anyway, other reasons. i'm not quite sure what part of being miserable was the non-feeding, but it didn't get easier.

(KrevZabijak): @JIRC - I do not have any psi/psy abilities whatsoever, and cannot feed consciously or subconsciously, so that's a solid yes to your question.

(+hirudo): Pixie- I don't need to use subs, never have. I deal with the Beast in other ways that I've mentioned on the VCMB.

(KrevZabijak): @iyu_dragon: sexual sang, isn't that a tantric vampire?

* Sanguinarius thinks feeding from psi is different than feeding from blood

(@Sanguinarius): it feels different

(isabellerose): alot diffrent

(Masticina): I guess you are right sang :!

(jyu_dragon): no, i can feed tantrically, but i dont

(Masticina): I never have fed pranic, I heard it was..erm strong

(Adevarat): it is very different to me. I can psi feed and still feel the blood hunger eating at me

(Adevarat): hey Kroh

(Fooln): i'm not good at psi feeding. but if it works, it just makes the whole thing more.. hm, bearable, the thirst doesn't quite go away.

(isabellerose): i dunno, i never been good at Psi

(@Sanguinarius): *nod* it never quite goes away unless I get blood

(Masticina): a vampire is a vampire is a vampire :)

(@SphynxCatVP): yea, pretty much

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): Amen

(jyu_dragon): okays, i awakened 30years ago as sang

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere): i mainly psi feed,

(VanArtsdalen2): That's what happens if I don't feed for a while. I'm very (very) mildy empathic. My main energy comes from sanguine feeding.

(Masticina): I am sure that I could food pranic

(@Sanguinarius): topic is: How long have you gone without feeding?

(+hirudo): Psi-feeding for sangs is on the same level as using subs, I think. It might quell the immediate 'itch' but it'll return fairly quickly.

(Masticina): if I don feed I get mentally unstable :(

(RoxxAnn): Greetings Sanguinarius

(@SphynxCatVP): all too quickly, sometimes

(KrevZabijak): I've had various psi vampires push energy at/into me to try and refill whatever it is that's drained, but that never helps, so I assume that I am a sang that does not need their specific energy, if that energy even occurs in blood and can literally be fed on while drinking, who knows.

(KrevZabijak): I've gone over a year without feeding

(isabellerose): only way i find to sustain my thirst without feeding is deer blood tablets and steaks

(Fooln): @isabellerose deer blood tablets?

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere): i have gone one month now with out feeding sang

(Carfax): i tried to feed psi-like but couldnt, im quite good at shielding from it because one of my brothers is psi...but i just managed to do it

(VanArtsdalen2): I've gone over a year without feeding. But I try not to go more then a few months.

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): they are coming out w/ an interesting drink that suposedly has blood in it but I find it hard to believe

(jyu_dragon): never suffered from craving or thirst like that, but being hybrid might explain that

(@Sanguinarius): this is the main chat room

(isabellerose): i'll get the link

(Carfax): *didnt

(RoxxAnn): I can't use tablets

(diss): @Fooln, deer blood capsules are available over the internet, used by some as sub


(RoxxAnn): I can't use capsules

(+hirudo): I dunno if I'm the only one but I find animal blood disgusting. It's human or nothing for me.

(LadyVittoria): I never heard of deer blood capsules beofre

(Masticina): where is the life in "capsuled" blood?

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere): ???

(isabellerose): a damn good sub for me lol

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): for the true blood epidemic

(@Sanguinarius): Father_JP_ChrstVampyre are you talking about True Blood? *hides a smile*

(Carfax): @diss eeww, sounds not too tasty

(Adevarat): I cant do animal blood either. Course I have 7 pets so that may be why

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): yes a drink

(Fooln): wow, I didn't know about the capsules. thanks for the link :)

(VanArtsdalen2): I couldn't imagine deer blood capsules helping very much, if at all.

(Carfax): @diss but there is no tasty sub I thing at all

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): they say iut has blood in it?

(isabellerose): its great , no good for energy tho

(diss): @carfax, i wouldn't know myself, i'm a donor. i know several sangs who use them

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): true but it helps for the taste

(LadyVittoria): Dark Greetings

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere): animal blood?? the clost i do to that is eat a steak

(AcrophobicPixie): that's the thing with subs, though.. They take away a bit of the need, but don't really do much to alleviate the symptoms

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I like V8 myself

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): and mochas

(@Sanguinarius): and to make things even more confusing, they have actually started to market a drink of some kinds CALLED True Blood (*bangs her head on the desk*) which DOESN"T have real blood in it

(isabellerose): v8 UGH!!!

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): chocolate milk

(Masticina): sigh

(LadyVittoria): someone offerd me a goblet with some fresh organic beef blood in it last night.. that was quite nice

(Evtastic): Sorry for the delay: In regards to psi feeding, my light sensitivity, irritability and energy levels just hit the floor. And there isn't anything I can substitute for it. And ambient feeding just... deson't do it for me in that situation.

(Adevarat): didnt it get cold

(Fooln): I don't know if animal blood works for me, never tried it. I hope I won't have to.

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): but vegatables have minerals that help

(Masticina): Poor Ev :!

(isabellerose): fooln what bout rare steak

(@Sanguinarius): yes yes

(Adevarat): let me clarify myself...I eat bloody steaks but I meant animal blood as in fresh

(Carfax): @diss ah, ok. I just recommend drink of iron tablets, egg & milk. tastes aweful but helps a bit

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere415): this is my first irc chat so sorry if i mess up

(isabellerose): i'd never have fresh animal blood, no matter how desprate

(RoxxAnn): i'm not very worried about virus, as long as i feed mostly raw, all my intake, my immune system can take care of itself

(+hirudo): I tried fresh deer blood many many years ago- not very nice and it did nothing for me.

(RoxxAnn): vegetables have carotenoids. my liver can't convert them. i'm missing enzymes. i need blood minerals

(Fooln): @isabelle right, that helps a bit..

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): dead blood doesnt work for me anymore

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): used too

(RK2): Sangi - length ive gone without feeding is 27 months - and im at 24 currently

(Carfax): @+hiru just maybe wrong kind of prey ;)

(@SphynxCatVP): heh!

(@Sanguinarius): What changes, discomforts and ailments, increased/decreased sensitivities, abilities, etc. have you experienced since you have not been feeding?

(Fooln): @isabelle but i meant really fresh animal blood wothout the meat ;)

(+Hank_Riker): Personally, I am now over 6 months since I last fed. At the moment I feel like crap, but that's just because I haven't had coffee yet. :-)

(RoxxAnn): iron tablets actually wind up lowering my blood iron. my immune system turns on it, and destroys some of my own red blood cells

(Adevarat): extended periods of migraine, weakness, irritable, digestive upset

(isabellerose): no, i couldnt hurt live animals myself

(Adevarat): depression

(isabellerose): just people

(@Sanguinarius): coffee -- the breakfast of champions! :D

(+Hank_Riker): Iron tablets are potentially dangerous for males, so I avoid them.

(Carfax): @sang nervousness,insomnia, headache, bad mood,weakness

(jyu_dragon): not used dead blood

(Evtastic): heh. coffee and I don't mix. caffeine really messes with my system.

(Carfax): something like that

(VanArtsdalen2): I get headaches easily. I have stomach issues that get pretty bad (doctors can't figure it out, even had an MRI) I'm tired more easily and sometimes uncharacteristically moody

(RoxxAnn): i can eat fresh animal meat with the blood. i don't have to have blood alone

(Adevarat): yeah I have no enegy most of the time for no physical reason

(VanArtsdalen2): *Correction MRI was for my wrist lawl, I meant ultra sound

(+hirudo): Sangi-Hold on, it's a fairly lengthy list........

(@Sanguinarius): I get low energy levels, .sometimes I can't even get out of bed for all I'm worth. Also, lack of concentraqtion

(RoxxAnn): coffee doesn't help me for more than a couple of hours, then i'm worse than before

(Masticina): I question

(Masticina): how much research has been done in "before feeding" and "after feeding"

(Masticina): I mean stories like that within a day someone returns to healthy status..within the freaking day after feelding

(Evtastic): I did have my energy deficiency checked out by my doctor and my nutricional levels looked great. Best she's seen actually, for sheer irony.

(@Sanguinarius): insomnia too

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): energy drinks

(Adevarat): does anyone else get the depression as bad as I do? or am I weird?

(@SphynxCatVP): Effects: Chronic pain, distractable mind (*drools* sorry, what?), tired, sleep like shit, and to a degree, some depressive moments

(@SphynxCatVP): frankly, didn't know depression would have been linked to nonfeeding until I fed recently and it went away... so that was a surprise to me

(@Sanguinarius): I think not much!

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): it helps my human side recover some but not for long

(isabellerose): i used to averarat before i moved

(@Sanguinarius): Masticina, I think not much!

(isabellerose): suicidal and the works :(

(VanArtsdalen2): @Adevarat I've been depressed but I can not be sure enough to relate it to anything vampires.

(@Sanguinarius): I have depression for a number of years

(RoxxAnn): Before I woke up, I was diagnose with Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder and was heading down from there.

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): lack of feeding

(Fooln): I get moody, but the main thing is feeling really weak and hungry. I can't eat normal anymore then, food often makes me feel sick (maybe I eat too much or not enough.. don't know)

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): causes depression

(isabellerose): no mine wasn't related to vamps either so i'll shut up lol!

(@Sanguinarius): it's not been "as bad" the past few years, mainly because I take a good antidepressant, but it's not "good"

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): mood swings too

(RK2): see, thats something ive noted - a lot of vamps get depressed easily - but speaking for myself, it takes a lot more than vampirism and its wonderful tidbits to get me out and out depressed.

(jyu_dragon): headache becoming migraine, bad mood becomes rip the head off anyone that comes near

(@Sanguinarius): mood swings, sound familiar

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): mine are very bad

(@SphynxCatVP): I have other family members with depression - in comparison, they're on medication and I'm not.... so I do a bit better than the family average, I think :)

(@SphynxCatVP): I seem to be more introspective than most of my blood relations, so that's probably got some to do with it as well

(VanArtsdalen2): Oh yeah Fooln made me remember. When I don't feed I get hungry. It's like I'm always hungry too. I can eat and get full but it's like five minutes later i'm hungry again. It's terrible.

(Adevarat): noone else in my family has depression

(@Sanguinarius): I narrowly avrted a migraine the other night.

(@SphynxCatVP): Ugh, yea, been there

(RoxxAnn): When I don't feed for a couple of weeks, my chest starts hurting. After I start to feed I sneeze a really nice sneaze and the pain goes away shortly after.

(Adevarat): I live on excedrine migraine :(

(Masticina): I see sphynx

(Fooln): *nods* @vanartsdalen :)

(Masticina): I rather not get any type of mental changing medicine.. :!

(@SphynxCatVP): me neither :)

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I dont take headache meds but probly should

(RK2): how many of us here have learned to avoid migranes and most headahes?

(KrevZabijak): I can't handle the caffeine in Excedrin.

(VanArtsdalen2): I wish I could use excedrine or something but those types of things never seem to help.

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I dont like chemicals

(Masticina): sometimes I take headache pills :!

(lady_aliana274): trying to catch up... (smile)

(Masticina): but really I don't like playing with my bodies chemical levels

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I like herbals

(Adevarat): I HATE pills but I hate the migraines worse so the pills win

(jyu_dragon): i got H1N1 because i am experimenting with not sang feeding, my immune responce is depressed

(KrevZabijak): @ subs :: I have no substitutes. Nothing is a substitute for the real thing. I do have a beast 'tranquilizer', is making tea out of kratom leaf. That is the one and only thing that's worked for me in the past ... six years.

(RoxxAnn): Other foods, yes, there's never enough, and they don't satisfy my body.

(@Sanguinarius): I have to be careful of what I can take nowadays because of all the medicines I'm on since my heart surgery

(RoxxAnn): Never enough as even in quantities that are too large for me.

(KrevZabijak): What, you have h1n1 swine flu?

(KrevZabijak): Seriously?

(RoxxAnn): With blood I don't need much, and hunger gone

* Sanguinarius suspects that, though she has a pre-exisiting condition, it's exacerbated by having not fed.

(Carfax): I experienced kinda change. when i feel a lack of blood im much more into picking up people, like my body & subconcious know what Im lacking, even if Im not into the mood for flirting etc.

(@SphynxCatVP): yea, I'm sure it doesn't help :)

(@Sanguinarius): that is, things that probably would have happened in my late 40s and early 50s happened in my late 30s

(@Sanguinarius): I don't KNOW this ,though

(@Sanguinarius): hey sp00ky and Luciana

(Fooln): @carfax hungry eyes, eh? ;)

(vampraine): sorry if i missed it but what about animal blood?

(@Sanguinarius): What changes, discomforts and ailments, increased/decreased sensitivities, abilities, etc. have you experienced since you have not been feeding?

(@SphynxCatVP): KrevZabijak, with all due respect, most doctors I've dealt with wouldn't know a sick patient if they barfed on their shoes

(@Sanguinarius): eww lol

(KrevZabijak): Then I'm sorry for you.

(RK2): graphic, sphynx

(Carfax): @fool something like that lol

(@SphynxCatVP): but true, sadly

(yo_babe): what happens after more longterm abstence? is it possible to die from lack of blood feeding? *worried*

(KrevZabijak): @yo Can't die.

(Masticina): I dunno about that babe

(isabellerose): my answer.......... ive just felt myself reverting back to the way i felt in the past

(AcrophobicPixie): Krev, if you add all the other countries together, then yeah, but on a country by country basis, we have oodles compared to others

(Adevarat): you wont just will feel like crap forever

(Masticina): it can lead to a higher chance on body troubles though

(isabellerose): to me if you dont feed, you feel as you did before you awakened

(VanArtsdalen2): The sun Sangi. I wish it were turn offable... I went to WA for a week came back home (OR) and I could barely leave the house during the days for the next week because of how much the sun bothers my eyes.

(Masticina): michelle belangers heart problem for instance

(jyu_dragon): i am in the clinical research industry

(KrevZabijak): @isabellerose Very very good way to put it!

(Adevarat): yeah and like if I feed, my digestive problems go away for awhile

(KrevZabijak): @van: Get a good opthamologist.

(RKCoon): *bites off comment for a later date*

(@Sanguinarius): has anyone gotten LESS sensitive?

(Adevarat): then come back with a vengence if I dont

(Masticina): truez, if I feed I feel..well better just more in balance and so on

(Evtastic): @Masticina Michelle identifies as a sanguine vamp?

(Masticina): I hardly get sick to..

(@Sanguinarius): less able to see at night?

(isabellerose): ta krev

(Masticina): Michelle Belanger is a psy vampire

(KrevZabijak): I thought Belanger said she wasn't sang

(@Sanguinarius): burn less easilky?

(+Nitallica): I thought she was psy

(@SphynxCatVP): Evtastic > Uh, not last I knew

(Masticina): but a vampire is a vampire

(Fooln): my sensitivity doesn't really change @sangi

(KrevZabijak): I hate that damned 'v' word.

(@SphynxCatVP): lol

(Evtastic): @Masticina, just clarifying. I know she's not.

(LadyVittoria): If I don't feedpsi I find it harder to pull energy from psi feeding... I use very rare staeks for blood usually as I haven't had a human donor for nearly a decade

(@SphynxCatVP): I gave up caring about the v-word :)

(@Xalpharis): Caring is sharing.

(KrevZabijak): I never will unless I get a forced paradigm shift.

(vampraine): if i go too long i can not eat anything else

(@SphynxCatVP): I have gotten less photosensitive if I go long periods without feeding

(@SphynxCatVP): well, relatively speaking... I'm still pretty damn photosensitive, but I won't feel like I'm gonna sunburn in 5 minutes

(isabellerose): the v word is the wrong name for us but one we cant shed :(

(VanArtsdalen2): I don't mind the word. I just mind people's reactions to the use of the word in addition to the word real.

(LadyVittoria): I find if I don't feed in some way, eating anything is difficult

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): if you say so

(Masticina): the word vampire sticks to us like dirty underwear

(RoxxAnn): I've always had problems withn the sun, eyes, skin, feeding helps some, but not for long

(Adevarat): has anyone ever gained weight from trying to eat everything else to curb the hunger when unable to feed? or is it just me

(+Nitallica): we're not "vampires" ... we're "special" ;)

(obayifo): i agree with that

(Masticina): hey I dn want to be called an "indigo" or a "wendigo"

(@Sanguinarius): good analogy Masticina

(@SphynxCatVP): lol

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere): I get super tired and irratable and just fly off the handle

(@Sanguinarius): wb RK

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): Im not speacial

(VanArtsdalen2): Me too Adeverat xD

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): lol

(RKCoon): oops

(Masticina): hehe I did get the brownish skin of the siblings

(Masticina): ..but yes my eyes..sunglass territory

(@SphynxCatVP): cranky, yea, I definitely get cranky without feeding... I try to be aware of it since I know it doesn't HELP

(vampraine): i just vomit everything else til i get blood

(+Nitallica): if I get any lighter, I'll glow in the dark :p

(Adevarat): out in the sun causes me nausea, shakes and weakness followed by headaches.

(LadyVittoria): lol Nitallica

(+Nitallica): can thank my ancestors for that one

(RKCoon): Krev - why do you hate the word vamp?

(Masticina): mmm once I was in disneyland

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I dont hate it

(Masticina): after .. I guess.. 1,5 day of being there I really was getting sick of that sun

(@Sanguinarius): What changes, discomforts and ailments, increased/decreased sensitivities, abilities, etc. have you experienced since you have not been feeding?

(RoxxAnn): feeding can help me stablize my weight, get back to what i should be

(jyu_dragon): suffers from acute phototoxicity - not vamparic

(LunaCarmesi): yes, with help i have finally made it here, lol

(@SphynxCatVP): I was never much of a sunbunny, so it's not a big loss for me, lol

(Adevarat): welcome

(RoxxAnn): sun drains me

(+Nitallica): lol, my hubby and I honeymoon at Disney World ... I prepared with extra migraine meds and LOTS of sunblock! :)

(RoxxAnn): sun drained my mom

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I won't let certain organisations and such take it away

(LadyVittoria): I burn in the sun easily whether I feed or not

(Masticina): usefull Nitallica

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): just change the spelling a little LOL

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere): i love the sun, but it hates me most days

(Adevarat): well it causes issues with me. I have horses who need working. I have to wait until the sun is low to setting and we have no arena lights

(AcrophobicPixie): I have noticed that my brother gets more cranky when he's not fed in a long time. My vamp has flare ups in the autoimmune disease she has

(Masticina): my stomach is a weak thing..

(RKCoon): i dont deal with it enough to generally worry about fortuneately

(Fooln): If I didn't think the word vampire fits for me, I wouldn't use it.

(Masticina): but usually it is in in fine order..if I am well fed

(@Sanguinarius): I feel as though a heat lamp is radiating down on me from a clsoe distance, but I don't get that bad of a burn. I used to burn so bad I'd peel when I was a little kid

(jyu_dragon): my eyes are genetic

(LunaCarmesi): i have always burned in the sun and headaches get the best of me, which causes stomach problems as well

(Masticina): now if I am fed and I don't need to feed..I am less sensitive

(@Sanguinarius): greetings TheMysticalCursedAlchemist

(Masticina): but once I go hungry I begin to pick up energies again

(TheMysticalCursedAlchemist): hello

(+Nitallica): I never had stomach probs until just a few years ago

(RoxxAnn): to help me with sun, i need to feed 3x / day + not eat regular foods

(LadyVittoria): my sun sensitivity gradually worsened the older I got.. when I was a kid I tanned well

(+Nitallica): had gall bladder removed last month

(Adevarat): I havent tested it. I dont know if feeding will up my tolerance to the sun

(@SphynxCatVP): I never tanned

* SphynxCatVP shrugs

(Masticina): hehe If I get to fat I get sick nita, then it all gets out and after 2-3 days I am slimmer again

(+Nitallica): stomach problem solved :D

(isabellerose): wynne this is alot of the vamps form facebook and the vcmb

(KrevZabijak): Fibro/pain gets worse, the daily constant migraine I've had since February 2008 gets even more intense, photosensitivity flares up more often (When I feed, it goes away completely and I can drive without sunglasses). Sleep is horrible, not feeding certainly affects alpha-delta wave intrusion during sleep

(isabellerose): and other places,

(jyu_dragon): sun tan is for squids

(vampraine): i cant do anything i can when im well fed i cant do my art or write or focus at all

(@SphynxCatVP): lol

(@Sanguinarius): yeah, when I was a kid, I'd have to burn in order to tan

(AcrophobicPixie): Sphynxie, you're like me and glow in the dark?

(VanArtsdalen2): I have a question. Some people say they get more tired when having not fed. Do you mean you sleep a lot more or is it just your body that's tired? For example, I get tired but I have trouble sleeping.

(RoxxAnn): i can't do sun lamps

(isabellerose): their talking about lack of feeding

(@SphynxCatVP): Pixie - Yea, something like that, lol

(KrevZabijak): I eat much much less, to the point of not feeling hungry for 24 to 72 hours straight.

(Masticina): hell sunning? I did made a hole in the sand and tried to hide when going "to the beach" with the family

(Masticina): ugh and they didn't understand

(LunaCarmesi): i know i have always had stomach issues, headaches, sensitivity to sunlight, never once have doctors found anything wrong

(@Falstaff): I'm quite fond of the sun, and spend as much time in it as possible.

(+hirudo): For the first year I suffered Classic migraines on an almost weekly basis, and then I had a nervous breakdown/depression for which I was put on an SSRI for. Quit taking it after a month though. After about two years I sudffered panic attacks and my muscloskeletal problems started, along with my digestive problems.At about this time I started to have memory problems too. Extra problems added themselves as time went by. By the time I decided to feed

(+hirudo): car exhausts and perfume/deoderant were triggering headaches and sneezing. That last problem disappeared after my first feed, which was brilliant!

(lady_aliana274): i dunno it anyone has this problem but I am overweight and everything I eat just goes right through me. not meaning to gross anyone out here. food is not my friend.

(Masticina): same here luna..well not headaches

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I sleep too much from lack of feeing though i dont sleep easily

(LunaCarmesi): i feel my body is tired and weak, as well as being weak minded when i do not feed

(Adevarat): I tired as in no energy to do anything but I cannot sleep well either

(Wynne): i do not sleep well as it is, some night im lucky if i get 5 hours and others im lucky if i get 3 hrs, your body is just psysically tired

(@Sanguinarius): I get weak-tired and I do have extreme trouble sleeping.

(AcrophobicPixie): krev, if you've had a migraine since 2000, have you had a head CT?

(LadyVittoria): I burned to tan as a kid too... but now I do not really tan much at all .. can't be in the sun long enolugh to find out either

(KrevZabijak): Yes. It came back clean.

(Wynne): but if i havent fed in forever the tirdness gets worse

(Fooln): @van I also get more tired but have trouble sleeping (more than usual)

* Nitallica has migraines "with the works" (aura, blurry vision, motion sickness, hallucinations, phantom smells, light/sound/temp sensitivity, ....)

(KrevZabijak): Also had cervical and lumbar MRIs, came back clean as well.

(LunaCarmesi): i agree Father JP...i do sleep, but i am always tossing and turning and wake 3-4 times

(RoxxAnn): lol i used to hide in holes in the sand too when with family at the beach

(Carfax): @Vanartsdalen i feel like...waking up at morning and dont have a coffee to clear your head

(lady_aliana274): lol

(Masticina): see Roxx I did too and they wouldn't understand

(LadyVittoria): me too Luna

(lady_aliana274): wow you guys type fast.........

(LunaCarmesi): it gets to the point caffiene does no good anymore

(Masticina): well hell it wasn their eyes being blinded

(Wynne): i HAVE to have coffee in the morning or im a bear

(RoxxAnn): we have to talk masticina

(vampraine): wow this goes soooo fast

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): energy drink

(RKCoon): Dr Pepper is God.

* Nitallica is addicted to tea :)

(@Sanguinarius): coffee is a must

(RKCoon): XDD

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): Im addicted to them lol

(Wynne): coffee equals a happy me

(LunaCarmesi): i prefer the Amp energy drinks, lol

(LadyVittoria): coffe.. coffee.. and more coffeee

(Wynne): and a happy me equals happy and safe other people

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): or im exhausted

(RoxxAnn): no amount of sunscreen is enough

(jyu_dragon): lives on redbull

(+hirudo): Argh,all that writing disappeared!

(@Merticus): Coffee is the cure for everything :)

(Adevarat): I cant drink energy drinks...too much sugar

(lady_aliana274): ahhhh coffee.

(LadyVittoria): yes merticus

(Adevarat): coffee is Gods gift

(Masticina): no troubles roxxann ;)

(lady_aliana274): takes a sip

(LunaCarmesi): ah, besides sunlight and lack of sleep, i find when i don't feed, i feel empty, depressed, weak and physically achey

(VanArtsdalen2): eew coffee and energy drinks are gross xD I prefer the old fashioned... soda.

(Wynne): haha

(+Nitallica): sugar is good :)

(AcrophobicPixie): Mert, we know you're addicted :P

(Wynne): i fel depressed and empty

(RoxxAnn): i need to walk on shady side of street, parasol, hat glasses. indoors even with shades down i get headaches til the sun goes down

(@Sanguinarius): Fortunately, I haven't had a migraine since I had my open heart surgery last July *knocks on wood* though I almost got one a couple nights ago

(TheMysticalCursedAlchemist): brb going on other comp

(LunaCarmesi): too much sugar is no good for the body either...the crash is hard, at least for me

(isabellerose): <--- getting distracted, sorry

* Nitallica hugs Sangi

(Wynne): :P

(Adevarat): thats good Sangi

(lady_aliana274): i love soda but I have kidney stones...argh

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): always distracted

(KrevZabijak): @Sang : I'm glad that went well

(vampraine): anybody try sobe blood shots

(+Nitallica): want mine? :)

(Wynne): i get a migraine about 4 times a week

(KrevZabijak): @vampraine Tasty stuff :)

(@Sanguinarius): what are sobe blood shots?

* Nitallica gets a migraine every time it rains

(VanArtsdalen2): sounds interesting

(LunaCarmesi): been having migraines almost every night the past 2 weeks

(RKCoon): never heard of that

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I get them several times a day

(+Nitallica): :(

(Masticina): I get a bloody nose when the weather changes fast

(KrevZabijak): No Fear Bloodshot, yes?

(LunaCarmesi): only at night when my body relaxes after moving around all day

(+Hank_Riker): As far as side effects from not feeding: Quicker to anger, head-aches, body-aches, lethargy, and depression. On the plus side, I can walk past the garlic isle and still breathe.

(Masticina): :) but that is a thin bloodvein )

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): course Im also diabetic

(@Sanguinarius): Nitallica, maybe mine were humidity-related? *interesting thought*

(RoxxAnn): i had horrible headaches as a child. they weren't diagnosed though, as my parents were busy

(+Nitallica): possible ... I know environment plays a big part in mine some times

(+Nitallica): the weather affects me mostly now

(vampraine): sorry are they no fear?

(+Nitallica): seasonal is not as big a problem anymore

(LunaCarmesi): i have thought my ailments were passed down from family, diabetes a major part of it, but nothing is found

(Masticina): I can feel the electricity of lovely

(Masticina): to bad it doesn always fall where I am

* Nitallica can thank her mother's family for all her ailments ;P

(LunaCarmesi): as far as being quick tempered, lethargic, etc...i mostly have all of those issues

(LadyVittoria): I am like a walking medical dictionary and pharmacy rolled into one

(Adevarat): I love tstorms but the bariatric pressure changes causes migraines

(VanArtsdalen2): @Masticina I used to get bloody noses a lot as a child and I mean A LOT, they were really bad too. Strangely after I awakened I rarely get them and they are usually not bad at all.

(lady_aliana274): whats really fun is to make it rain..... hee hee....jk

(RoxxAnn): i can't open my eyes around onion, and garlic is tasting nasty to me. i like herbs like mint and basil better

(LunaCarmesi): water is what puts me at peace...near a lake, pond, rain

(+Nitallica): *perk* cookies? :)

(@Sanguinarius): For those who have gone a year or years (how long?), have these gotten worse or better over time?

(Wynne): i have brownies

(vampraine): i usually drink the blood shots so fast i guess i dont read the label :)

* yo_babe thanks Sangi and eats cookie! :)

(LunaCarmesi): i have gone 2 years without feeding until about a week ago

(Masticina): not bad Arts :) I must say my bloodnoses been less to..

(Adevarat): worse. It seems my ailments are more frequent and my mood changes got so bad I went to the dr to se if I was starting menopause early. Im not

(@SphynxCatVP): chronic pain definitely got worse over time

(Masticina): they used to be allot worse :!

(LadyVittoria): forests are what put me at peace

(Fooln): did I miss someone explaining what blood shots are?

(KrevZabijak): @Sang : It seems to have leveled out, with spikes every now and then in severity, but it never stays at those crazy severe levels for more than a few days, then it returns to rock-bottom

(isabellerose): <--- none year no change

(VanArtsdalen2): After a year I don't get cravings as awesome but I eat a lot more regular food BUT I get sick much more often.

(KrevZabijak): @Fooln: it's an energy drink

(RoxxAnn): I like storms, and rain, and clouds, fog, over cast days, you name it, anything but sun. Sun is too much always was

(Masticina): and yes..guess what no doctor could find out why

(LunaCarmesi): it seemed as if during those 2 years, my ailments have gotten worse though some days i felt fine

(Carfax): hm, my awakening was 9 years the same issues, but not as often

(Masticina): JOY why thefreak do I go to a doctor to get no answer

(VanArtsdalen2): *often

(Fooln): @krev oh, thanks

(Wynne): doctors know nothing about this stuff

(RoxxAnn): I love forests too Lady Vittoria

(LunaCarmesi): food goes through me as well somedays, always some sort of gastrointestinal issue going on

(LunaCarmesi): and i'm getting fed up with it

(RKCoon): some are trying to study it however

(Wynne): i went when i was awakening and the told me i was fine

(@SphynxCatVP): depressive periods would go in and out, depending on how rigorous I was on taking my vitamins (I admit it, I'm a slacker on my own vitamin regimen...) Inflammatory problems were getting worse too

(Wynne): when i knew i was not fine

(@Sanguinarius): Howdy Malevolence

(@SphynxCatVP): other moods would swing in and out

(KrevZabijak): @Wynne: Did you see a therapist?

(VanArtsdalen2): I've given up on doctors, whether it's a vampire relation condition or just my body acting up they are rarely able to help.

(LunaCarmesi): Masticina, i think my doctor thinks i'm a hypocondriac

(KrevZabijak): It's not always physical for some

(Malevolence): greetings

(Masticina): ...ah of course

(+Hank_Riker): Say. It's somewhat unrelated, but has anyone had the experience of breathing in while near garlic, and having your throat close up, and being unable to breathe till you were away from it / cleared it from your lungs?

(LunaCarmesi): they find nothing wrong whatsoever

(Wynne): ive been in a nd out of shrinks and gotten no where

(Adevarat): I love garlic. Its good for you too

* Nitallica got lucky and found a good dr in her po-dunk town who "understands"

(LadyVittoria): no Hank

(Wynne): tired of spending money one stuff that doesnt work

(RKCoon): gottta love garlic

(Malevolence): yeah. I hate garlic

(Masticina): I think we vampires know allot more about the human body then many doctors do

(LadyVittoria): I love garlic

(LunaCarmesi): same Wynne

(Masticina): yum garlic

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I love it but it hates me

(isabellerose): i love garlic!!!

(VanArtsdalen2): I like garlic in pizza... just not when it's all chunky.

(obayifo): for me right now i am knowen as the monster of my house

(Masticina): ..oooh

(isabellerose): it dont love me tho

(RoxxAnn): Doctors were giving me endless tests and medicines and I was getting sicker and sicker so fast. Thank you guys for being here. You helped wake me up.

* Sanguinarius points to SphynxCatVP as the Royal Physician

(KrevZabijak): It's because the aggravating compounds in garlic are water-soluble

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): bad reathe and smell blah

(LunaCarmesi): it is hard to determine in myself if this depression is literay a condition or the lack of feeding

* SphynxCatVP giggles

(RKCoon): and how does that come about, sangi?

(Masticina): mmm you make me hungry for pizza

(Adevarat): Hank it could be a personal allergy

(KrevZabijak): Lots of sulfuric compounds

(+Hank_Riker): It's sad, I used to love garlic, but I've grown very sensitive to it. As did my father.

(@SphynxCatVP): Yes, I am the official wielder of the nutritional cluebat :)

(lady_aliana274): what I am wondering is what is the difference between someone attacking you and whether you are having a panic attack? my stomach is always in knots.

(@Sanguinarius): I love garlic. I couldn't cook without it

(+Hank_Riker): Adevarat: I'm thinking it might be genetic.

(@Sanguinarius): what happens with you and garlick, Hank?

(LunaCarmesi): i try to stay away from doctors know, i find a chiropractor helps to balance me out

(LunaCarmesi): no meds go in and nothing comes out

(lady_aliana274): i have digestive problems enough as it is.

(LadyVittoria): doctors are for the most part fucking useless

(RoxxAnn): My throat does not close up from garlic. My allergies are not "true" allergies. They aren't IgE mediated. They're IgA, IgG, not type I but type III etc

(LunaCarmesi): indeed lady Vittoria

(KrevZabijak): A chiropractor completely wrecked my neck for six months

(vampraine): does anyone feel like they will lose control when they havent fed? i cant keep up so sorry if this is out of place

(@Sanguinarius): RoxxAnn, what are those abbreviations?

(LunaCarmesi): for some it is different

(KrevZabijak): They should never have been allowed to legally practice

(@Sanguinarius): Not all chiropractors are created equal

(Adevarat): no I never lose control as far as doing something bad.

(@Sanguinarius): hiya Wynne and Bapho

(KrevZabijak): All their methods are evil :P

(LunaCarmesi): i do vampraine, but through help and understanding of others i have learned to control it as much as i can

(LadyVittoria): I agree Snagi. some are good and others suck

(RoxxAnn): I need sulphur from animal proteins. Plant sulphuric compounds give me problems. I don't enumerate because there are too many. I wouldn't do it justice

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): they label everything too much

(LunaCarmesi): i can't deny that it does get the best of me though

(RoxxAnn): Chiropractors are cool

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I am not a damn label lol

(@Sanguinarius): some of 'em anyway

(@SphynxCatVP): KrevZabijak, I'll agree that there are crappy chiros out there, but mine should be nominated for sainthood, he actually knows what he's doing

(LadyVittoria): I agree Father JP

(VanArtsdalen2): I have had issues with smelling blood and getting a little (very) ansty, but I'm very in control of myself.

(lady_aliana274): im so out of it these days.... is a vampraine a vampire migraine?

(Wynne): i get violent angry sometimes but i isolate myself and vent it into a brick wall and im better

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): ok one label LOL

(Adevarat): when I feel like I cant take it anymore I withdraw for awhile but I wont go like "shithouse" on someone

(@Sanguinarius): I had a chiropractor in Lawrnce KS who should have been deified

(LunaCarmesi): i taste blood often out of nowhere, does that happen unexpectantly to others?

(Fooln): @raine I sometimes think I will, but rearely. And I know from experience tat I can control myself better than I think, at least where it really counts

(RoxxAnn): Immune gamaglobulin

(@Merticus): How many people here suffer from chronic back, joint, arthritis, or other related problems?

(LadyVittoria): I get that ocasionally Luna

(@SphynxCatVP): I've had that happen occasionally, but damned if I've been able to figure out why

(RoxxAnn): i didn't understand the doctors either at first

(Wynne): i do

(KrevZabijak): I don't.

(isabellerose): any advice for, when youve not fed in a long time and you walk past a donor center and go nuts????? WTF do you do???????/

(Adevarat): mouth gets metallic tasting like blood

(LunaCarmesi): exactly what i think as well Fooln

(LadyVittoria): Merticus---- chronic bursitus

(+Nitallica): Merticus: degenerative joint disease here

(Fooln): @luna It happened once or twice to me

(vampraine): @luna i dont have anyone near me for support

(Masticina): returns

(Malevolence): Merticus. You may beinterested in recent developments in my health.

(VanArtsdalen2): @Merticus I have knee issues and the occasional terrible back pain.

(+Nitallica): runs in my family though

(KrevZabijak): <-- fibro/connective tissue disorder

(LunaCarmesi): those of you that i have met through websites have helped me with answers and such

(Adevarat): Merticus: I have chronic neck issues but that is from being in bad vehicle accidents in the past

(LunaCarmesi): my fiance is a psi who has mostly helped and guided me to support

(RoxxAnn): Merticus, yes, those are all part of my medical conditions. started at age nine for me

(Masticina): from my father I did get ..long connecting tissue..

(Wynne): scoliosis and arthritus, no cartalige in my knees either

(RKCoon): mert - chronic pain-in-everyone-elses-dere-itis

(LunaCarmesi): he's the only "in person" person i know i can go to

(Masticina): you know what keeps the bones together

(Adevarat): but sometimes my joints ache for no reason. I went to a dr to see if I had arthritis and I dont

(RKCoon): *derrieire

(Fooln): @Merticus nope, never had that kind of problems.

(Masticina): so it is rather "movable"

(@Merticus): Feel free to share Mal - if you wish.

(isabellerose): none yet but in the family there are back issues

(KrevZabijak): So what's the current topic?

(Adevarat): and I have very slight scoliosis in my spine

(obayifo): i do too

(vampraine): its hard to know who to trust on the web ive met some real whack jobs

(isabellerose): hahaha

(@Sanguinarius): Current topic is 3.) For those who have gone a year or years (how long?), have these gotten worse or better over time?

(VanArtsdalen2): So I think the point of the matter is, though everyone has health issues. Vampires seem to have more, often more severe and more often then other people. By that I mean it seems most vampires have trouble while only SOME people have bad issues.

(Fooln): @adevarat almost everybody has a slight scoliosis :)

(Adevarat): really?

(@Merticus): Other curious question if I may... if you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia type 1, if Chronic Fatigue Syndrome type 2, and if both type 3.

(+hirudo): Merticus- I do, though it disappeared for nearly two weeks after my first feed. That was heavenly. It's hurting again now though.

(Malevolence): doctors have diagnosed my sarcoid disease as systemic. They expect my condition to be terminl within 10 to 15 years. some of the major symptoms of this disease will be total kidney failure, liver failure, and blindness. Then it will attack 'vital' organs, like my heart & brain.

(RoxxAnn): i eat raw chicken. have one in my kitchen to share dinner with cats after this discussion. they are cuddled up here waiting

(LunaCarmesi): to get to the point, my 2 years w/o feeding caused me to feel all these ailments in which i've already explained, but after i fed a week ago, i have felt alive, felt like i was worth something, to be blunt, i felt on top of the world

(Adevarat): I have not been diagnosed with either

(LadyVittoria): aren't you concerned about salminilla Roxanne?

(Fooln): yep, thats what a doctor told me. if it's not a big one, there's nothing to worry about

(@Sanguinarius): geez! :(

(isabellerose): eww roxxanne

(Wynne): that is rather gross haha

(@Sanguinarius): Have those ailments dissappeared after feeding?

(Masticina): troubling Malevolence

(@Merticus): (or not)

(@SphynxCatVP): yes

(LunaCarmesi): now, i was told i could go to a butcher shop for blood, but isn't there many concerns about disease there?

(@Sanguinarius): Greets Sanguinarius

(@SphynxCatVP): mine at least

(@Sanguinarius): 'ello 'ello Rath

(Masticina): has vampirism had any effect on it?

(LunaCarmesi): and for myself, that is not something i would prefer on doing

(+Nitallica): my mother is a microbiologist ... so I grew up hearing of the "evils" of eating undercooked or raw meats :P

(LadyVittoria): when I feed, my energy level goes up, I am happier in disposition and not in as much chronic pain.. not so much lethargy

(KrevZabijak): If you know your butcher, you would know if there are concerns are not. Being in south Louisiana, I know a good one for blood.

(@SphynxCatVP): Nitallica, you might want to look into grassfed beef

(@Merticus): Hate to hear that Mal :( Obtained additional opinions?

(Rath): never does taste like the exact same thing

(RoxxAnn): no, i'm not concerned with salmonella

(VanArtsdalen2): Often times I feel better after feeding but since I don't get to do it often the crash usually makes me feel worse then I did before I fed.

(obayifo): yes very much so, even to the point my doctor said what ever your doing keep doingit

(RoxxAnn): i was so sick, and raw omnivore animals feed me so well

(vampraine): how can you drink blood from a butcher?

(KrevZabijak): Easy, with a cup.

(@SphynxCatVP): bite him? *ba dum dum* just kidding...

(@SphynxCatVP): :)

(isabellerose): lol krev!

(RKCoon): baaaad

(@Sanguinarius): lol

(KrevZabijak): Beef blood.

(obayifo): lol

(Wynne): :P

(Malevolence): The three doctors who were caring for me in the hospital were all the heads of their respective departments. They are the final authority in this area.

(vampraine): isnt the blood too old?

(LadyVittoria): I had organic beef blood last night

(+hirudo): My doc said he thought I had chrondromalacia patella (sp?), aka, Runner's Knee, last time I saw him, hence the physio appointment (god bless the NHS). It's a pity I don't run though....

(LunaCarmesi): my issue is, since i do not know anyone around my area to ask to donate, i do not know how to come about opening myself up and asking

(@Merticus): :(

(LunaCarmesi): here, i mean

(isabellerose): threaded blood, say you want to make a black pudding

(Rath): hmmm at that point in time i would think that animal blood is only truely feeding a psychological need

(+Nitallica): SphynxCatVP: maybe ... I have no probs eating meat and using blood in my gravies, but I can't eat something raw right out of the package ...

(Rath): more then a physical need

(lady_aliana274): i feel you can be completely healthy and be a healthy vampire too

(KrevZabijak): No, since I've helped him repair his fences, he let me do the Masai technique of getting the blood right from the cow.

(@Falstaff): I would think drinking animal blood would have consequences.

(Rath): Falstaff it does

(+Nitallica): Sangi: good luck :)

(RoxxAnn): blood is best immediately, but depending how stored, still works for me a day or so later

(+Nitallica): ooooh

(+Hank_Riker): SphynxCatVP usually cooks the outside of the critter from the package... I like mine a bit more done than that.

(+Hank_Riker): Heh

(+Nitallica): wtf?

(+Nitallica): lol

(Malevolence): lady_aliana274, you may be for a while, but with my current condition, I think that eventually it will come bck to bite hard. I was very healthy without feeeding for about 17 years.

(isabellerose): it would falstaff if not from butcher

(@Sanguinarius): Oh, Lady CG has a good article on preserving/freezing blood. lemme find the url!

(LunaCarmesi): to be honest, i feel the action of drinking animal blood and being aware of it is sickening to me...i don't think i'd be able to stomach it

(LunaCarmesi): anyone feel the same?

(RoxxAnn): i might have been able to do blood pudding as a child, but i'm a different person now

(KrevZabijak): I'm sure we have some vegans here, no doubt

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I do not support killing animals unless you use all of them, dont waste, and do it humainly

(@SphynxCatVP): Here's LadyCG's article on blood storage:

(Adevarat): lol

(LunaCarmesi): lol

(LadyVittoria): lol

(@Isealdor): @LunaCarmesi like drawing blood from an animal specifically, or even n general, like eating undercooked/rare meat?

* RKCoon coughs

(vampraine): i cant drink blood thats been stored

(RoxxAnn): thank you sanguinarius (lady cg article preserving)

(lady_aliana274): what I meant really is when you feed regularly and are able to get what you need you can be healthy

(@Isealdor): in*

(Fooln): I read the red liquid from the meat is not just blood, most of it is muscle liquid... *looks for the English word*

(@Sanguinarius): Long Term Blood Storage for Sangs, by Lady CG -

(LunaCarmesi): more of like getting it straight from the butcher, it is not like me

(Masticina): yupz this weekend there is a party where I go out

(Masticina): I expect quite a few poepel to ocme

(LunaCarmesi): otherwise, i eat rare steak, usedto eat raw beef as a child

(Malevolence): food coloring & dye.

(Masticina): maybe I do have to look for a more steady donor though...mmm for in the between times and low months

(Wynne): im getting ungry now

(Rath): animal blood is not the same as human blood

(Masticina): because don get me wrong. This is the first big party in three monhts

(Rath): and feeding from it

(@SphynxCatVP): I eat my steaks very rare - but never raw

(@SphynxCatVP): though I've been very VERY tempted on occasion :)

(Sang-JIRC_newnickhere): anyone have advise on donor feedomg

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): Amen

(Rath): will only mostly feed a psychological need

(RKCoon): yes, we have a room of a dozen or more vamps talking about lack of feeding, and people wonder why they get hungry

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I need human blood

(Masticina): yes sang, keep it safe

(@Sanguinarius): (for latecomers, questions to discuss:

(@Sanguinarius): 1.) How long have you gone without feeding?

(@Sanguinarius): 2.) What changes, discomforts and ailments, increased/decreased sensitivities, abilities, etc. have you experienced since you have not been feeding?

(@Sanguinarius): 3.) For those who have gone a year or years (how long?), have these gotten worse or better over time?

(RKCoon): both

(Nitallica): argh ...

(LunaCarmesi): i completely feel the same, i find the effects of human blood is much more appeasing

(Nitallica): stupid clicky

(@SphynxCatVP): Oh definitely :)

(Masticina): I think as ..psi vampire being..that humans have already "pre digested" the energy

(isabellerose): <--- no change always ***ing awfil

(RoxxAnn): herbivore blood doesn't work as well for me

(Masticina): so it si more on our wavelength

(jyu_dragon): nite alls *hugs ise*

(vampraine): if blood is not absolutely fresh it makes me sick

(@Isealdor): g'night, jyu

(Adevarat): nite

* Isealdor hugs

(@Merticus): * Question: Those who eat raw meat or the blood from meat do you find it satifies or do you need to feed from human blood or direct live sources?

(Rath): well large amounts of blood will make anyone one sick

(vampraine): @masticina funny

(@Falstaff): Not even really just large amounts.

(LunaCarmesi): as far as a donor, the only one i have is my guy here at home
(psi). and even then he does not feed me often...isn't that a bad thing to feed from other vamps?

(RoxxAnn): 30 gets worse without feeding

(@Falstaff): You would think even a pint would be too much.

(Malevolence): I would be glad to test that, rath.

(Luciana): the prana is only fresh blood...

(RKCoon): mert - it needs to be live. raw steak etc is at best a soother

(isabellerose): <--- only stops the thirst temporarily, as its dead blood its no good for energy

(jyu_dragon): i eats raw meat and fish, but i only sang feed from live donors

(Wynne): a nice big rare steak gets me by for a lil while as mostly psi i dont need blood as often

(@Sanguinarius): the rare steak, gives a kind of warm and cozy feeling. it helps but it's not like drinking an amount of fresh straight blood

(Adevarat): it satifies me but more on a psycholocical level.

(@SphynxCatVP): Blood from meat has a shorter satiation factor - works for a few days, tops, depending on the quality (and I can get damn picky)

(Masticina): I mean I heard of vampires that feed of the sun

(Masticina): ..

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): no comment

(Adevarat): true satifaction comes from true feeding for me

(obayifo): human sorce

(VanArtsdalen2): The closest thing I get to raw is a rare/medium rare steak.

(@Falstaff): SphynxCatVP... why not just eat meat every few days then?

(@SphynxCatVP): good to get over a rough patch though :)

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): amen

(RKCoon): no comment here ither.

(@SphynxCatVP): cost, Falstaff :)

(@Sanguinarius): yeah, and it doesn't work as long

(@Falstaff): Makes sense.

(Rath): Mal. for most humans more then a tea spoon of blood would make you sick

(lady_aliana274): <---- prefers from my donor

(Fooln): @merticus it makes it more berable. though the liquid in the meat is just partly blood

(Rath): when you mix it

(Rath): its different

(KrevZabijak): Photosynthesis Vampire! :D

(@SphynxCatVP): LOL

(+hirudo): Sangi-Feeding again does improve your symptoms but it will take many feeds for me to get back to anything like I was all those years ago. The alleviation of symptoms is short-lived after only one or two feeds.

(Rath): a pint would would kill you

(RoxxAnn): My body knows when to stop feeding. I never overfeed on blood

(LunaCarmesi): i have had a few teaspoons at one point and did not get sick at all

* Nitallica has only one donor now ... the hubby ;)

* Sanguinarius wants more than a teaspoon ful...

(Rath): Merticus i've done some study into that area, and as I've stated it feels that mental need

(jyu_dragon): a 3lb of steak tartar is very nomnom

(Masticina): well normally plants feed on sunlight..actually on the processed aided by the sunlight. That goes into a herbivore, into a carnivore..into a human then into us

(@SphynxCatVP): Hirudo > does the alleviation get longer the more times you feed?

(KrevZabijak): If anyone wants good knowledge of meat and its contents, and how to purchase, I happily refer you to Alton Brown, of Good Eats fame.

(LadyVittoria): the organic beef blood was about four teaspoons and I was fine

(+hirudo): Currently I'm working on organising a bigger feed from a donor that can take that sort of thing.

(@SphynxCatVP): Alton Brown Rawks :)

* Nitallica prefers Adam from Man vs Food

(Nitallica): :)

(@Isealdor): @Merticus the raw meat/blood from meat for me is more of a hunger placater, more a temporary placebo of sorts

(RoxxAnn): the liquid in meat, if i'm not incorrect, is interstitial fluid, not truely blood

(@Falstaff): Damned shame it clots so quickly. Prevents any sort of bathing or fountains.

(LunaCarmesi): i feel at this point, i would be satisfied and able to deal with psychological/phsical ailments if i were to only feed once a month

* Sanguinarius seriously needs to network down here and find donors and vamp-friendly people (and dare I hope, other vampires)

(isabellerose): if people knew what i did one night id be accused of being a wannabe lol

(LunaCarmesi): at least

(Rath): thank you ise, i was saying that. they tend to listen more to you

(isabellerose): ohh the memory

* SphynxCatVP thinks blood fountains are a waste, considering how hard it is to GET in the first place :P

(KrevZabijak): You can't compare Adam and Alton. It's like trying to compare the LHC to a microwave.

(+Hank_Riker): We have found that when I feed SphynxCatVP, it can last for many days, and has side effect benefits that are hard to deny.

(+hirudo): Merticus- It must be human and fresh, usually with direct contact with the donor.

(KrevZabijak): Hey, put enough EDTA in, you got yourself a blood fountain.

* Sanguinarius thinks of a blood fountain as an extravagant luxury

(@Isealdor): @Merticus It's not particularly effective personally as far as truly feeding :)

(vampraine): ok will there be somewhere to get a transcript of this when its over because i am soooo lost

* jyu_dragon drops skittles in lhc :)

(@Falstaff): Holy Roman Empire had no heir apparents, silly.

(LunaCarmesi): indeed, it takes a moment to to catch up on the reading

(Adevarat): lol

(Nitallica): Sanguinarius: unless it's like a soda fountain! ;)

(isabellerose): wow i love fountains anyway let alone THAT image! lol

* Sanguinarius salivates on SphynxCatVP's foot

(RoxxAnn): anyone else try raw milk baths? I've never gotten enough blood to bath in it

* Nitallica hates milk

(Adevarat): I hate milk

(Nitallica): tastes funny

(@Sanguinarius): try 1%

(RKCoon): ive bathed in my own blood but it wasnt exactly by choice

(Nitallica): gimme tea :)

(LadyVittoria): ewwww.. only likes cream in coffee

(Nitallica): sweet tea

(VanArtsdalen2): I love milk. Only skim or chocolate soy milk.

(Nitallica): sugar sugar SUGAR

(Nitallica): :)

(@Sanguinarius): how so, RK?

(LunaCarmesi): milk does abody good :)

(Fooln): no *g* but milk works a bit as a substitute for me

(RKCoon): ive had a rough childhood

(lady_aliana274): @nitallica you rock!!!

(RoxxAnn): i never liked milk, but i get raw grassfed now

(@Merticus): Anyone here used milk as a temporary blood substitute?

(+hirudo): Need a ciggie break. Hips hurting from sitting down so long *grump*

(@Falstaff): Hmm.

(Nitallica): :D

(@Sanguinarius): sometimes

(@Sanguinarius): yogurt

(Adevarat): no..I am lactose intolerant. I have to drink rice milk

(Rath): RK your in the marines correct or army... one of the two?

* Nitallica hates yogurt too

(lady_aliana274): aint nothing like some goodold fashion sounthernstyle swwet tea.... hell yeah

(Nitallica): and cream cheese

(RoxxAnn): unheated honey in bath too

(@Sanguinarius): I use yogurt a lot.....

(LunaCarmesi): how is it that milk can help as a sub again?

(lady_aliana274): sweet**

(VanArtsdalen2): Strangely I go through my chocolate soy milk phases and those are the times my hunger is the least... Strange right?

(Rath): milk makes you seem full

(@Sanguinarius): and chocolate syrup

(@SphynxCatVP): milk has protein

(Fooln): @mert *points upwards* :)

(LunaCarmesi): ah, ok

(@Merticus): Some theorize hormones and trace amounts of blood in milk, etc.

(RoxxAnn): raw milk will do me for a few days or a week

(Rath): I can see it having once again a psychological impact

(LunaCarmesi): i have never noticed that or known of it to say the least

(Wynne): raw milk?

(diss): milk is a bodily fluid, and might be rich in energy

(KrevZabijak): Trace amounts are exactly that- TRACE amounts.

(RKCoon): neither. ive simply had episodes where i leaked so much of my own i was coated in it

(@Isealdor): @Merticus milk as a true substitute, no...use to placate/use as a placebo for temporary craving suppression, yes

(@Falstaff): That would be interesting.

(Nitallica): RKCoon: :(

* RKCoon ponderrs how people figure i was in any form of army

(Masticina): doesn milk at times ocntains living things?

(Rath): Ise, again. I said that

(@SphynxCatVP): Merticus- Tried milk as a substitute, didn't really work... just filled the stomach

(Masticina): erm yoghurt right?

(LunaCarmesi): note to more milk

(LunaCarmesi): lol


(RoxxAnn): vegan milks do not nourish me really. I need animal. It's very different

(Masticina): yum

(@Sanguinarius): acidophilus milk contains live enzymes, doesn't it?

(Nitallica): chocolate is good

(@Isealdor): @Rath was answering from my perspective, too :)

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): chocolate milk works some

(RKCoon): i find it helps me a lot lol

(Nitallica): esp dark chocolate

(Masticina): good you understand that ROxx

(Rath): you say it better

(Masticina): sorry but vegans at times.. can move away from me

(@SphynxCatVP): Sangi > Acidophilous milk should, but I haven't seen it myself (Ooooo...)

(@Isealdor): lol thanks, Rath

* Rath jumps on ise, and stuffs an apple in his throat, and goes shh

(Masticina): I own rats, they require animal protein and I will feed it to them

(@Isealdor): ack!!

(Nitallica): acido-what?

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): vegans dont drink milk

(RoxxAnn): milk can contain microorganisms, active enzymes of course too

(@Falstaff): Vegans are goofy.

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): lol

(Adevarat): lol

(Nitallica): save a plant ... BBQ a vegan :)

(LunaCarmesi): lol

(@SphynxCatVP): Nitallica > Microorganisms often found in yogurt to help the stomach

(RoxxAnn): bioactive nutrients vitamins minerals in milk, raw

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I need my cheses and milk

(Masticina): spoken about pets..who has pets here?

(Fooln): what fat content has the milk you tried as a sub? i found that low fat milk doesn't work as well. i drink milk with 3,5% or 3,8% fat

(sp00ky): I still say we kill all the furries and forcefeed them to the vegans.

(yo_babe): lol

(KrevZabijak): <3 Nitallica

(Adevarat): I have 7 pets

(@Falstaff): I'm with you, sp00ky.

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): and yogurt

(sp00ky): Who's with me?

(+Hank_Riker): Considering how milk is processed in the US, it's hard to imagine it having any beneficial energy or essence left over...

(LunaCarmesi): i have 2 cats

(RKCoon): LOL @ Nitallica

(@SphynxCatVP): I drink "whole milk", so whatever the fat content is there?

(VanArtsdalen2): 3 cats 4 dogs.

(Rath): I drink skin milk

(RoxxAnn): chocolate is an antedote to pasteurized milk, cooked wheat, cooked soy

(@SphynxCatVP): and I get organic milk only, not bargain brand :)

(LunaCarmesi): good point Hank

(KrevZabijak): How about we bleed you for all the sangs, sp00ky?

* Sanguinarius swats sp00ky on his butt with Erelin's List

(@Falstaff): Skin milk?!

(Rath): and i eat amazingly healthy

(Adevarat): 2 cats,2 dogs, 3 horses

(Rath): skim*

(Fooln): @sphynx i don't know how it is in the US :)

(sp00ky): KrevZabijak, good luck with that.

(Rath): my bad

(RKCoon): uuhhhh...

(RKCoon): sangi?

(@Sanguinarius): hmmm?

(RoxxAnn): your funny nitillica

(RKCoon): last i knew, spooky was female?

(@Sanguinarius): her

(@Sanguinarius): oops

(sp00ky): lol

(RKCoon): LOL

(sp00ky): Im female?

(@Sanguinarius): him?

(KrevZabijak): Act like a dick, get called male :)

(RoxxAnn): homemade yogurt from grassfed raw

(RKCoon): last I saW

(Nitallica): my plumbing is fine, fyvm

* Sanguinarius tries to get back on track

(@Falstaff): Sometimes he's the woman, sometimes I'm the woman, it is hot.

(Nitallica): ;)

(Masticina): oooh I got 2 rats :) lady rats they retty much own me

*** sp00ky is now known as memm

(@SphynxCatVP): Fooln > Most milk in the US has been contaminated with bovine growth hormone, rBGH, and to me, it makes the milk taste funny. I started getting organic only when the regular tasted like liquid cardboard, and never looked back

(memm): Im deffintly not a female ;)

(RKCoon): i do like that yes falstaff

(Nitallica): memm: are you sure? ;)

(Masticina): so how we find our pets react on us.. as vampire

(@Sanguinarius): oh ok

* memm laughs

(Masticina): andmore important other animals that don'tknow us

* RKCoon cocks yead sideways at spooky "Merf?"

* Nitallica has always had "a way" with animals

(LadyVittoria): how long is this chat for Sangi?

(LunaCarmesi): i am bonded very closely to my cat

(@SphynxCatVP): I seem to have a good rapport with most cats

(Adevarat): actually, animals are drawn to me. I have always had a "way" with them

(@SphynxCatVP): not so keen on dogs

(Nitallica): never met a dog, cat, bird, ferret, goat, ... that didn't love me

(@Sanguinarius): my cats don't seem to have a problem, but then, I'm basically all they've known

(RoxxAnn): I quick drinking commerical milk at age 5

(LunaCarmesi): he senses and knows when i am distressed and i the same to him

(RKCoon): animals either love me or hate me. much like humans\

(VanArtsdalen2): I'm very good with animals as well.

(PapaSnorgle): Uhm offtopic warning????

(memm): ku

(@Falstaff): Hello Cushion

(PapaSnorgle): Anyone?

(memm): ;)

(Adevarat): hello irony

(LunaCarmesi): he is quite sick now as it is and i feel it

(RoxxAnn): My family still used it, but I couldn't

(@Merticus): * Question: Any sang vamps here start out as psi? Or any current psi's found that feeding sang satifies their need to feed greater than any psi method they've tried?

(KrevZabijak): Animals often react to me like I'm a human. Which is to be expected, since I am.

(@Sanguinarius): LadyVittoria, til we run out? I'd figured on maybe hour, hour and a half-ish

(@Falstaff): That makes psi sound like a gateway drug.

* Nitallica thought she would die when her cat passed away 2 yrs ago :(

(Father_JP_ChrstVampyre): I have to go eat see you all later

(LadyVittoria): ty Sangi

(@SphynxCatVP): ROFL

(Nitallica): she was 20 yrs old

(RKCoon): my introduction to it was psi yes, but that question was answered for me long b efore i fed

(@Sanguinarius): gateway feeding! *evil laugh*

(RoxxAnn): All animals love me so far

* RKCoon pokes sangi

(Adevarat): Im a hybrid. I mostly psi feed out of availibility but nothing satisfies as well as sang feeding

(VanArtsdalen2): Nope but i always identified as sang until I realized (after not feeding for a while) I also have some psi ability.

(@Falstaff): So far.

(RoxxAnn): Not necessarily all humans, but enough

(@Falstaff): Until you run into a shark or pissed off bear.

* memm laughs

(Fooln): @sphynxcat oh, ew. the milk is drnk is just pasteurized... i think they didn't do much more with it. even homogenized milk tastes awful and doesn't work anymore.

(@Isealdor): @Merticus I classify with the current popular term for feeding multiple ways, "hybrid", but blood feeding is usually the most effective feeding method for me

(LunaCarmesi): i find as a sang who does not get blood often, i find it no choice but to learn to meditate and focus on getting the energy i need

(RKCoon): id have to say almost all sangs have psi capability

(memm): She's going to be on one of those "When animals attack" shows.

(LunaCarmesi): but it is hard to me to do so since it is hard for me to relax and focus fully

(@Falstaff): All psis do not have sang capabilities though?

(+Hank_Riker): I also have always had a bond with animals.

* Nitallica has to watch herself or she turns into an emotional sponge ... picking up the emotions of those around her

(KrevZabijak): @RK: I have zero capability, even being 'force-fed' by various psi-vamps does nothing. Reiki, nothing. Healing energy, nothing.

(LadyVittoria): I started out psi.. went sang.. and now hybrid

(@SphynxCatVP): Fooln > I don't drink milk as a substitute, I just happen to like milk and have the genetics to not get ill from it :)

(Adevarat): not all sangs can feed psi

(Nitallica): around my mother I would go from 0 to Bitch in .03 seconds ;)

(RoxxAnn): Falstaff, true, pissed off shark or bear would probably love no human like entity

(@Sanguinarius): eeee, sounds familiar

(VanArtsdalen2): I'm no good though. I feed mainly off blood but I cannot control my empathic feeding. I don't realize when I'm doing it and can't control it. i'm much better as a sang ;)

(RKCoon): Krev - how did you come to that conclusion?

(LunaCarmesi): i am not aware of the actual feeling i'm supposed to get from psi feeding...which frustrates me and makes me hurt more

(LunaCarmesi): if that makes sense

(RKCoon): tag me pm if youd rather speak it there

(lady_aliana274): <--- not a psy have problems feeding that way.

(KrevZabijak): Years and years of trials.

(Masticina): I found most animals like me

(RoxxAnn): Reiki has helped me some, years ago. Not sure about now

(Masticina): then again I am a slow person ;) I don make sudden movements

(+Hank_Riker): Merticus - I consider myself a "dual fueler" as both psi and blood. And psi feeding is how I've made it 6+ months sans blood.

(@Falstaff): I've always found psi-feeding to be nothing more than bullying, in my experience.

(RoxxAnn): I think it helped

(lady_aliana274): reiki can help others when you practice.not really good 4 vamps

(@Sanguinarius): how so?

* ancient_arcane kitty pounces the channel! rawr

(lady_aliana274): not so much to eat reiki

(RKCoon): cute kitty

(RKCoon): :p

(Nitallica): Hank_Riker: so you go both ways? ;)

(Masticina): reiki isn about..well it differnet

(Adevarat): I think that depends on HOW one psi feeds

(ancient_arcane): ^_^

(@SphynxCatVP): yes :)

(@SphynxCatVP): LOL

(Parasina): As a Sang I find that I am supplementing myself with psi but it never does the job really. It just staves off the inevitable need for blood for a short while. Still, though the psi keeps me from deteriorating, I still go through the uncomfortable side effects of needing sang feeding

(Masticina): I think a vampire yes can gain learning about rieki

(RKCoon): in more ways than one 0:-)

(Fooln): @merticus I tried psi feeding during my awakening because I was too young to have a donor. It worked somewhat, but not too well and it didn't work over distance, had to touch the people.

(Nitallica): hehehe

(Masticina): BUT it is not ..the same like feeding

(+Hank_Riker): Nitallica - Indeed I do!

(LunaCarmesi): my question is, since i can feel emotions, and i do have a natural ability to "heal" those around me in distress, is that a form of psi feeding or just being an empathetic person?

(RoxxAnn): Me too. I move gracefully

(Parasina): sounds like empathy.

(KrevZabijak): I thought it was a human ability to know the emotions of others? Lacking that is a social deficit..

(Masticina): ;) good to hear Roxx. move with the flow and things work

(lady_aliana274): i love reiki.. but i love to help others with it more.

(@Sanguinarius): KrevZabijak, knowing and actuallyexperiencing are two different things

(@Sanguinarius): experiencing = empathy

(Nitallica): I see it as empathetic. When my husband I first started dating, his daughter latched on to me like no one else in her life ... I always thought it was because her mother is a nutty bitch. *shrug*

(LunaCarmesi): i have a reiki book and have had reiki done to me, and i have felt somewhat different afterwards but could never put 2 and 2 together

(Adevarat): I use reiki...when my man needs something worked on. but not for anything else

(lady_aliana274): you can use it to heal others across the world. if you focus hard enough.. its really beautiful to help poeple.

(KrevZabijak): That's always confused me. Then again, I'm a scientist and really don't belong in this xD

(RKCoon): im not sold - having not seen it personally - on the notion of reiki in and of itself, but i am aware of energy workings etc

(lady_aliana274): people*

(RoxxAnn): LunaCarmesi, I've had that too. Feeling everyone's emotions around me. People say me being around helped them heal

(LunaCarmesi): i see about the empathy, i kind of figured that was just it but was still questionable about it

(RKCoon): what kind of scientist, Krev?

(KrevZabijak): Forensic.

(lady_aliana274): chi is endless really

(PapaSnorgle): So uhm, I have a question: Is it just my impression or is the majority of Sangs female?

(RKCoon): cool

(Masticina): I once had a reiki master try to help out..over a video..

(@Sanguinarius): Howdy AzurePheonix

(+Hank_Riker): I mainly psi feed from the environment and lay lines. I try to avoid psi feeding from people.

(Masticina): it just .well the idea was energy was put in the video

(LunaCarmesi): as far as being around large groups, the ambience of it all, i do feel more onfident, full of life

(RKCoon): Papa - well....

(@Sanguinarius): 'ello Seph

(yo_babe): >KrevZabijak: blood spatter expert?

(yo_babe): lol

(RKCoon): LOL

(Seph): Hullo

(VanArtsdalen2): Papa. I don't know about the majority but I'm a woman and a Sang, woo xD

(Nitallica): coooool

(Parasina): PapaSnorgie: I find the numbers to be fairly balanced though the females are more willing to talk about it

(Masticina): for vampires to feed form, ever had a "light meal" ..low fat low everything

(RoxxAnn): I don't consciously try to move so gracefully, but I've seen myself caught on film, and I do. Could be why animals feel comfortable with me, even if they've been comfortable with no other human

(lady_aliana274): what is really wild is that I have noticed there are a lot of female sangs in their 30's

(isabellerose): <--- has lost topic totaly lol

* ancient_arcane ..did this discussion already start? I thought it was 9pm eastern..

(Malevolence): I regret that I cannot stay longer. I will request a transcropt from you later, Sanguinarius.

(Nitallica): the one thing that I'm not is graceful :P

(lady_aliana274): some overweight some fit..

(RKCoon): how many males ARE there here anyway?

(@Sanguinarius): I'll post one around and on my site

(+Hank_Riker): PapaSnorgle - Well, I'm male.

* Isealdor waves at RK

(PapaSnorgle): Me but me no vamp...

(diss): ancient, it was 7pm eastern

(ancient_arcane): drat

(RKCoon): hewwooo *waves back

(@SphynxCatVP): I do move much better after feeding, but that could also be due to the lack of pain...

(isabellerose): lol its shear luck im here

* Nitallica stumbled in here and forgot all about the time ... was just excited ppl were talking! :)

(@Isealdor): good number of males

(lady_aliana274): males are beautiful creatures...

(lady_aliana274): hee hee

(Masticina): ish a almost 30 psi male :(

(LunaCarmesi): pain, yes it goes away after feeding but on a more psychological matter, i feel more motivated and eager to do things

(RKCoon): .....depends on the male

(+Hank_Riker): SphynxCatVP does lots of things better after feeding. Heh heh heh.

* Sanguinarius smiles. some of 'em are

(lady_aliana274): lol

(@SphynxCatVP): oh yessssss :)

* SphynxCatVP snickers

(PapaSnorgle): not me...@lady alina

(+hirudo): I'm in my thirties and female.

(RoxxAnn): yes, feeding makes my joints properly flexible

(RKCoon): 28/usually male/vamp/raccoon (for those that dont know me)

(LunaCarmesi): on my way to 30...28 here

(Parasina): I am in my 40's and female

* Sanguinarius is in her late 30s and is female

(VanArtsdalen2): I'm slightly younger then thirty :)

(@Irony): Oh wow, hirudo, that nick is a blast from the past.

(@Isealdor): "usually male"?

(isabellerose): gonna have to leave,

(Adevarat): 37 female here

(isabellerose): sorry

(lady_aliana274): <---- 37 and female

(@Irony): Take care isabellerose

(@Sanguinarius): RK, you're only 28?

(Nitallica): 34, female

(Parasina): I have 2 male sangs in my family

(lady_aliana274): cooool

(vampraine): im sorry everyone ihave to go trying to keep up is making me sick

(isabellerose): cant talk vamp much more :(

(+hirudo): *grins*

(RKCoon): i am continually amazed when vamps say that to me, sangi, yes\

(@Sanguinarius): be well, vampraine

(isabellerose): byeeee

(+Hank_Riker): 40, male. But neither SphynxCatVP nor I look our age.

(VanArtsdalen2): and by slightly younger
(Please don't treat me differently because of my age) I mean I'm 18.

(@Sanguinarius): thanks for stopping by

(Wynne): <---is also feeling sick watching the txt scroll wildly

(Parasina): I don't either, Hank

(Masticina): hehe age is mere a number after a while

(RoxxAnn): forties female

* reluctantmagician feels perfectly fine

(LunaCarmesi): so what is the longest many of you HAVE gone without feeding?

* Sanguinarius will post a transcript in a few days after she's had time to edit out extraneous chatter

(VanArtsdalen2): 18 months.

(RKCoon): 27 months at most, Luna, im at 24 currently\

(Parasina): 8 months.

(RoxxAnn): computer screens can make me sick too

(@SphynxCatVP): several months at least, Luna

(@Sanguinarius): I don't think I can count that night

(Wynne): 6 months but haven't been awake for many years

(@SphynxCatVP): lost track for a while

(KrevZabijak): I want to know the longest someone has kept up a regular feeding schedule, that's more personally interesting to me.

(RKCoon): first time that long i went almost totally psycho. this time im , shall we say, in a better position to handle it

(+hirudo): Irony- I've been lurking on the VCMB for the last year or two.

(Fooln): ~6 months but I also tend to lose track.

(diss): Krev, i know a sang who says they fed weekly for 5 years

(RKCoon): and i DAREE anyone to comment on that :p

(@Sanguinarius): wow, lucky dawg...

(KrevZabijak): Lucky sonova.

(LunaCarmesi): definitely lucky

(RoxxAnn): I look younger than my age too. That's what I'm told all the time. Plus my hair is still naturally dark, most my age are not from what i've seen

(@Sanguinarius): oh god....

(@Isealdor): brb

(@Sanguinarius): sorry about that, epeeps

(Parasina): I have been feeding 2x a week for most of my adult life until 2 years ago when it was made much more difficult to obtain

(LunaCarmesi): people always mistake me for 18-19 y/'s such a compliment, lol

(RoxxAnn): i start getting grays when I don't feed. Get dark again when I feed

(+hirudo): People keep thinking I'm 25

(@Irony): I never could feel at home on the VCMB, I have just lurked here forever and a bit.

(KrevZabijak): My mother is 61 and looks 35, I've inherited the 'young' genes as well apparently.

(Adevarat): thats bizzare

(+Hank_Riker): LunaCarmesi - More than 6 months now for me.

(Adevarat): never heard of hair changing color due to feding or not

(LunaCarmesi): i found after 2 years of feeding, i fed twice since then and things have gotten a bit more clearer for me in all aspets

(RKCoon): krev - did you not say you were not vamp?

(lady_aliana274): you as young as you feel or so they say... lol

(lady_aliana274): your*

(@Sanguinarius): who all has the young gene?

(KrevZabijak): I'm a sang, I don't know how you'd get any other impression.

* Nitallica is told all the time that she looks in her 20s ... and considering my hubby will be 40 this year, finds that really funny

(@Irony): Define the young gene?

(RKCoon): musta misread, my bad

(@SphynxCatVP): KrevZabijak, probably from you saying you're a scientist :)

(VanArtsdalen2): Sigh, I look my age. We'll see if that changes in years

(Adevarat): I look around 25...fixing to be 38

(RKCoon): well that too sphynxz

(@Sanguinarius): wehre you look a lot ytounger than your actual age

(RoxxAnn): people think i'm anywhere from 16-37, depending on the day

(KrevZabijak): Heheheh ohhhhh.

(Wynne): thats a big range

(Parasina): During that 8 months though I was very ill from not feeding. Some of the damage was permanent, so "going on the wagon" is not an option for me

(Fooln): I'll have to get older to see if I have the young gene. I'm 18 now ;)

* Nitallica gets mad if she's not carded for booze :)

(KrevZabijak): logic /= vampiric. scary.

(@Irony): I get carded, but I put that down to shunning the light and having a pretty good diet

(RoxxAnn): hair changes takes over a month

(PapaSnorgle): Well I'm 28 and kinda look like 40...

(@Irony): Sun really does age a person.

(@SphynxCatVP): KrevZabijak, ROFL

(@Sanguinarius): Do people ask to speak to your parents on the telephone when you answer?

(Masticina): oh well I am going to sleep well

(Fooln): *"young gene"

(Adevarat): only time my hair changes is when my favorite black dye is on sale lol

(Masticina): I hope you all have a good nhight :)

(RKCoon): well im a third year apprentice mechanic Krev, beleive me, sometimes logic clashes with, shall we say, other things

(@Irony): Night Masticina

(Adevarat): night

(@Sanguinarius): my mom's definitely go the young gene

(Parasina): I am in my 40's and have been thought to be in my mid-20's

(RoxxAnn): my parents looked somewhat younger than their ages

(Nitallica): Sanguinarius: a kid asked to speak to my mother a few weeks back. I told him "I AM the mother!"

(lady_aliana274): yea. I think age is but a number to.. as long as you r good to others . others will b good to you..

(+Hank_Riker): My father didn't look his age, well into his late 70's. But I think it's not uncommon in my family.

(@SphynxCatVP): once I drop some weight I might get carded more often

(@Sanguinarius): hehe

(@SphynxCatVP): right now I only get carded if I'm buying the hard stuff :(

(LunaCarmesi): i am the only one in my family who is the healthiest, has the young gene, and such

(RKCoon): i get asked my gender more often than my age. *SNRK*

(@Sanguinarius): haa

(RoxxAnn): one of my grandmothers looked younger i think, but she didn't have proper documentation to prove her age

(@SphynxCatVP): LOL

* Nitallica only buys the hard stuff

(@Irony): I got carded for tobacco in your strange ass backwards country!

(Carfax): ill go off.....@fooln du kommst zurecht, denke ich :)

* Irony sulks

(Nitallica): Irony: you've been to Alabama? ;)

(Fooln): @carfax byebye :) ja, klar :)

* Sanguinarius apologises for her strangeass backwards country

(@SphynxCatVP): Irony, some places have policies of "carding everyone regardless of age"

(lady_aliana274): its a nice compliment to get carded.... hee hee

(Adevarat): lol Im in Alabama

(@SphynxCatVP): takes all the fun out of it :)

(Nitallica): me too :)

(RoxxAnn): people think i'm younger than my son

(@Irony): Not yet, that one was in North Dakota I think

(Nitallica): Birmingham to be exact

(LunaCarmesi): here in NY, you have to look 40 or younger to be carded

(@Irony): I got carded in New Orleans too though

(lady_aliana274): 40 is the new 20

(Nitallica): Hooray for BamaVamps! ;)

(lady_aliana274): hee hee

(Adevarat): lol

(KrevZabijak): Oh, Irony- everyone has to get carded here yeah

(LunaCarmesi): people look at me and see my 7 y/o daughter and think i'm her sister/aunt or such

(@Sanguinarius): Does anyone have any further input they'd like to share?

(+hirudo): Never been asked to prove my age for cigs or booze I think.

(Adevarat): welcome

(@Sanguinarius): Greetings Hybridragon

(@Irony): Hello Hybridragon

(RoxxAnn): i couldn't feed (blood) in alabama

* yo_babe will be 29 next month, but keeps being told she looks 21 :D

(Fooln): I don't get the hair color thing. But besides that, no *g*

(@Sanguinarius): for latecomers:

(LunaCarmesi): i have a question regarding anyone who has kids

(@Sanguinarius): 1.) How long have you gone without feeding?

(@Sanguinarius): 2.) What changes, discomforts and ailments, increased/decreased sensitivities, abilities, etc. have you experienced since you have not been feeding?

(@Sanguinarius): 3.) For those who have gone a year or years (how long?), have these gotten worse or better over time?

(@Sanguinarius): 4.) Other considerations or topics you'd like to discuss?

(RKCoon): youd get lynched, Roxxann?

(RoxxAnn): got good raw milk and psi feeding there

(lady_aliana274): I have a ?

(RKCoon): shoot lady aliana

(Hybridragon): hello

(@Irony): Liam <3

(Adevarat): does anyone else feel really lonely at times. I mean there is a good online community but as far as real life friends who understand......

(@Sanguinarius): 'ello 'ello Liam-K

(LunaCarmesi): through not feeding and having a quick temper, ailments, your children sense that?

(Nitallica): RKCoon: let's just say that "alternative" lifestyles aren't tolerated in all areas down here

(RoxxAnn): when my son was younger they thought i was his baby sitter

(RKCoon): very much so, adevarat

(Liam-K): hoo, 43 people? that's... unheard of in recent years

(RoxxAnn): voicewise they thought he was my father

(LunaCarmesi): Adevarat, i feel nothing but lonliness many times

(Liam-K): <3 poppy. Did you see my messages on Skype?

(RKCoon): that doesnt surprise me, Nitallica

(Liam-K): hi Sanguinarius

(LadyVittoria): got to go.. I bid you all farewell and darkest blessings.. take care...

(RKCoon): my first ex was from georgia

(Adevarat): the lonliness is what drives me nuts

(lady_aliana274): what do you all feel about vamps in our community who tell others they are not vampiric??

(@Sanguinarius): be well, and thanks for stopping by

(LunaCarmesi): even close friends do not understand my life as i live it which is why i come here

(Fooln): @adevarat I have some rl vamp friends, but they don't live near me. we meet as often as possible.

(RoxxAnn): no one IRL fully understands

(@Irony): Liam: Not yet, I can look, I only got up a couple of hours ago.

(Liam-K): ok. Sent a couple of torrent files for music related to last night's sharing

(@Sanguinarius): I think they have no real way of knowing one way or the other

(lady_aliana274): should one blatenly tell someone they are not vampiric????

(RKCoon): LOL, if you want my oppinion on vamps online, lady aaliana, youll have to tag me on an IM\

(RoxxAnn): Bye Lady Vittoria

(@Sanguinarius): and that whether they tell someone he/she IS or ISN"T, they could be wrong

(+Hank_Riker): Adevarat - Yes, I've felt that on occasion. I'm incredibly thankful to have SphynxCatVP... She keeps me sane...r.

(@SphynxCatVP): HEHEHE :)

(@SphynxCatVP): *twitches and drools a bit in the corner8

(lady_aliana274): I dunno i just tend to believe that is up to the indiviual tof igure out for themselves..

(lady_aliana274): ya know

(LunaCarmesi): it took me a long while to openly admit that i am a vamp

(RoxxAnn): Why would one vamp say to another vamp that they are not?

(@SphynxCatVP): politics :P

(LunaCarmesi): and even now i do not discuss that to just anyone

(RKCoon): depends on a lot of thingsw

(Adevarat): back in the 90s there was a good community here in birmingham. people have moved and such and I feel the lonliness so acutely at times

(@Sanguinarius): sometimes, it seems obvious to me that an individual is (or is not) vampiric, but I still hesitate to tell one way or the other

(RKCoon): personally, i know of a few on the communities that make many claims but come up seriosuly short

(+hirudo): Adevarat- Yes. I have not come across any other true vamps in London for quite a few years. There are people here claiming to be vamps, plus there are several vampire interest groups here (lifestylers) but no real sangs.

(Adevarat): plus Im a all I have is online interaction when not with my man

(Nitallica): yeah :(

(Nitallica): I feel ya there!

(VanArtsdalen2): If someone online tells you're they're a vampire but their story changes often and they use stereotypes, do you call them out?

(@Sanguinarius): I would

(LunaCarmesi): I know the feeling Adevarat

(RKCoon): i do

(Adevarat): I do

(RKCoon): regularly. ;)

(@SphynxCatVP): I have

(lady_aliana274): I just feel for the newly awakend you know... it is hard enough to be this way.

(LunaCarmesi): i have riddled some online who have claimed to be vamps

(RKCoon): sangi and others here are well aware of my online.... escapades. XDD

(@SphynxCatVP): heh :)

(Adevarat): I am nice to lifestylers but I dont humor them...does that make sense

(@Sanguinarius): hehe

(Nitallica): got logs? LOL

(LunaCarmesi): a simple question i ask them...are they sang, psi, etc?

(VanArtsdalen2): I have a crappy freewebs site for teenage vampires and I get many claims. Those kids get MEAN when you call out the little Edwards.

(RKCoon): LOL oh ya

(LunaCarmesi): when they answer "huh?" i don't know what you mean...that is one way to find out

(Adevarat): lol

(@Sanguinarius): what's the url, VanArtsdalen2?

(Parasina): During my 8 months of no feeding my vision worsened (this was permanent) suddenly, I sustained a substantial hearing loss (also permanent), was hospitalized for undiagnosed eurhythmia, hormones went nuts and it was eventually blamed on a pituitary tumor that was never found, again no causes found, just wonky blood work. My spine deteriorated and narrowed. I was in constant joint pain, had migraines, irritable bowel and recurring

(Parasina): , irritable bowel and recurring pneumonia and bronchitis. I didn't associate this with the lack of feeding for some time. However, my cravings were off the charts so I resumed feeding and much of it went away

(Parasina): pneumonia and bronchitis.

(@Irony): No one wants their illusions shattered.

(RKCoon): and some of the old ones too

(Nitallica): lol Little Edwards

(@SphynxCatVP): heaven forbid you pop their fantasy bubble *eyeroll*

(KrevZabijak): If someone is deluded enough to pose as someone who has the real 'need', I wouldn't bother because if they're hell-bent on appearing like that, it's a waste of energy to even mess with them

(Adevarat): usually they out themselves by talking of "turning"

* RKCoon pets sangi

(RoxxAnn): arrythmia you mean

(@SphynxCatVP): probably

(RoxxAnn): eurhythmia is a dance

(Fooln): I tend to ignore people who aren't.. interesting. Also, people who are lying on the internet won't stop that because of me calling them out. But if they are perticularly annoying I would, I think..

(@SphynxCatVP): she spelled it how it's pronounced

(Parasina): correct. I didn't spell check. Was typing too fast to do that

(LunaCarmesi): Go Team Edward.. bleh...ugh!

(@Sanguinarius): Parasina, did that all improve once you were able to feed again?

(Parasina): most of it did, however the loss of vision, hearing and spinal problems remained but no longer progressed

(RKCoon): krev, would ya mind if i PMed you>

(KrevZabijak): Go ahead.

(@Sanguinarius): ya beat me to it, lol

(KrevZabijak): If feeding repaired the spine, that would be totally awesome.

(KrevZabijak): Damn.

(RoxxAnn): i am not saying she's lying, just want people to understand as written.

(Parasina): I wish

(lady_aliana274): I sought out elders in the ovc back in 1995 and it always fell on deaf ears. i hate the fact that there might be newly awakened trying to find themselves that would be taken advantage of...

(@Sanguinarius): be well, Nitallica

(RKCoon): hava goodnight nitallica\

(@Sanguinarius): fangs for stoppingby!

(Nitallica): lol, you're velcome ;)

* Sanguinarius chuckles and ducks

* RKCoon drops a frosty look at sangi

(Parasina): I drew the line when they said it was one thing then another and finally wanted to biopsy my pituitary. No one cuts my head open

(lady_aliana274): I guess that is the chance we take

(@Sanguinarius): *cheeky grin*

(RoxxAnn): feeding helped my spine

* SphynxCatVP hugs Nitallica

(Parasina): Really? I am jealous :(

* Quiest pokes her head in

(@Sanguinarius): that, sounds extreme

* Adevarat waves

(lady_aliana274): thank you...(smile)

(RoxxAnn): Bye Nitillica

(Parasina): It was traumatic because the doctors were scaring me to death with constantly changing diagnoses. They went from thyroid problem to heart problem to brain surgery very quick. I was scared to death.

(Adevarat): What does everyone think constitutes an "Elder"?

(RKCoon): LOL

(Parasina): But, I guess I had to learn the lesson the hard way so now I make sure I keep feeding regularly, period.

(RKCoon): "elder", IMHO, is a term reserved for RP or holleywood

(Parasina): agreed

(KrevZabijak): *agrees with RK*

(+Hank_Riker): Adevarat - Also agrees with RKCoon

(VanArtsdalen2): Uhm Elder John from the church of Laturday Saints (I KNOW I just spelled that wrong)

(Parasina): I know, I know! How about "An elder is anyone with an AARP card!" ;)

(KrevZabijak): What I don't get is people not being satisfied with the current language system.

(@SphynxCatVP): <--- Old Fart :)

(Adevarat): thats why I wanted to know peoples opinions

(+Hank_Riker): Parasina - Baddd. Heh

(lady_aliana274): nowadays that is a tough question..

(KrevZabijak): lol @ par, yes. someone older than thou

(RKCoon): not so much

(lady_aliana274): lots just want to be popular..

(RKCoon): the term has been so BADLY abused by a multitude of peeps goin thru the online communities its lost all real meaning

* PapaSnorgle has no AARP card...

(Zyd): it seems to me that anyone who wants to be an elder just sort of decides they are

(Zyd): and this isn't the only community this happens in

* Sanguinarius thinks of Elders as those who have been in the community for a long time and done a lot for it, helped and guided other vamps etc

(RKCoon): exactly zyd

* SphynxCatVP agrees with Zyd

(RKCoon): its VERY often a self claimed title

(@Sanguinarius): developed the community

(Zyd): it's not something unique to this community at all trust me

(Zyd): you see it in all communities

* Irony nods

(LunaCarmesi): Sanguinarius, i do not know muh of elders that that is what i have been taught

(+Hank_Riker): I agree that

(Zyd): people who just decide they are expers

(Zyd): experts

(KrevZabijak): I just hope calling someone an elder doesn't give them undue.. whatever isn't due.... xD *Is becoming less and less sober as the beast gets more annoying*

(@Irony): I remember a bunch of elders being newbies

(Zyd): the only problem with that is, when it's the blind leading the blind

(RKCoon): luna - if i may, who "taught" you?

(lady_aliana274): An elder is one who is respected in there own houses and communites. One who has been around for a while. Sangi and Sphynx. would be considered elders... in my opinion

(@Sanguinarius): that too

(@SphynxCatVP): and I just call myself the resident old fart instead :)

(lady_aliana274): just 2 off the top of my head.

(+Hank_Riker): I'm farty too! :-P

(Adevarat): Sangi..what of those who have helped out the community but locally and not online. Do they get the same "title"? I have seen some act like if one hasnt been online for 10 yrs then they dont deserve the title

(lady_aliana274): (smile)

(LunaCarmesi): my fiance is a Psi vamp who been in community in NYC

(VanArtsdalen2): So lady you are saying there can be no independant elders?

(Adevarat): Im just asking :)

(LunaCarmesi): he has guided me through many questions as well as me reading up on things

(Parasina): Ah, Guests have arrived. Glad I had the opportunity to drop in. Be well everyone. I will be looking for that transcript, Sangi. Off to hostess!

(KrevZabijak): But when it comes down to it, I want to be honest here. I am so glad, so very grateful, that as of yet, to my knowledge... no internet memes or 2chan/4chan speak have entered the OVC.

(@Sanguinarius): what did we finallydecide to call me? It was in that one log..about the Super duper Grand Highest COuncil inthe World...or something?

(LunaCarmesi): he is ronin at this point

(KrevZabijak): Have fun Par

(lady_aliana274): no I am not saying that

(Parasina): :) You too.

(@Sanguinarius): lemme get the URL, this was hilarious

(RKCoon): they watch, krev. check out somethingaweful sometime.

(RoxxAnn): Bye Parasina

(RKCoon): they tore a nice one off of SM XDD

(KrevZabijak): I know, and ED.

(KrevZabijak): I'm talking about 'our people'.

(VvMistressLeolavV): (sorry couldn't get internet working)

(KrevZabijak): for example elder = oldvamp, awakened = newvamp

(KrevZabijak): You know, that would make me die inside.

(@Sanguinarius): The Supremest High Vampire Council in the Whole World!

(RoxxAnn): :)


(RKCoon): oh crap like that

(Adevarat): so will anyone answer my other question please

(@Sanguinarius): Ad, what was your question? (Sorry)

(LunaCarmesi): what was the other question?

(RKCoon): will i need to strangle you for that link, sangi?

(@Sanguinarius): RK, yes you will! :D

(VanArtsdalen2): Krev what would you consider oldvamp though? Someone older in age?

(Adevarat): Sangi..what of those who have helped out the community but locally and not online. Do they get the same "title"? I have seen some act like if one hasnt been online for 10 yrs then they dont deserve the title

(lady_aliana274): I would actually be considered an independant elder myself. whithin my own town I have been here for about 12 years now. awakened for 20.

(@Sanguinarius): hmmm...

(@SphynxCatVP): ============ TOPICS ON THE FLOOR =========================

(@SphynxCatVP): 1.) How long have you gone without feeding?

(@SphynxCatVP): 2.) What changes, discomforts and ailments, increased/decreased sensitivities, abilities, etc. have you experienced since you have not been feeding?

(@SphynxCatVP): 3.) For those who have gone a year or years (how long?), have these gotten worse or better over time?

(@SphynxCatVP): 4.) Other considerations or topics you'd like to discuss?

(@SphynxCatVP): ==========================================================

(KrevZabijak): @ Van: I really don't care about such things. :)

(KrevZabijak): oh no *Picks them up off the floor and places them on the shelf*

(@Sanguinarius): locally would count. Locally is very important

(+Hank_Riker): Adevarat - Hmm. I thought that was answered in context, but perhaps not.

(Adevarat): well it scrolls fast I may have missed something

(Fooln): @adevarat I don't see a big difference in helping online and offline...

(@SphynxCatVP): Adevarat, what was the other question?

(VvMistressLeolavV): *hands Krev a dust rag*

(@SphynxCatVP): or questions?

(Adevarat): that was my second one :)

(@SphynxCatVP): sorry, scrollying by my screen :)

(@Sanguinarius): yes please restate them?

(Adevarat): i repasted it

(@Sanguinarius): ok

(VanArtsdalen2): it's kind of like though if someone who's a vampire that's helped locally tries going in an online discussion they aren't well known so they still get treated like a new kid.

(LunaCarmesi): here is a question...can vampyrism be passed down from parent to child?

(+Hank_Riker): LunaCarmesi - I believe it can be genetic.

(RKCoon): thats an iffy one, Luna, but i would say, why not?

(Adevarat): I havent seen it get passed personally..not saying it couldnt I guess

(@SphynxCatVP): LadyCG relates that she has vampire children

(@Sanguinarius): Just because someone hasn't been online doing stuff doesn't mean they aren't active in their community offline

(RKCoon): onh her kids are vamps yes.

(Adevarat): but is it true vampirism or learned behaviour?

(RKCoon): that i can attest to.\

(VvMistressLeolavV): @ Luna I believe so. I have two children that are both showing possible vampiric traits. One if 6 and one is 4. So I believe it.

(VanArtsdalen2): It seems like recessive gene but if one is a vampire it's dominant in that person so even if the other person doesn't carry the gene it's still possible to be passed on.

(+Hank_Riker): LunaCarmesi - My father, and his cousins all were "symptomatic" but "un-diagnosed" if you like...

(LunaCarmesi): i'm not sure if it is learned behavior in my child, but she asks questions and i give her honest answers

(KrevZabijak): If it is genetic, it would be nice to be able to isolate the gene or genes for it. But then that begs the question, if the gene lies dormant in 'mundane' people.. what are they capable of that we are as well?

(LunaCarmesi): she has a keen sense of understanding them as well, which is odd for me

(RKCoon): youll want to be careful there, luna

(@SphynxCatVP): I believe it runs in my family, on the paternal side - as Hank says, "symptomatic" but "undiagnosed"

(KrevZabijak): *agrees with RK yet again*

(RKCoon): i know of some thath ave lost thier kids by tellingthem of vampirism

(@SphynxCatVP): My "vampdar" has pinged on a few family members

(VvMistressLeolavV): If nothing else I believe that any vampires that have kids would at least be sensative

(RKCoon): wow i am aggreable tonight :p

(@Sanguinarius): lol

(@SphynxCatVP): I certainly didn't learn it from my family, lol

(VvMistressLeolavV): *their kids I mean

(LunaCarmesi): i only give answers i deem ok to give her, i don't push it

* RKCoon whacks spynx with a dead trout for theterm vampdar

(LunaCarmesi): sometimes i tell her she will understand better when she is older

(Adevarat): lol

(@SphynxCatVP): got a better one, RK?

(@SphynxCatVP): :)

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Sphynx I use that term too! ;)

(RKCoon): you either sence it, or not

(lady_aliana274): is vampdar like gaydar? im

(@SphynxCatVP): yea

(@SphynxCatVP): :)

(@Sanguinarius): yup

(KrevZabijak): jeez

(LunaCarmesi): lol

(VvMistressLeolavV): @lady a -- yes it is! lol

(diss): my vampdar has pinged twice.

(LunaCarmesi): i like that word...vampdar

(Adevarat): just to clarify myself...I am not saying it cant be passed down, or that it IS learned behaviour..I was just curious

* RKCoon falls over

(lady_aliana274): its fun to say..

(@SphynxCatVP): that's ok :)

(KrevZabijak): *Facepalm*

(Wynne): i spaced out whats we talking about?

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Adevarat curious though as children are very impressionable

(VanArtsdalen2): I think my vampdar is broken... Cries I'm broken!

(RKCoon): i would say it could be both really. but in my personal case, i know of no examples in my family but my family tree doesnt go very far in detail

(VvMistressLeolavV): *tweaks Van Arts vampdar*

(Adevarat): yes I would like to know f anyone that has children with signs has had them physically checked for issues that could be physical

(+hirudo): I don't think anyone else in my family were vamps, but unfortunately most of them are dead so it's hard to tell.

* KrevZabijak installs a short-wave vampdar jammer.

(RoxxAnn): my family tree too, i don't have much info on mine

* RKCoon is one that screws up everyones (insert name)-dar

(@Sanguinarius): Hiya DF2009

(DF2009): Hello

(+Hank_Riker): Adevarat - If LadyCG ever gets back online, that would be a great question for her.

(@SphynxCatVP): Darkfire!

(RKCoon): i wouldnt bank on that, from what ive head

(RKCoon): heard

(@SphynxCatVP): what have you heard?

(Adevarat): does she ever go on her myspace? I used to have her. I guess I could write her

(@Sanguinarius): Topics on the floor are The Possible Effects of Extended Non-Feeding.

(@Sanguinarius): 1.) How long have you gone without feeding?

(@Sanguinarius): 2.) What changes, discomforts and ailments, increased/decreased sensitivities, abilities, etc. have you experienced since you have not been feeding?

(@Sanguinarius): 3.) For those who have gone a year or years (how long?), have these gotten worse or better over time?

(@Sanguinarius): 4.) Other considerations or topics you'd like to discuss?

(+Orthaevelve): LOL nice

(@Sanguinarius): :D

(+Orthaevelve): sorry I am late. It's been a wierd day

(RKCoon): shes consigned herself to WOW, apparentyly in yet another dramatical hissyfit

(@Sanguinarius): better late than never

(RKCoon): thats what ive heard

(@SphynxCatVP): no wonder she hasn't answered my emails :)

(@Merticus): WoW has a tendency to suck lives away from people.

(@Sanguinarius): I hope she doesn't let the Vampiric Library fall by the wayside

(VanArtsdalen2): ... nothing wrong with dramatic hissyfits...

(@Irony): CG started playing WoW?

(+Hank_Riker): RKCoon - I thought her computer was fried, and that was the issue. Although, she has gotten lost in WoW before, so it's possible.

(@Sanguinarius): so does Second Life... :>

(LunaCarmesi): my daughter is a healthy and lively lilttle girl, but she carries the same genes as far as sensing others emotions, and sometimes she becomes lethargic in which i will hold her and she stares at me, then it's liek she's alive again

(LunaCarmesi): i don't know what to think of it at all and it's really quite confusing

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Luna has she gone to the doctor to rule out mundane issues

(VvMistressLeolavV): ?

(RKCoon): i wouldnt know directly - i livei n the same province but not the same side of it as her. and we are both happyer that way

(+Orthaevelve): Luna, not to be rude but I was wondering that too

(Adevarat): how old is she?

(LunaCarmesi): yes, she is as healthy as healthy can be

(RKCoon): 42 last i heard?

(KrevZabijak): And please don't insult doctors again, it hurts my little heart xD

(Adevarat): her child lol

(LunaCarmesi): she is 7 going on 8

(VvMistressLeolavV): Not insulting anyone. It's my first question.

(RKCoon): oh lol

(LunaCarmesi): which is why it's confusing, he's so young still

(LunaCarmesi): she, sorry

(KrevZabijak): Kids are amazingly good at that in my opinion

(KrevZabijak): As we grow older, some of us shed the willingless to remain so

(RKCoon): speaking of kids - how many of you folks have gotten cornered by kids, askin if you were vamp (or otherkin in general)?

(Adevarat): I hate to ask this...but has she been tested for autism? the "spacing out" staring made me wonder

(VvMistressLeolavV): I have a very odd connection to my son...more than time to type here and nothing medical that we can see. Perhaps she is very sensative to your needs?

(+Orthaevelve): Or possible tics as well

(RKCoon): which she?

(VvMistressLeolavV): Sorry @Luna her daughter

(+Orthaevelve): Same here

(@Sanguinarius): if anyone is a parent of vampire(s) or a vampire parent (otr both) I'm on the lookout for article tips, advice, etc for the Parents section of my site... please send anything you got to

(LunaCarmesi): well, she does live in the house 4 days out of the week with 2 vamps, so i'm wondering if it is just "rubbing" off on her...not to be rude

(@SphynxCatVP): RK > Not me - yet

* Sanguinarius begs shamelessly

(LunaCarmesi): i have thought of testing her for autism but have not done so

(RKCoon): ive gotten it more than a few times

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods at Sang*

(LunaCarmesi): ~ah, worried now

(DF2009): @Luna: Define lethargic?

(Adevarat): autism seems to be making itself more prevalant now days, I would test her hun just to make sure

(RKCoon): lethargic - lacking motivation to move and do work

(@Sanguinarius): I wonder why that is?

(lady_aliana274): <---- sad because she cant have kids.....

(RKCoon): no?

(+Orthaevelve): Agreed. Also have the doctors check for vitamin deficienc and allergies

(Adevarat): I dont know Sangi

(LunaCarmesi): tired, no energy at all...doesn't want to talk, this is how she acts

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Koon everyone defines it slightly diff he was asking for clarification

(DF2009): ok

(Adevarat): you need to get her checked. When I was 7 I was hyper all the time

(VvMistressLeolavV): @lady a (sorry sweetie(

(LunaCarmesi): but when i hold her, she looks at me and after awhile smiles then goes off and runs about as if she were never like that

(KrevZabijak): Luna, thyroid is a big possibility.

(lady_aliana274): i love kids...

(DF2009): I'd agree with could be autism showing up

(@Irony): I went through some things like that. I have temporal lobe epilepsy. There are lots of things that should be looked at if you are concerned.

(lady_aliana274): its ok...

(+Orthaevelve): Thyroid and autism seem in my experience to actually commonly associate with vampirism

(LunaCarmesi): this is something i will have to figure out over time i suppose

(RKCoon): yea, thats the thing tho - go to a dozen shrinks, get TWO dozen different diagnosis

(Adevarat): my friends nephew was 6 or 7 when he got diagnosed

(@Sanguinarius): brb

(Seph): Luna-- what grade is she in school?

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods with Orth*

(@Irony): Though my brother was just as vague and he was just like that because he was up half the night listening to the radio.

(LunaCarmesi): 2nd

(LunaCarmesi): extremely smart kid

(+Orthaevelve): Have you tried asking her why she sometimes seems to act listless/

(RoxxAnn): sorry lady aliana274. we have to learn to be satisfied with what we can get *sigh*

(lady_aliana274): i know this is a bit personaly but I dont do the female thing.. if you know what I mean...

(Fooln): @KrevZabijak ok if I pm you?

(Seph): My brother was diagnosed at the same age with Ausbergers. He's amazingly bright, but it became evident that he was different.

(LunaCarmesi): Sanguinarius, you mentioned you have articles on vamp parents and children?

(VvMistressLeolavV): Sang noted brb....I think it's on the site

(+Orthaevelve): Yes. Aspergers kids are brilliant, they just seem to have issues with socializations

(lady_aliana274): i havent for about 10 years now.

(LunaCarmesi): oh, ok

(@SphynxCatVP): Luna > she WANTS articles

(LunaCarmesi): she does seem different with other kids, but plays along with them just as fine

(DF2009): I'd still have her tested if its causing a problem for her...if it comes back negative then it's possible she's achieving a trance-like state...but always better to rule out the psychological before going to the parapsychological

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Luna maturity level?

(LunaCarmesi): my daughters maturity level?

(+Orthaevelve): Absolutely DF2009

(RoxxAnn): I agree orthaevelve. ask her

(@Sanguinarius): yes, lemme get the url for's not much there atm...hoping to develop it more soonish

(LunaCarmesi): like any normal 7/8 y/o...acts like she is 16 at times

(@Sanguinarius): but I need parents' help

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Luna --was wondering something. ty

(Adevarat): you said she lives with vamps 4 days a Im guessing she is elsewhere for weekends. Ask that person how she acts with them

(LunaCarmesi): oh thank you very much


(Seph): Luna-- could it be a change in diet or a climate/ weather change?

(@SphynxCatVP): ...... Just to touch on another point, kids may not necesarily be autistics as just BORED OUTTA THEIR MINDS

(LunaCarmesi): she is worse with her father...defiant, but also spoiled living with him

(Kroh): brb

(RKCoon): Sphynx, i wholeheartedly agree

(LunaCarmesi): not a bad kid, but he doesn't pay much attention to her

(KrevZabijak): @fool yeah sorry was in another window xD Go ahead and PM

(@SphynxCatVP): speaking as a kid who WAS thought of as retared when young.... :)

(Seph): Does she get lethargic on certain days, or after not being in the sun for a while?

(+Orthaevelve): That's true too sphynxcat. I spent mmost of my childhood reading instead of play

(DF2009): that could be part of it too, Luna

(Adevarat): but does she go into the staring thing there? if not, she could be picking up on how you live

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Luna-- That could be a HUGE part of it!

(RKCoon): its FAR more often thingsl ike the kids are bored, lonely or otherwise needing something to do

(@SphynxCatVP): and yes, I *WAS* bored outta my ever lovin' mind

(sarasvati): Sorry I am late

(LunaCarmesi): the lethargy comes and goes at any time really

(KrevZabijak): Sarasvati! <3

(@SphynxCatVP): Saras! *hugs*

(Adevarat): hello saras

(@SphynxCatVP): Hi Melkia!

(+Orthaevelve): I actually had my parents called in to conferences due to prefering reading over play

(@Sanguinarius): Greetings melkia

(@Irony): Ninjavet <3

(+Orthaevelve): Ah, Saras, I have heard good things about you from Sphynxcat

(RKCoon): same here. i was in a real dive of a town living far away from people to boot, so ya i seemed odd.

(RKCoon): still do. :p

(@SphynxCatVP): I was reading an average of 4 grades above my actual grade in school - I couldn't *help* but be bored :)

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Luna could even be something 'simple' like lymes. There is a ton of that near me with similar symptoms

(LunaCarmesi): Orth...i have asked her many times if she was tired or what's wrong, and i get "nothing is wrong mommy" in response

(DF2009): the lethargy might be her being depressed regarding the family situation. Issues with her father, differences in social environments, etc

* Adevarat agrees

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods at DF who seems to be on her wavelength* ;)

* Hank_Riker pounces t e h sarasvati

(+Orthaevelve): Not sure then, Luna. I am definitely not a doctor or psychiatrist

(RoxxAnn): I went into trances when I was a small child, when i wasn't needed. i'd sit there, my mind would go elsewhere. i don't think anyone cared. i think they liked it

(melkia): hay u SC :D

(melkia): how are u i have missed u

(Seph): Luna-- Could it be a change in diet? Also, does she tend to be lethargic on certain days, times of the year, or during certain weather patterns?

(@Sanguinarius): I need to pster Sylvere for parents info

(LunaCarmesi): i have wondered of the depression thing as well

* Sanguinarius perks up abour depression

(+Orthaevelve): The symptoms of that are more like losing interest in favorite activities, difficulty sleeping and waking up and eating changes

(LunaCarmesi): she claims to get headaches when it is hot outside, she is more lively in the winter

(VvMistressLeolavV): @ Luna depression in kids can mimic so many other things. I was diagnosed as clinically depressed at age 5

(+Orthaevelve): yeah, depression and bipolar seem very common in vamps

(Adevarat): Im like that in weather

(@Sanguinarius): egad!

(KrevZabijak): That's just too early

(LunaCarmesi): and same here Orth...when i was 10

(@Sanguinarius): I have depression

(KrevZabijak): *shakes head*

(VvMistressLeolavV): not according to those that 'know'

(RKCoon): i had far bigger reasons to be depressed as a kid than vampirism

(+Orthaevelve): clinically so do I, but controlled by medication

(Adevarat): I have depression but Im not bipolar

(@Merticus): MDD and Bipolar are very common, along with panic attacks and other anxiety issues.

(@Sanguinarius): I have for years. I take Lexapro for it

(KrevZabijak): I don't have depression, but do have PTSD.

(LunaCarmesi): well, i know i must keep taking her to the docs but i felt it would not hurt to ask amongst you all

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods at Merticus*

(+Orthaevelve): my brother is a carrier of the vamp gene, and is bipolar

(Adevarat): I dont take anything , I used to

(LunaCarmesi): poor kid..i hate to put my daughter through all this

(RKCoon): Orth - explain the idea of "Carrier of the vamp gene" if you please?

(+Orthaevelve): yeah, I do sympathize

(DF2009): Luna: I'd suggest trying a couple sessions with a family could be as simple as stress and anxiety due to socially created environmental issues. Counselors are different from "shrinks" they generally look for behavioral causes rather than purely psychological ones

(+Orthaevelve): Sorry, personal theory. That is that vampirism is a gene or set of genes that is recessive

(lady_aliana274): I really wish we could push a button and be able to get rid of all that plagues us...

(KrevZabijak): DF : exactly, i agree

(VvMistressLeolavV): I was trying to point out that it could be so many things or it could be something simple like attention from only one parent. :(

(+Orthaevelve): Can be carried and even in vamps is dormant till activated by external circumstances

(@Sanguinarius): it's possible it might be that or a syndrome

(+Orthaevelve): Potentially. I wondered for a while if it might be caused by a prion

(LunaCarmesi): i will have to look into counseling...i feel it would be good for her as well

(@SphynxCatVP): could be one of many things, I keep hoping somethign will turn up that'll be a key :)

(Adevarat): what circumstances would trigger it in your opinion?

(@Sanguinarius): a prion?

(RoxxAnn): I have been diagnosed with dysthymic type depression, but am not on medication. they tried a few medications. one worked for a while. they let me off after i awakened said i didn't need med anymore. when i don't feed now, i want to ask for medication

(+Orthaevelve): prions are wierd bits of misfolded protien

(+Hank_Riker): Orthaevelve - I also feel that it is probably genetic, but I don't know if it would be coded by a single gene, or perhaps as a series of mutations. Is there a geneticist in the house?!

(Seph): I've been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or Seasonal Depression

(+Orthaevelve): and triggers would probably be a high fever or being in a state of physical or psychological shock during puberty

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Roxxann I know what you mean. Meds don't work for me either.

* SphynxCatVP giggles at Hank :)

(+Orthaevelve): still just a theory though

(RoxxAnn): prion as in mad cow +orthaevelve?

(@SphynxCatVP): what teen *DOESN'T* go through some kinda of trauma, even if it's just dramadramadramallama

(+Orthaevelve): Hank, I wish. I would love to see some testing on this

(VvMistressLeolavV): *agrees with Sphynz

(Adevarat): true Sphynx

(+Orthaevelve): yes Roxx, but that theory does not seem to hold up under scrutiny

(@sarasvati): I genetic, it would have to be multi-gene based, not a singe gene. Otherwise it would follow basic mendelian principles of transmission... and we don't see that

(fallen02): whoa

(@Sanguinarius): 'ello there fallen02

(RKCoon): greetings fallen

(fallen02): so many

(fallen02): hello everyone

(KrevZabijak): *nods @ Sar*

* sarasvati is not a geneticist... but adores genetics :)

(Adevarat): ello

(RoxxAnn): nods (to vvmistressleo)

(RKCoon): agreed sphynx

(+Orthaevelve): sarasvati, I agree. It would have to be a set of genes, perhaps even associated with other symptoms outside vampirism

(VvMistressLeolavV): You can call me Leola ;)

(@Sanguinarius): brb again

(@Sanguinarius): heya Isealdor

(RoxxAnn): I don't know much about prions

(Adevarat): heya

* Isealdor waves and is back

(@Sanguinarius): The prion of Sciery

* Sanguinarius giggles and runs off

(Adevarat): lol

(+Orthaevelve): Roxx, the bits I know are from articles and chatty lab techs during my hospital rotations

(RoxxAnn): Oh

(VvMistressLeolavV): *laughs at Sang*

(RoxxAnn): :)

(RoxxAnn): Xang

(DF2009): If vampirism is genetic (which I also feel is the best theory) then it is likely a series of genes turned on or off in a specific sequence that's unique. I seriously doubt it is a single "vamp" gene. Autism, for example cause it was mentioned earlier, is produced by three or four genes.

(+Orthaevelve): definitely a combination of genes is most likely

(+Hank_Riker): VvMistressLeolavV - Certainly, with informed consent.

(melkia): do u guys know when teh new episodes of parranamal state is coming on

(VvMistressLeolavV): Bye!

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods to Hank*

(Adevarat): Michelle said they are filming for the fall season

(+hirudo): Lol, we think alike,Sarasvati.

(fallen02): is there like, a special event happening in here, cuz this many people, actually talking, is quite rare in here

(KrevZabijak): lol @ sang (late lol at the oblivion joke)

(LunaCarmesi): as far as i know, there is no known autism on either side of my daughters family (mine or her fathers)

(RoxxAnn): +Orthaevelve, yes, a doctor was worried about me eating raw meat, the prions part. I'm not afraid. I will eat raw cow brain soon. grassfed.

(+Orthaevelve): Ah Hirudo, good to meet you. I have respected your writing for some time

(+Hank_Riker): fallen02 - Well, for me, I'm curious in the current topic, which yes, is a special event.

(@Isealdor): @VvMistressLeolavV: Genetic and DNA testing with consent of the people being tested is perfectly legal, just expensive

(KrevZabijak): There were 40+ earlier

(@sarasvati): I have in the past compared it to Down's syndrome mutiion because it can occur spontaneously and in family lines. A heritable mutation and a spontaneous one.

(+Orthaevelve): Doctors do worry RoxxAnn, as we are not totally certain of all the transmission vectors

(melkia): she never emailed me back :(( oh well i know she is the bussy

(lady_aliana274): <----- wishes she was smart enough to write clever articles... was a metal head in school...

(+hirudo): Thanks, Orthaevelve. Is that my old essays or my posts on the VCMB?

(+Orthaevelve): Sarasvati, that makes a lot of sense actualyl

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Isealdor was curious as I've never heard it done outside of paternity issues or genetic diseases

(LunaCarmesi): Aliana, lol...i feel ya there

(RoxxAnn): Bye Azure Phoenix

(@sarasvati): Expensive, and you have to know what you are looking for. You can't just say "find the vamp gene!" and POOF there they go... there is enough minor and major mutation between people that all the "normal" has to be eliminated first.

(LunaCarmesi): brb

(+Orthaevelve): The really old essays, Hirudo. I have not been online and active much lately

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods at saras*

(RKCoon): i find the thought of them finding gene/s for vampirism and kin horrifyin

(lady_aliana274): @luna yeah girl my attention span is as good as a puppy.

(RKCoon): g

(@Isealdor): @sarasvati exactly, so much hasnt been determined yet as to what it is, what it causes, etc

(RoxxAnn): I know how much doctors study. I calm them down often enough

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Koon why?

(RoxxAnn): My son helps them understand too

(RKCoon): short answer? ever watch XMen

(RKCoon): ?

(KrevZabijak): xD

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Koon fair enough.

(VanArtsdalen2): mm, I have chocolate birthday cake calling my name so I shall get off now. Have a good evening everyone.

(Adevarat): night

(VvMistressLeolavV): night

* SphynxCatVP grins

(+hirudo): Orthaevelve- you might be pleased to know that I've been working on a new one :)

(+Orthaevelve): Send it my way sometime, Hirudo if you are interested in cross posting it to House Eclipse

(lady_aliana274): brb<---- b.r. break

(@Sanguinarius): bak

(@Sanguinarius): sorry about that, folks

(@SphynxCatVP): hirudo, I'd be interested in posting it, if you don't mind, when you get it done :)

(VvMistressLeolavV): I'd be fine if I could just find a donor by me. Then all my medical issues would cease as they have ever time I'm well fed.

(+Orthaevelve): Have you tried substitutes?

(VvMistressLeolavV): I've tried so many......and they all fail

(@Sanguinarius): you might give the Vam-P3ersonals a try

(+Orthaevelve): dark, spiced chocolate, berries, antioxidant rich foods..

(@SphynxCatVP): ...vitamins.... :)

(Adevarat): Sangi isnt there a black swan section on your forum?

(melkia): ooooo vamp peroanials

(+hirudo): Sphynxcat-I might well do. I have been considering the VCMB but it'd be prefferable to have it somewhere easily available for all.

(@Sanguinarius): I think so

(@Irony): Fish, beets and pickles help me.

(+Orthaevelve): Ahh yes, Sphynx's vitamin regimen is amazing

(LunaCarmesi): i have been on a few websites for donors but have not gotten any responses or real interests

(Adevarat): she could look there for a swan near her

(VvMistressLeolavV): Vitamins actually help alot but blood is the only thing that stops the migraines. :)

(+Hank_Riker): Yeah, we need to write up the whole vitamin regimen.

(@Sanguinarius): yes

(LunaCarmesi): besides, the closest near me of even remotely finding an actual donor would be NYC and it's quite hard for me to just up and travel like tht

(+Orthaevelve): Feeder rats or bred for meat rabbits are what I use when I am between donors

(RoxxAnn): organic or wild berries are very nice. cacao is pretty good. but they are not the same

(@SphynxCatVP): Oh, the migraines? I get welding glasses, shade 5's

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Luna I'm in NY too

(KrevZabijak): Are there any boards as mature and active like VCMB?

(+Hank_Riker): That is what I use on a daily basis. We're lucky that I can afford it, as I know it can be expensive.

(@SphynxCatVP): torch glasses come in all kinds of stylish models :)

(+Orthaevelve): or snow goggles help me

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Sphynx I live for sunglasses and dark shades

(@Sanguinarius): VvMistressLeolavV, I'm not sure. I have not had a migraine since I've moved out here and that's a little over a year

(@Merticus): @ Sphyx - interesting, we use the same things here :)

(@Sanguinarius): although I nearly had one a couple nights ago

(LunaCarmesi): no need to answer if wish not to Mistress Leo, but around what area?

(@SphynxCatVP): No surprise Mert :) most effective things for blocking UV

(@Merticus): Sphynx rather

(@Isealdor): @Krev there are several

(VvMistressLeolavV): no big I'm in the Hudson Valley

(LunaCarmesi): me too!

(+Orthaevelve): vitamins help, but I honestly don't mind animal blood

(RKCoon): i do wear shades and a hat at almost all times when im outside. i try to avoid sunscreen by wearing heavy clothing or just avoiding the sun

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Luna can I PM you?

(@Merticus): Zero picked up a case of them and passed them out lol

(@Sanguinarius): "here" for me being outaide of Tucson, AZ

(LunaCarmesi): i would be delighted if you did

(RoxxAnn): fish and beets maybe irony, pickles, i can't stant them anymore. I need land animal, omnivorous land animal, raw eating animal, i need it raw and juicy

(@Sanguinarius): I love pickles! :D~~~

(lady_aliana274): come to Houton and live in 125 degree hottness...... yuck!

(@Irony): Pickled eggs work wonders for the bitey reflex

(LunaCarmesi): usually i can not go out of the house anymore wihtout sunglasses, otherwise my head kills me

(lady_aliana274): houston*

(RKCoon): eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww

(@Irony): Meat never really did so much for me.

(+Orthaevelve): Meh, the meat I give to friends to eat. I just juice them first

(RKCoon): i saw 125 in downtown toronto. tha

(RKCoon): that was hell

(RoxxAnn): yep on the snow goggles

(+Orthaevelve): the rabbits or rats that is

(@Irony): I guess everything is relative

(@SphynxCatVP): Hank's suggested running the steaks through a juicer on occasion.....

(+hirudo): Sphynx- I got bug-eye style sunglasses a little while ago, they're pretty good as they cover most of the eye socket.

(VvMistressLeolavV): <--LOVES steak

(@SphynxCatVP): hirudo- I'm using Astrospec OTG's from Uvex

(+Orthaevelve): blech

(RoxxAnn): vitamin injections, sublinguinal, etc are not enough

(lady_aliana274): no wonder the vamps stay inside down

(+Hank_Riker): Well, but we have never tried it. So I can't validate it.

(@SphynxCatVP): I have prescrip lenses, which kinda necessitate something that size

(@Irony): Are those the ones I have sphynx?

(RoxxAnn): some of those vitamins give me symptoms that don't go away for years

(@SphynxCatVP): Irony- Yes :)

(@SphynxCatVP): RoxxAnn, like what?

(@Irony): Those are some awesome glasses:)

(RoxxAnn): it's called beef tea i think

(DF2009): By you mean a press? or for instance a lemon juicer?

(@Sanguinarius): like what symptoms?

(+Orthaevelve): I would use a blender

(@SphynxCatVP): No, I mean like a veggie juice

(RoxxAnn): i don't like steak

(RoxxAnn): nor burger, nor any of that, not from beef, maybe bison

(+Orthaevelve): Meat in general tastes like chemicals to me. I can't stand that taste in beef and pork, so I don't eat them

(Adevarat): filet mignon is my fav, I cant imagine going without

(VvMistressLeolavV): a blender for steak?

(+Orthaevelve): all game meat tastes good though

(VvMistressLeolavV): OH! sorry

(KrevZabijak): Steak + blender = tartare

(+Hank_Riker): DF2009 - We have a fairly high end juicer. I'll get the info.

(RoxxAnn): I got b vitamin injections that gave me muscle agglutinations that wouldn't go away

(@Sanguinarius): *cave Sangu voice* MEAT! MEAT GOOD!

(Adevarat): lol

(RoxxAnn): norwalk juicers press, right?

* RKCoon hides the blade i had near sangi

(+Orthaevelve): Vitamin injections are actually pretty hazardous in general. Oral is safer

(DF2009): DF is need to add the year ;)

(@SphynxCatVP): RoxxAnn, Ahhh, that makes sense... sounds like they stuck them in the wrong spot :(

(@Sanguinarius): lol

(RKCoon): im an innocent 0:-)

* SphynxCatVP prefers vitamins in capsules, they digest better

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Roxxann have you tried just reg multi-vits?

(melkia): for craps sake i have to pay for it

(RoxxAnn): i can't stand meat except the best sources. the rest taste like chemical cleansers to me

(DF2009): DF2009 sounds too much like HAL-9000


(@SphynxCatVP): Grassfed beef I've found has less chemically processed flavors than typical cornfed

(+Orthaevelve): Beef and pork taste like that to me RoxxAnn

(@Isealdor): @DF could always change your nick...

(@Sanguinarius): HAL-9000 is our, he's not..never mind...

(@Isealdor): aw, but...<3 HAL

(VvMistressLeolavV): *pokes DF until his nick changes*

(DF2009): DarkFire was taken and I wasn't feeling creative ;)

(KrevZabijak): i can't let you do that, Sangi

(KrevZabijak): Don't press that button, Sangi

(RoxxAnn): my hydrochloric acid was always low. i don't digest pills well. subling maybe

(KrevZabijak): xD

(@Sanguinarius): *pouts* why nooottt???

(+hirudo): Sphynxcat- I think I'm the only vamp who actually looks forward to summer. Just so long as my eyes are covered when I go out :)

(KrevZabijak): I forgot the actual HAL quotes

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Roxxann aha....

* SphynxCatVP chuckles @ Hirudo

(+Orthaevelve): Ugh, Hirudo I hate the heat

(@sarasvati): hirudo: Nope, cold and I disagree about a lot of things. I like summer :)

(@SphynxCatVP): You can have the heat :P

(LunaCarmesi): i used to love summer here in NY, til lately the heat has gotten to me badly

(@Sanguinarius): I moved to Arizona..tell me about the heat

(RoxxAnn): that's because they use chemicals in the factory meat process all through till you buy it

(Adevarat): I hate it and Bama is the worst..ugh humidity

(melkia): dannit !!!! i forgot to save my book i wa writeing when i reformated :(

(@Isealdor): @hirudo I like night

(+hirudo): I love the heat. I don't tolerate cold very well.

(@SphynxCatVP): Oh, that's interesting

(@Sanguinarius): Melkia, eergh oh no!!

(@SphynxCatVP): has that always been teh case?

(KrevZabijak): Those chemicals are required by the FDA

(+Orthaevelve): I am the opposite. I like the cold but hate heat

(DF2009): yes, NY this summer has been either sweltering or drenching

(VvMistressLeolavV): NY sucks right now

(Quiest): restarting, brb

(Adevarat): I cant work my horses. When I get to the barn in the evening they are drenched in sweat. All I can do is hose them off

(+Orthaevelve): I am quite content to be in DC. I do miss visiting my friends in Georgia tough

(lady_aliana274): its so hot here in houston even the roaches have a/c.

(LunaCarmesi): indeed, NY does, i need a change, get out of this state

(Adevarat): lol

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Lady A -- LOL

(RoxxAnn): my meat doesn't get near FDA

(lady_aliana274): <---- is a fruit bat...

(@SphynxCatVP): *snerk*

(DF2009): I <3 NY though

(lady_aliana274): yur meat?

(VvMistressLeolavV): brb

(+Orthaevelve): OOh, fruit bats are cute!

(lady_aliana274): im gonna leave that on ealone.

(@SphynxCatVP): and fuzzy!

(lady_aliana274): alone...jk

(RoxxAnn): I love cold now. I haven't tolerated heat most of the time in eigteen years

(melkia): ohh that reminds me sphynx can i refrence your site in my book i am wrhiting ?

(@SphynxCatVP): Absolutely!

(+hirudo): Sphynxcat- yep. It's only when it gets over 25 degrees celcuis here that I ditch the cardigan and can finally just wear one top.

(@SphynxCatVP): :)

(+Hank_Riker): I refrained from commenting about 'meat'. Heh

(melkia): good

(VvMistressLeolavV): bak

(melkia): ty

(lady_aliana274): lmao @hank

(@SphynxCatVP): hirudo, interesting... I've alwyas been a cold freak, I could never tolerate the heat

(VvMistressLeolavV): *looks at darkfire like he is crazy*

(RKCoon): arent we alla bit bats tho? ;P

(+Orthaevelve): Same here sphynx

(KrevZabijak): I can't sleep with more than one sheet at night :| i hate heat as well

(RKCoon): meeeeeeaaaat MMMEEEAAAAAATTT

(melkia): ok i got u and sangi now i need to speak with lono about askin if i can reffrence his site

(DF2009): @Leola..I'm insane not crazy..there's a difference

(melkia): then i am good

(@SphynxCatVP): what book are you writing?

* Hank_Riker chuckles - Well, batty perhaps. We sleep underground, so it's pretty chilly actually. Blanket time. Or at least with the AC running.

(RKCoon): pfff ya i hate the heat. i like it much nicer when its below freezing rather than above it

(lady_aliana274): i put a blanket on me and push it off like 5 seconds later.

(@Sanguinarius): yeah, where is that crazy fruitbat? *Sangi looks around*

(+Orthaevelve): Hey sangi, speaking of references, I would like to reference your vocab in my book

(@Sanguinarius): I thought he was here

* RKCoon puts a mirror infront of sangi

* SphynxCatVP laughs

(lady_aliana274): u know what a fruit bat is????? that is so awesome

(melkia): my life how i awakkend

(melkia): and

(melkia): my cp

(@SphynxCatVP): ahh, ok

(melkia): how it all fits

(@Sanguinarius): how extensively? I have it s theDictionary of Vampspeak

(Adevarat): brb rooting for food

(VvMistressLeolavV): @DF yeah ok

(@Sanguinarius): Go check out my vampire dictionary, The Dictionary of Sanguinese (Second Edition), at and buy a copy! Heck, buy 20 copies! :D

(@Sanguinarius): well, Sanguinese

(lady_aliana274): hee hee hee hee.......

(RoxxAnn): i had tons of fruitbats in my yard and roof

(DF2009): It's always better to be frozen and crawl under warm blankets...than be sweating trying to stay cool...imho

(+Orthaevelve): I am cross referencing that with other sites to make a huge guide to language and who invented what. So you are getting credit for originating a lot of terms

(@SphynxCatVP): my thought exactly :)

(@Sanguinarius): ok

(@SphynxCatVP): can't peel the skin off when you're sweating to death :P

(VvMistressLeolavV): *dumps ice cubes down df's back* THere

(lady_aliana274): but I am a nice fruitbat... I know when enough is enough... hee hee

(+Hank_Riker): DF2009 - Yeah, that is her view. But I often refer to the bedroom as "frozen food".

(+Orthaevelve): thanks, appreciated. The book should be out next year if my editor gets her butt in gear

(@Sanguinarius): a lot of the ones that are word-for-word or nearly word for words from the SanguinariuM were lent to them by me

(@SphynxCatVP): well, he does get a bit frozen.... *snerk* :)

(+Orthaevelve): I know and said that in my book. Repeatedly

(@Sanguinarius): so they didn't originate them

(Adevarat): back

(melkia): i will have to email MB again and ask her if i may talk about her book has helped me in my search to so ill have to email her again

(@Sanguinarius): that was when I was with COVICA

(lady_aliana274): when I sweat my skin peels off... it is so gross...

(+Orthaevelve): Just like Sanguinarium ripped off Vi Johnson's stuff

(VvMistressLeolavV): @ Sang 00COVICA?

(DF2009): I have to wait to turn the AC on again apparently myself ;)

(LunaCarmesi): brb...on phone

(@Isealdor): @melkia she, like most of us, is incredibly busy. Realize it may take a good while to get a response

(lady_aliana274): OMG

(@Sanguinarius): yeah, it's a now-defunct organization that tried to do what the VVC is doing

(@Sanguinarius): basically

(RoxxAnn): I've been taking cold baths

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Sang ah ok

(melkia): ahh ok

(lady_aliana274): i havent heard that term covica in a while.

(+Orthaevelve): wow I have been out of touch. VVC?

(@Sanguinarius): stood for Council Of Vampiric International Community AffaIRS

(@SphynxCatVP): OMG is that what COVICA stood for?

(RoxxAnn): Sleeping in the snow in winter (clothed but no blankets nor tent

(DF2009): Voices of the Vampire Community

(VvMistressLeolavV): Who is the VVC?

(@Sanguinarius): what's the url for the VVC?

(+Orthaevelve): Okay. House Eclipse is not really keeping up with the community since we are basically an information source now

(@Isealdor): The public site for the VVC is at

(@Sanguinarius): 'Ello 'ello gset

(RoxxAnn): lady_aliana274, my skin always blistered and peeled from the sun. gave me no relief either. horrid

(+hirudo): Sphynxcat- My other half is still doesn't know how I can tolerate the temperature of the hot baths I have.

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Koon thanks

(+Orthaevelve): definitely not my thing then.

(gset): wow it's been a while... i'm surprised i rememberred the server lol. nice to see you sangi

(lady_aliana274): i know right ...its a awful thing

(@SphynxCatVP): I never could find that out

(VvMistressLeolavV): <--is now completely confused

(lady_aliana274): lol

(@Sanguinarius): it's a networking and thinktank and project doing group, that is a loose affiliation of the major shakers and movers in the community

(+Hank_Riker): hirudo - I like scalding hot showers myself... Or used to. I've had to adapt with SphynxCatVP, as I like to shower with her. :-)

(+Orthaevelve): *shrugs* I personally and House Eclipse in general don't support or take part in any community politics

(@Merticus): The VVC is primarily concerned with information and networking, not politics. That's left up the individual to pursue on their own time.

(@Isealdor): @VvMistressLeolavV, the VVC is an international networking group of people from various places and backgrounds within the community...some are authors, some run websites, some have been in the media, some are researchers, etc

(+Hank_Riker): SphynxCatVP is as close as I get to the community and politics. I'm more than content to stand on the sidelines.

(RoxxAnn): i used to prefer luke warm to warm bath shower, now i prefer totally cold to cool

(+hirudo): Hank-Lol,my other half says my baths scald his dangly bits.

(@SphynxCatVP): ROFL

(+Orthaevelve): Understood, Sangi. I just don't enjoy interacting with most community members in general and cannot be high profiel

(@Sanguinarius): oh

(+Hank_Riker): hirudo - I can understand that. Thus the shower. So I can point the flow away from said dangly bits. :-P

(+Orthaevelve): I am a phlebotomist and do volunteer work in a public charity

(+Orthaevelve): I can't afford to have my nature outed

(@Sanguinarius): PAL!

* Sanguinarius scoots over by Orthaevelve

* SphynxCatVP laughs

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods at Orth*

(@Sanguinarius): understandable

(+Orthaevelve): Okay sangi, what do you need? *grins*

(@Isealdor): @Orthaevelve high profile doesnt always have to mean public

(VvMistressLeolavV): brb

(@sarasvati): I understand that issue, Orthaevelve :P

(@Sanguinarius): nothin'

(Adevarat): true

(@Sanguinarius): just people who know how to phlebotomize

(+Orthaevelve): I also do volunteer EMT work, so again, I am a bit paranoid

(@Sanguinarius): is that the word?

(+Orthaevelve): err, no.

(@Sanguinarius): ok, that's good coz that, kinda

(@Isealdor): lol

(+Orthaevelve): Sangi, remind me, I am doing an article on feeding with fingerstick lancets

(@Sanguinarius): yes?

(@Sanguinarius): Hello BloodCat

(+Orthaevelve): Very safe and anyone can use them with about an hour of training

(VvMistressLeolavV): bak again. Orth I was an EMT prior to kids and re-certing soon. Totally understood

(+Orthaevelve): Leolav, yes, I am due for recert in a year

(@Sanguinarius): can I repost the article on Sanguinarius?

(LunaCarmesi): i know all about mother is diabetic and she taught me how to use them for "emergency purposes" only

(@Sanguinarius): anyone with any articles to post on Sanguinarius plz send them to

(+Orthaevelve): You have blanket permission to repost and link for any house eclipse articles, Sang

(+Orthaevelve): Sangi I mean

(RKCoon): most of us who are real, cannot, Orth, however, such things are of minimal consequense for many part of the VVC.

(@Sanguinarius): sweet! Thanks muchly! :D

(+Orthaevelve): I respect you all for doing the VVC public relations thing, but I am a researcher and magician primarily.

(+Orthaevelve): By the way, blanket invite to any of you who end up in DC to look me up for coffee

(+Orthaevelve): Most likely on my part it is simple paranoia. however I am very easily identified visibly. Being covered in tattoos will do that

(@SphynxCatVP): fair enough Orthae :)

* Sanguinarius sips her coffee

(+Orthaevelve): Nothing to me. But I stick out in a crowd due to appearance as it is

(+Orthaevelve): Not at all. But my family live in a small town in Texas. Being outed as a vamp could cause grief for them due to my ties to my family

(VvMistressLeolavV): Some of us especially with kids or in jobs around people could be more worried. If my family knew the real me I'm sure they could call me mental and threaten to take away my kids. No thanks.

(@Merticus): There is little risk inherent to being an active anonymous participant within a community largely conducted online. Otherwise I wouldn't be here myself.

(RKCoon): thats just a given altogether on its own. the topic, as Orth said, is the personal risk associated with being a part of such groups that are deliberately - as individuals within - out

(+Orthaevelve): I suppose that I am just a bit jaded, having seen so many well meaning community organizations get sidetracked over the years

(DF2009): Orth: I agree with you in that

(RKCoon): Nicely said, Orth, Though id not be personally as generous as that.

(+Hank_Riker): Merticus - Same for myself, actually.

(lady_aliana274): it is hard to know who is good and who is bad around the ovc unless you have very thick skin...

(@SphynxCatVP): ============ CHANNEL TOPICS ON THE FLOOR =========================

(@SphynxCatVP): 1.) How long have you gone without feeding?

(@SphynxCatVP): 2.) What changes, discomforts and ailments, increased/decreased sensitivities, abilities, etc. have you experienced since you have not been feeding?

(@SphynxCatVP): 3.) For those who have gone a year or years (how long?), have these gotten worse or better over time?

(@SphynxCatVP): 4.) Other considerations or topics you'd like to discuss?

(@SphynxCatVP): =================================================================

(+Orthaevelve): I cannot imagine going more than a month without feeding

(DF2009): I've gone recently almost a year without a solid feed

(@SphynxCatVP): Orthaevelve, with the vitamins, it might be possible for you :)

(melkia): 4 months here

(@sarasvati): Did you mention what I had already passed on to you, Sphynx, already?

(@SphynxCatVP): sarasvati, no not yet

(+Orthaevelve): Two weeks unfed and I start having joint aches, hunger, migraines and difficulty digesting food

(@sarasvati): *doesn't wantto repeat what has already been repeasted* :)

(+hirudo): I gave up doing any interviews even before the Scarlet Moon went the way of the dodo. They're very rarely worth the time and aggro.

(@sarasvati): okie dokie

(@SphynxCatVP): Ah, ok, not yet then... well, I know the vitamin set does need to be tweaked still

(@Sanguinarius): what about longer times?

(+Orthaevelve): Possibly but even with the vitamins, four weeks of not feeding recently I was dealing with crippling heightened senses and weakness

(melkia): i stoped feeding becuse i was depressed

(RKCoon): might i pm you, orth?

(lady_aliana274): I have 6 months or more without feeding but I get sick if I go longer than that.

(melkia): and then i started again becuse i couldend deal with the enrgy depleasion

(@sarasvati): #1: 3 years from 1994-1997, then a couple years in undergraduate, and a couple years in graduate school.

(+Orthaevelve): certainly RKCoon

(melkia): the affects were bad, lets just say that

(DF2009): my ailments have been: insomnia to the tune of an hour or less of sleep a night, extreme sensitivity to light, and sound, gradually increasing depression, stress and anxiety

(Adevarat): does anyone else have dizziness?

(+Orthaevelve): Yes, and nausea or lack of appetite

(lady_aliana274): everyday.

(melkia): i do notice when i dont feed i get very very angry and moody

(@sarasvati): #2: Diarrhea, inappetance, nausea, depression, irritability, insomnia, restlessness, aggression. Increased dry-mouth and migraine frequency. Increased eye problems. Muscle aches/pains at seeming random.

(Adevarat): what about panic attacks?

(KrevZabijak): No dizziness here.

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Ad I used to get dizziness so bad when I would lay down that it would feel like I was on a rollarcoaster...haven't had that in a few months though.

(melkia): ohh ill put that in my book

(melkia): !!!!!!!

(Zyd): what is your book about melkia?

(Adevarat): thats vertigo. I have that

(lady_aliana274): panik attacks yes..

(VvMistressLeolavV): Panic Attacks are as bad as the migraines. They get worse the longer I go without feeding. I've heard this is very common among us

(melkia): me and how vampirizam affects my CP

(+Orthaevelve): panic attacks no. Urge to attack people or animals, yes.

(Adevarat): my panic got me so bad I stayed in my house for a year, no shit

(@SphynxCatVP): I haven't gotten panic attacks, but I've gotten very scatterbrained, like I can't keep track of anything for more than a short while

(+Hank_Riker): Adevarat - Occasionally, but I can't pin it down, and it's been mostly eliminated by Sphynx's vitamin regimen.

(KrevZabijak): I have PA's but I do not relate them to my 'vampirism', only to PTSD and that's it.

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods at Orth Sounds like when I vamp out

(DF2009): I tend to lose control of myself at increasing frequency the longer I go

(RoxxAnn): i'm back

(@sarasvati): #3: Initially they get worse to a point, plateu, drop, and then go back and forth in frequency and severity. At a few months out, I stop keeping track because I am depressed about the whole thing.

(VvMistressLeolavV): wb

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Saras I missed -- how long have you gone without feeding?

(@Sanguinarius): Has anyone's symptoms lessened any over time?

(DF2009): @Sara: I experience the rollercoaster affect as well

(melkia): also when i feed i feel like my spasms are almot a non issues

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Sang Mine are just getting worse......

(melkia): sangi no just the opposite

(lady_aliana274): i tend to be on a schedule if you will (for lack of a better term

(@sarasvati): VvMistressLeolavV: Three years aright after/while awakening, then a couple periods of two years while in college

(lady_aliana274): it comes like clockwork for me.

(@Sanguinarius): how does that substitute work?

(@Sanguinarius): Is it something that you would be willing to share the formula/recipe?

(+Orthaevelve): For me, very well. If I made it for someone else, i would have to custom tailor it to their body

(+hirudo): Sangi-Not really, apart from the frequency of the migraines and the panic attacks subsided after about four years.

(DF2009): unfortunely, the Sang method doesn't work for me

(@sarasvati): I should say that is without feeding from human blood, I did rely on subs in those stretches though found them to work less and less the longer I went.

(+Orthaevelve): Certainly, I would be quite willing but it is a pain in the ass and a two month project to make

(@Sanguinarius): hmm

(RoxxAnn): mine do not lessen unless i feed, so far. maybe i can do some other kind of feeding in future. i don't know. for now i have to feed

(lady_aliana274): just over the years of having the need to feed I have tried to control it the best I can.

(+Orthaevelve): In my experience you can control it to a point, but eventually it is like a boiling pot with a lid on it. If you don't let the Hunger out to play, eventually you will have an explosion

(VvMistressLeolavV): I can psi feed in an emergency but it's like giving a diabetic a candy bar when they really need helps for a day or two

(lady_aliana274): I feel I am lucky enough to have a wonderful donor too. he is very giving.

(@Sanguinarius): To get your demented fortune, type -fortune

(@sarasvati): I wouldn't say my symptoms ever lessened, but they did eventually plateu except the "beasty/twoofy" problems that would rise and fall

(VvMistressLeolavV): @ Lady A you are very lucky

(@Sanguinarius): how do you mean?

(lady_aliana274): i never take it for granted...

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Saras -- I am unclear about twoofing. Is that the hair pulling, writhing on the bed thing that happens after a major vamp out?

(melkia): ya id agree the beasty hasent showed its self since i was younger

(lady_aliana274): the bdsm we are into really helps.... lol (smile)

(@Sanguinarius): twoofing = vamping out

(VvMistressLeolavV): crying, screaming ect?

(+Orthaevelve): It takes a month for the herbs to soak in the vinegar, sangi, and then another month to calcine the ashes and remix them with some of the rarer ingredients

(melkia): however

(VvMistressLeolavV): oh okay...I thought twoofing and vamping out were slightly different

(+Orthaevelve): BDSM does help a LOT with twoofing

(melkia): when i smell blood or see meat

(melkia): i kinda well

(melkia): ......

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods

(DF2009): I agree with Orth: there is a tipping point in control. After enough time there is an rather instinctual and primal response that occurs.

* Sanguinarius 's eyes glaze over... so it's not something someone can just..make..any chance of marketting it?

(melkia): still havent learnd how to control that

(@SphynxCatVP): yes

(+Orthaevelve): Sangi, I wish.

(melkia): i dont get it i am a psi blood shouldent effect me

(KrevZabijak): I saw herbs and vinegar, is there a good recipe I missed?

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Orth is it something you just put together and it works or did you find a recipie for it?

(melkia): or meat

(RoxxAnn): i didn't plateau nonfeeding. I was getting so much sicker very fast. the doctors were afraid for my life

(+Orthaevelve): I put it together from blood building recipes and lots of herbalism research Leolav

(KrevZabijak): @melkia: You may be influencing yourself with that exposure?

* Sanguinarius is tempted to beg for the formula anyway, just to document it

(VvMistressLeolavV): aha

(+Orthaevelve): You don't need to beg, Sangi, I will gladly share it

(@Sanguinarius): :D

(@sarasvati): VvMistressLeolavV: I consider the "twoofing" the more mental effects, the irritability, aggitation, anxiety etc. "beast" more the physical dry-mouth, pain, etc.

* Sanguinarius makes a note for usage

(+Orthaevelve): Sarasvati, I get a very extreme form of the Beast whenever hungry.

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Saras that's kinda what I was thinking as well.

(melkia): no i know what u r saying but its the smell of bloos sets me off

(melkia): its not that i try to

(@Duvessa): melkia, some schools of thought believe that blood and psi are two sources for the same thing so it would make sense if you believed in that

(@Duvessa): there are also hybrids

(+Orthaevelve): I wish I could psi feed. I cannot feed on energy, it is like trying to eat mist.

(melkia): well i belive that blood just carrys the psi or core energys and is just a machanic for psi or core

(+Orthaevelve): The smell bothers me a bit, as does the sight.

(@Sanguinarius): It seems I can sometimes absorb psi, but it's not the same as feeding, as blood

(DF2009): brb

(@sarasvati): I used to be bothered by the smell and had to work for it... but now I am up to my elbows in it three times a wekk, so had to buckle down :P

(@Sanguinarius): it doesn't satify hunger like blood does

(RoxxAnn): i don't need as much blood building. i need the oxygenation and the regular cleaning.

(@SphynxCatVP): no it doesn't

* Sanguinarius doesn't want to sound melodramatic here...

(+Orthaevelve): For me, I can enjoy the feel of certain energies but I cannot absorb them

(melkia): i would like to try blood but i have no safe donor

(melkia): to see if it is stronger energy source

(RoxxAnn): @ortha, what bothers you? blood?

(RoxxAnn): some people's blood smells bad to me

(lady_aliana274): you want to get right to the nuts and bolts of energy. go right to the source. drink blood. sanguine. if you want to work for it and feed maybe for a bit longer and harder to get what you need go psy. maybe? did I say that right??

(+Orthaevelve): The scent of blood tweaks my hunger a bit, much worse if I am hungry

(KrevZabijak): <-- Is not quite convinced I feed from energy on blood.

(+Orthaevelve): Melkia, I am one of the few sangs I know who drinks fresh animal blood

(+Orthaevelve): Other than my friends Nightwind and Jackal in Georgia

(@Isealdor): 101, animals carry many diseases and bacteria, etc, that may not make them sick, but can make humans incredibly sick

(RoxxAnn): @ melkia, how do you feed? psi?

(lady_aliana274): i have a hard time with words..

(lady_aliana274): lol

(@Sanguinarius): Orthaevelve, is there any difference between fresh animal blood and fresh human blood?

(@Duvessa): lady_aliana274, i think it depends on the person. some people can deal with psi better then blood and some it's the other way

(+Orthaevelve): Isealdor, I know. Tularemia etc

(fallen02): necr0 drops on animals as large as caribou from the trees with a knife

(+Orthaevelve): depends. Any blood is dangerous, but to me a well raised animal tastes better

(@Sanguinarius): that's goth that des that

(fallen02): oh

(fallen02): lol

(melkia): i think its called ambiant feeding

(@Sanguinarius): des = does

(lady_aliana274): @duvessa thats true

(RoxxAnn): I am soothed by feeding, if i can, i prefer to be soothed rather than energized

(@Sanguinarius): heya Evtastic2

(+Orthaevelve): Drain it into a shot glass Zyd

(melkia): i feel like anbuant feeding is not meeting my quete of energy needs

(melkia): but

(VvMistressLeolavV): It was a long long time ago...before you were born

(melkia): i dont want to break the veil

(+hirudo): I consider the Beast to be full on vampire mode for my body- the tightness around the underside of the diaphragm, the screaming need to feed constantly going through my head,etc, it makes for a more primal predatorial mindset at the time. Whilst I was wasn't feeding it used to come on once every couple of months but would last a day or two.

(RoxxAnn): my little cat Succubus is taking her snack break too

(+Orthaevelve): Nice name for a cat

(BloodCat): you have a cat named succubus?

(lady_aliana274): @ mistress... yea i get made fun of because of it..I know every word..

(@Sanguinarius): she

(RoxxAnn): Sucky for short

(BloodCat): err, lol... 'phlebotomist' i read as 'phlegmotoligst'

(BloodCat): you study PHLEGM!

(@Sanguinarius): :}

(@SphynxCatVP): ROFL

(+Orthaevelve): umm. Wow. Ick

(VvMistressLeolavV): I couldn't remember how to spell it so I wrote 'draws blood'

(melkia): whats a phlebotmist

(melkia): ?

(BloodCat): lol

(@SphynxCatVP): melkia, phlebotomist is a person who does blood draws

(melkia): i dont know what to do should i dont want to break the vail but i need more energy

(@Sanguinarius): Does anybody have any vampire-related questions or anything you want to talk about in particular?

(melkia): its geting worse becuse i am working out now

(VvMistressLeolavV): anyone know the quickest way to get rid of a migraine? Other than blood lol?

(@SphynxCatVP): excedrin, sunglasses, and a dark room

(@Sanguinarius): VvMistressLeolavV maybe Alleve?

(@SphynxCatVP): not necessarily in that order

(Kroh): a nap

(+Orthaevelve): Leolav, try using an herb ccalled feverfew in tea

(lady_aliana274): I would really love to see a 24/7 phone line set up for newly awakened vampires...

(VvMistressLeolavV): truly appreciate it....really

(+Orthaevelve): If it is safe to use with any medications you take

(@Sanguinarius): or if you can get some morphine and something for nausea (usually at the ER)

(@SphynxCatVP): feverfew I think has to be a continuous thing, not an as-needed

(BloodCat): kinda, though right now it's chaotic

(+Orthaevelve): It is both, sphynx. You can take it regularly as a preventative and as a sudden reliever

(RoxxAnn): alleve makes me sick

(Zyd): if you have a migraine staring at a computer screen probably isn't helping

(BloodCat): my brain is overheating trying to comprehend it

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Zyd I know.....I do it all day at work too :(

(RoxxAnn): lemon water can help with migraine.

(melkia): i thought about giveing my number 2 1 or 2 ppl in here sangi and SC but lol i don't know i am shy LOL

(@Isealdor): For those of you who sang feed...can/do you psi feed to help suppliment/stave off hunger, etc, and if so, how effective or not is it for you?

(RoxxAnn): yes, feverfew works great to keep migraines away

(RoxxAnn): zofran for nausea

(+Orthaevelve): The German H council recommends Feverfew as a supportive therapy for migraines

(Zyd): yes we should all take lsd for headaches

(RKCoon): psi,for me, is barely a stopgap. its a feel good ish for a night - or more often a tease.\

(Zyd): that's a great idea

(@Sanguinarius): BloodCat, what did we miss?

(+hirudo): Mistress- I usually try two ibuprofen with one co-codamol for the painkilling and anti-inflammatory. Otherwise sleeping in the dark.

(+Orthaevelve): Or candied ginger for nausea

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Orth thank you I'm going to look into that

(BloodCat): @Mistress meh, talking for a reason, i am. being heard by the crowd, i doubt.

(VvMistressLeolavV): :P

(BloodCat): y'all missed nothing of moderate importance

(+Orthaevelve): Leolav, no problem

(@sarasvati): I can't psi feed worth crap. Hubby says he can push energy toward/into me... but I don't get anything other than grumpy because I don't feel better

* BloodCat chuckles

(RoxxAnn): cat is done with snack. she would give me real blood. i just gave her raw yogurt, raw pasture raised eggs, unheated honey

(Adevarat): Isealdor...I am a hybrid. I do both. Psi mostly because of availability but it isnt as powerful as sang feeding

(BloodCat): isealdor spoke?

(BloodCat): oh , i see

(@SphynxCatVP): Psi feeding isn't anywhere near as effetive as blood feeding for me

(RoxxAnn): Yes, Germany did many tests and proved feverfew

(@Isealdor): <Isealdor> For those of you who sang feed...can/do you psi feed to help suppliment/stave off hunger, etc, and if so, how effective or not is it for you?

(BloodCat): @SphynxCatVP exactly

(melkia): is deep feeding breaking the vail ?

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Isealdor I can psi feed not sure if anyone saw this earlier but for me it's like giving a diabetic a candy bar when they really need insulin

(@SphynxCatVP): the who wa huh?

(@Sanguinarius): it's not very effective, and the effect is different than the effect for blood feeding.

(@Isealdor): @Adevarat do you find you have to feed sang less often when you regularly psi, or does it not make much difference?

(RoxxAnn): i need to sleep in the dark, but partner almost always puts light on and turns up radio. i wake up heart pounding headache

(+Orthaevelve): Sangi, I can't psi feed at all

(VvMistressLeolavV): @melkia what vail?

(BloodCat): i feed psi, it's a hope, but failes every time

(melkia): the black vail

(@Isealdor): @VvMistressLeolavV makes it worse for you, then?

(melkia): u know

(RoxxAnn): i want to start sleeping in the basement

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Roxxann---that would be nice and cool

(+Orthaevelve): Oh that thing

(BloodCat): meh, melkia

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Isealdor yes very much

(@SphynxCatVP): RoxxAnn, you might want to investigate a sleeping mask

(BloodCat): the code is merely guidelines

(@SphynxCatVP): it would at least eliminate the light from when your partner turns it on

(+Orthaevelve): I second your Meh Bloodcat

(Adevarat): I have to feed less sang but the urge is still there. The psi helps me cope better. But sometimes the beast is too much and I must sang feed

(@Sanguinarius): When I am pretty sure I AM psi feeding, it's just gives me a more alive (like, less asleep somehow), feeling. Not sure how to explain Blood feeding, gives me energy and a good feeling

(@Isealdor): @VvMistressLeolavV just makes the cravings worse...or makes you have to actually sang feed more often to keep the same equalibrium?

(RoxxAnn): deep feeding? @ melkia, what's that?

(RoxxAnn): brb

(BloodCat): holy crap could you people type slower

(+hirudo): Isealdor-Hit and miss with psi-feeding from a distance. Very good with intimate contact,but even then it barely lasts even 24 hours.I don't bother psi-feeding as a result. I am a fairly proficient energy worker though.

(@Sanguinarius): the blood feeding gives me a kind of euphoria and rush

(@SphynxCatVP): melkia, No

(lady_aliana274): @ isealldor i can when I am around a large crowd of mundanes like in a night club .. but prefer blood.

(+Orthaevelve): Same here sangi. Pupils dialate, blood pressure goes down, skin flushes, etc

(melkia): deep feeding is when u go deeper into the energy field and feed

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Isealdor It's hard to say as I go for so long between blood feedings. Psi feeds are like a sugar rush with an awful crash

(@Sanguinarius): BloodCat I'm having trouble keeping up too

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods at Sang

(lady_aliana274): @ bloodcat.... they are rocket typists......hee hee

(BloodCat): i should turn on speech dictation

(lady_aliana274): 3...2.... 1.... type

(Adevarat): and to be clear...I only psi feed off of my man because he lets me and elemental. I do not take from unsuspecting people or animals

(@Isealdor): @hirudo out of curiosity, do you consider yourself to be feeding off of the metaphysical (energyworking sense) energy in the blood, or something else?

(@Sanguinarius): Igotta get up and move around a little bit...bbiab

(Adevarat): hb

(BloodCat): breain not working

(VvMistressLeolavV): brb need a cig

(BloodCat): that was a cool typo

(Adevarat): lol

(@SphynxCatVP): melkia, the black veil is social guidelines

(@Isealdor): @VvMistressLeolavV interesting...go for so long out of resource lack, I assume?

(+Orthaevelve): My brain is misfiring from the smelly candles my rommmate pulled out

(+Hank_Riker): Well, you get a bunch of folks who can speed type all chatting at once, and yeah, the screen suddenly starts scrolling like mad.

* melkia massages blood cats brain

* Isealdor didnt think convo was going that fast...* what program do you use, BC?

(@SphynxCatVP): Isealdor, not everyone READS fast either :)

(BloodCat): However, it is a whole lot easier than actually using lazy little fingers to push those tiny buttons on the Keebler press answer and Anna, just think about it! I can update my twitter really, really fast indeed very, very annoying press enter

(@Isealdor): @SphynxCatVP true :P

(lady_aliana274): I have been looking forward to this all week... (smile)

(Zyd): aww of course i am advocaat :)

(Adevarat): :D

(melkia): ya i have to re read the convo i dont wanna miss anything :(

(Zyd): i wondered where you had been for so long

(+Orthaevelve): It's a good chance to talk about this sort of thing, but I prefer to stay to my self for the most part. my opinions are rather contrary to general community consensus on several isuues

(Adevarat): I was just happy to get mirc back on the pc

(Zyd): xchat is nicer than mirc

(BloodCat): if a conversation comes up i might enjoy PM me

(Adevarat): is it?

(@Duvessa): i agree i like xchat though is till don't know how to do some things with it

(@Isealdor): @Orthaevelve personally, I'd say often it's the people who have the views contrary to the common consensus who are needed the most as far as speaking up goes

(Adevarat): heya

(+Orthaevelve): Thank you Isealdor, but it gets a bit exhausting to always be the odd one out

(melkia): i hear that orth

(Adevarat): I am always an oddball but I relish not being conformed to a certain mold

(@Isealdor): @Orthaevelve true, tough place to be in, just also a needed one

(+hirudo): Isealdor-I am of the opinion that the blood feeding=deep core energy feeding is the nearest explanation to what's happening. I used to fall into the camp that believed that sangs needed something physical in the blood, but my experience over the years (and Occam's Razor)does not support that.

(+Orthaevelve): Perhaps so Hirudo, but my experience is that I simply cannot feed in any way save sang

(melkia): sphynx is there a method on your site for safe core feeding so i dont hurt the peron?

* Hank_Riker chuckles

(@SphynxCatVP): melkia, take a look here:

(@Isealdor): @hirudo I'm in a similar boat. I'm at the point where unless I see some sort of evidence showing there is a purely physical component in the blood, I tend toward that it is more energy-related...though that some can only process energy from specific sources/forms, etc

(+Orthaevelve): I respect your opinions, Isealdor and Hirudo, but I will simply agree to disagree

(BloodCat): i see ise's view and second it

(BloodCat): from what i heare there is a small feud from between sangs and psis about the energy vs physical componene in blood

(@Isealdor): @Orthaevelve :) works for me. What is your opinion, though? I think I missed it earlier, if it was stated

(KrevZabijak): What did I miss?

(+hirudo): Ortha- Psi-feeding and sang feeding isn't the same. Although we say they're both energy feeding they are not from the same.....level of source,so to speak, hence why psi-feeding for sangs is so very unsatifying.

(@Sanguinarius): but then how do you explain that blood feeding is different from, and has different effects than, psi/chi feeding?

(+Orthaevelve): I do not have a personal hypothesis. Simply my own experience that at least primary sangs who do not feed on blood tend not to ever have their hunger sated by energy

(@Sanguinarius): Greetings and salutations lady_aliana

(BloodCat): different energies mayhaps, sangi?

(Adevarat): I dont feud with anyone over it because I am not a scientist. I think to each his own. We all have a right to our opinion on what is gained from diff feedings

(BloodCat): i'm neuteral on the matter, i just know it works, that's all i need to know

(BloodCat): (mathemetician i am... the formulas work, just do it.)

(@Isealdor): @Orthaevelve I'm not seeing how our perspectives conflict

(+Orthaevelve): I suppose I do not see blood as an energy source, per se

(+Orthaevelve): More simply a supplement to the sang diet

(VvMistressLeolavV): @ Orth then what would the point of needing it be?

(+Orthaevelve): Needing which, precisely Leolav

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Orth forgive me but what?

(lady_aliana): drinking blood from another human is something not to be taken lightly of course. you have to realize that you will be in tune with that person in such an amazing bond.

(+Orthaevelve): Basically I see blood as a dietary supplement, not a source of any kind of psychic energy

(@Isealdor): @Orthaevelve what in the blood is needed, then, that isnt found elsewhere?

(VvMistressLeolavV): <--wishes she could drink without that bond

(@Sanguinarius): sometimes you don't want to get into a bond with the person *sighs*

(@SphynxCatVP): Isealdor, we don't know yet :)

(+Orthaevelve): I have no idea, Isealdor

(Adevarat): has anyone had their donor become WAY to attached to them?

(@Sanguinarius): yes

(+Orthaevelve): OOOh yes Adevarat

(VvMistressLeolavV): or has anyone become way too attached to their donor?

(Adevarat): omg me too the 90s I got stalked by the creep

(@Sanguinarius): that too

(VvMistressLeolavV): *lets out a deep sigh

(BloodCat): nope, never became the slightest bit attached to my donor :P

(+Orthaevelve): Leolav, that is why when I do use donors, I use Otherkin or strong people

(@Irony): I guess you ask a lot of someone when you take their blood and then expect them to walk away without feeling something of a bond.

(Adevarat): not unless the donor was my SO at the time

(BloodCat): cause... i never had a donor :P

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Orth my donor was a therian

(@Sanguinarius): some of us are beggars and therefore can't be choosers

(+Orthaevelve): Otherkin and magic users heal more quickly

(@Isealdor): that's where I get caught up with the /purely/ physical explanation...suppliments to diets are needed because there is something needed in the suppliment. Until I'm shown research that has found what that element needed that's found in blood is (and pretty much only in blood), I currently take the stance that an energy-related explanation makes more sense

(BloodCat): lol, well put sangi

(melkia): orth

(melkia): not true

(melkia): i believe

(+Orthaevelve): Again, just my experience

(melkia): i am a demon kin

(VvMistressLeolavV): Bloodcat are you a sang?

(melkia): and i heal slow

(BloodCat): yus'm

(@SphynxCatVP): what sort of energy would be only accessible via blood though? and not by other means?

(@Sanguinarius): well, if it does, then why the same hell can't we feed psychically or when we do, why's it different?

(BloodCat): orth, i'm feline-kin and i've yet to fully heal

(VvMistressLeolavV): *nods how do you feed without a donor? If I can ask

(BloodCat): that's the problem, mistress.

(+Orthaevelve): Ah, bloodcat, that's interesing

(Fooln): my last donor fell in love with me and couldn't keep her hands where they should be. i had to distance myself from her, she couldn't respect limits..

(@Isealdor): SphynxCatVP: that's why I say some may only be able to process or find energy effective when in a specific form (the form being part of what source it comes from, often)

(+Orthaevelve): Oh hell no, feeding off Tieflings and angelkin will screw up your head

(Adevarat): to my knowledge, unless someone has porphoria, which is rare, then so far nothing scientific has been proved by needing blood. Which leads me to believe it is energy. That being said, this is MY opinion

(BloodCat): agreed and seconded

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Orth Tieflings?

(gset): @spyhnx: if general energy is stored in everything, the blood flowing through the body could pick it up concievably

(@Sanguinarius): what's a Tiefling?

(+Orthaevelve): demonkin Leolav

(VvMistressLeolavV): aha!

(VvMistressLeolavV): (Please call me Leola all)

(@Isealdor): As stated before, I find blood more effective than psi feeding, too :) not arguing that one might have one source that works better than others, or that there are sources that might not work for some at all

(+Orthaevelve): old dungeons and dragons term, sorry. I hereby wave my gamer geek card

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Isealdor which sources are you reffering to? Like subs?

* ThunderSqueak lays back and lays down after a very long day with too much drama

(+hirudo): Sphynxcat-From what I can assertain there is a natural defense around whatever the deep core energy is. Blood seems to be a natural conductive element to access it. Bah, I'm not explaining myself very well in chat :(

(VvMistressLeolavV): @hirudo well spoken actually...or typed

* SphynxCatVP thinks some vamps ought to start ranching cattle :P

(DF2009): Hirudo: I'd like to postulate, that perhaps it's not so much a barrier or defense as it is a natural ability or inability to access it via various means.

(+Hank_Riker): Tetra packed moo blood to go!

(+Orthaevelve): Hmm. Cold blood sounds icky

(@Sanguinarius): not if yer desperate enough

(BloodCat): actually, there was an article on storing blood frozen
(+Orthaevelve): The one where they postulated adding glucose to the blood/

(@SphynxCatVP): yea, frozen storage here:

(@Isealdor): @VvMistressLeolavV by "source" I mean any source a vampire feeds from, be that blood, other fluids, psi/elemental/sexual energy, etc

(VvMistressLeolavV): @Isealdor aha..ty

(+Orthaevelve): If so, that would probably work. One additive used to store blood for transfusion is acid citrate dextrose. Dextrose is a bit similar to glucose

(+hirudo): Mistress-I've mentioned to a few people in the VC in the past that I started on a writing up a theory many years ago. It explained it alot better but I never finished it.It's currently sitting in a very thick research folder in a box of books,unloved :)

(@SphynxCatVP): Adevarat > Bring some european recipies with you for stuff like blood sausage and blood pancakes

(+Hank_Riker): - Heh

(@Isealdor): @Adevarat say you want to make blood pudding :)

(Zyd): tell the butcher you are feeding your dog a raw diet and need blood

(Zyd): i mean there are lots of ways to get around it

(Zyd): i get my dogs raw organic bison blood

(Zyd): the butcher never looks at me oddly

(@SphynxCatVP): Oh awesome, Zyd, thanks for the tip!

(Zyd): it's human food grade

(+Hank_Riker): There are a lot of human recipes for blood...

(Zyd): why wouldn't it be?

(+hirudo): Mistress-Lol, everyone says that, but I'm really crap and still haven't touch it.

(Zyd): it's my butcher, it's the blood from slaughter the bison steaks i eat

(@Isealdor): just saying in general, not from your butcher in specific, Zyd

(RoxxAnn): sometimes animal products have to be labeled for pet use, for legal reasons. does not mean the food is dirty

(RoxxAnn): i hear goji berry is a night shade, for those with arthritis

(Adevarat): I take aloe helps the digestive problems some

(vVMistressLeolaVv): Was that brought up before about how many of us have stomach issues?

(Adevarat): nope capsules

(Adevarat): yes leola

(vVMistressLeolaVv): *nods and adds it to her growing list

(lady_aliana): <--- has learned a lot 2 night about how to stay healthy.. lost 9 pounds..

(RoxxAnn): drink/eat fresh aloe, helps more than caps

(Adevarat): I take powdered ginger root caps. I love those

(@Sanguinarius): aloe is good for sunburn too

(Adevarat): yeah I used it for sunburn as a kid

(Orthaevelve): I like candied ginger

(@SphynxCatVP): Yes, goji berries/wolfberries are nightshades

(@Sanguinarius): cut off the tip of the leave, then split it and rub the juice on the sunburn

(vVMistressLeolaVv): ginger is also good for naseau

(Adevarat): I also take cayenne caps. Helps for heart issues

(lady_aliana): @leola I do not know much about antioxidents and such.. I never really knew that vitamins were kind of good source of what we would need. I am trying to become more healthy

(vVMistressLeolaVv): <--can't spell past 9pm

(Adevarat): when my heart starts spazzing I pop a cap and it settles down within about 10 min

(vVMistressLeolaVv): @lady a *nod nod nod*

(@Sanguinarius): talk to SphynxCatVP!

(Adevarat): I need her vitamin list

(Orthaevelve): It works really well

(@SphynxCatVP): Gimme an email, I'll pass it on :)

(vVMistressLeolaVv): @Sphynx do you have a list of vitamins you take?

(@SphynxCatVP): yes I do :)

(@SphynxCatVP): send me your email I'll pass it on

(vVMistressLeolaVv): Can I PM you it?

(Orthaevelve): I need a happy plant to feed my cat. Come on, Sangi, share please

(@SphynxCatVP): soitenly :)

* Adevarat is glad hubby works in family pharmacy...all vitamins are free

(+Hank_Riker): Yes, go ahead and PM her it. She's working in another window.

(+Hank_Riker): Oop. There she is.

(sp00ky): I swear i read do you have a list of Victims that you take.

(@Sanguinarius): freudian slip

* Hank_Riker laughs

(vVMistressLeolaVv): LOL

(Adevarat): wow it got quiet in here compared to earlier

(+hirudo): It was hard to keep up earlier!

(Adevarat): yeah I know


(@SphynxCatVP): --- IF SO, PM ME WITH YOUR EMAIL ----

* Sanguinarius has been trying to eat more fresh things lately

* Adevarat too...havent touched fast food in 2 1/2 weeks

(+Hank_Riker): Fast food? Based on running speed? ;)

* SphynxCatVP has found it's just AMAZING how healthy eating can be when eliminating things like fructose

(@Sanguinarius): lol

(Adevarat): I really enjoyed this. I dont get to discuss these issues often and I find it refreshing to discuss and get things off my chest

=============== END LOG ===============

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