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'Initiation Into the Vampiric Arts' Review

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By Marion du Coudray Papillon

Whether the intended reader wants to become a vampire or has an interest in vampirism Initiation into the Vampiric Arts by The Vampire Regeneration Movement (VRM) is an informative read.

This book features a form of Shamanism, known as Vapir Shamanism that came from Mesopotamia to the Ukraine. The goal of this book according to VRM is to return, “vampirism to its vapir shamanism roots, and breaking away from both Hollywood-style and ‘empathic’ vampirism.” This goal is accomplished!

Initiation into the Vampiric Arts is an important booklet because, as the book’s jacket reads it provides, “you with essential information and exercise for initiation into the vampiric arts. You will find out how vampiric exercises are created and practiced, and what they will accomplish. You will discover that the techniques for initiation achieve their effect rapidly and efficiently, preparing the path for more advanced work with a solid foundation.” This book is a perfect start to practicing vampirism and conducting self-initiation. It is also a wonderful tool to help others become a vampire.

This book is very well written giving easy to understand advice. It is the perfect introduction for those wanting to become a vampire. The 100-plus page book’s graphics fit the well-organized straight to the point guide. The bold section heads allow quick reference to help provide quick access to particular element. A Basic Covenant Affirmation of Intent form is also found at the end of the booklet making everything available in one place.

The Vampire Regeneration Movement gives full detail to the reader about becoming a vampire as well as clears up myths through this book. Most of the myths refer to the Hollywood depiction of vampires. It puts the record straight explaining the truth about vampirism, such as “vampirism is not a communicable disease or blood parasite,” explaining the image of a vampire with two pointy teeth who is ready to drink the blood of the living is not a real vampire.

Overall, this book is interesting and a perfect reference booklet for anyone interested in obtaining a basic understanding of modern vampirism and having a guide to become a vampire. Initiation into the Vampiric Arts by The Vampire Regeneration Movement is available in paperback at for $9.95.

From Sanguinarius:

Having acquired a copy of this book and read it myself, I wish to include my own commentary below (not sure if this passes for a review or not, but here goes):

This interesting little book of around 100 pages proclaims the ability to teach you how to become a vampire while also discussing the occult origins of various vampire folklore myths. It provides a number of progressive "scripts", or ritual elements, which one is supposed to use by incorporating into their spiritual/magickal work to develop vampiric abilities. It also describes a framework for forming and working with groups of fellow vampires, however the practitioner is also able to work alone.

It should be noted that the practitioner will not become a literal vampire, undead or otherwise, but may develop (with work and practice) powers and abilities simaler to the vampires of myth and legend. The practitioner should also be in good physical (and preferably mental) health before attempting to perform the exercises within.

This book also asserts a type of shamanism, which it calls "vapir shamanism", declaring it to have originated in Mesopotamia and spreading to the Ukraine. I have been unable to verify this information, and likewise, there's very little to be found about the Author. Also, towards the end of the book, the author references another book, Methods for Harnessing Vampiric Powers, which I have not yet been able to locate.

Interestingly, the book discourages discussion about it's contents except with other vampires or initiates, but this reviewer feels that this is a little extreme -- additional viewpoints often promote better understanding.

I cannot make an educated recommendation for or against the book and it's contents, due to lack of additional information. Regardless, it is an interesting read -- but whether one chooses to follow that metaphysical pathway is entirely up to the individual, and at the individual's own risk.

If this interests you, the book may be purchased from

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