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Awakening Express Service

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by Mys

(Rewritten due to loss when old boards collapsed.)

The purpose of this document is to help those who have realized their awakening work out common problems that arise during this tough period. It is mostly addressed to the newly awakened, but the advice given can be applied in any stage of the condition.

Note: Advice, ideas and opinions are gathered from several posts, several people of this [the Vampiric Community Message Board] board and several sources of the site, besides the author's personal views. Feedback, complaints and suggestions are more than welcomed anytime. I'm sure I've missed a few fields, so feel free to pm me any additional info/links.

The awakening is perhaps the most difficult stage of the condition of vampirism. It's when the condition shows up so strongly in our organism, that we are forced to realize it and find out what it is (after being checked by doctors). This period of vampirism offers many, usually unpleasant, surprises varying from physical pain to mental pain, crises and changes in ourselves. It's that long period of self-searching, denying and then accepting what is happening to you and learning to live with it, as well as discovering symptoms of the condition. The fact that most awakenings happen during adolescence makes things a little harder, as this phase of our life is known to be the most unstable and, well…crazy. Learning that you are suffering from a yet scientifically unexplained condition is not the best thing. But since you have learnt and realized what is going on with you, it would be good to get some advice on how to cope with some of the problems caused during the awakening of the vampiric condition.

The problems encountered during an awakening can be categorized to sanguinarian, psi vampirism and hybrid problems, physical and psychical problems.

A. Sanguinarian Awakening

If you need nothing more but blood, blood, blood, and if psi feeding doesn't tell you a thing, then welcome to the sanguinarian problems!

First and foremost is the blood need. Needing blood is what makes you a person with sanguinarian vampirism. Getting blood, though, can be rather difficult, mainly due to the form of the society we live in, your age, the diseases going around that are transmitted by blood and the lack of reliable donors.

Searching for a donor is a good idea nevertheless. Be sure, though, of the following:

  1. Your donor is a reliable person that you know well;
  2. Get your donors blood tests, including HIV, hepatitis and relevant diseases, and general blood health;
  3. Your donor is trustworthy.

Bear in mind that drinking blood from another person is always risky, so always require full blood tests from your donors, and if you have a stable donor, ask them to do frequent blood tests. For more information on donors and safe blood drinking please check <>, <>, <>.

However, finding a donor with the above characteristics is difficult, especially when you're young at age. Not drinking blood to fill the energy lack leads to several symptoms and finally vamping-out crises (or else twoofing). Most sangs suffer this problem, but still there's a partial solution. Drinking your own blood is not encouraged, as it's like dumping energy out of your organism and then taking it in again (a vicious cycle). The magic key here is the food substitutes. Your organism requires the energy within the blood, which-for some reason yet unexplained-is the best form of energy to cover energy lack. But foods and drinks provide energy too, even if not as strong as this provided by blood. The energy provided by the food substitutes can somewhat make up for the energy that should be taken in your organism by blood. Certain foods and drinks work well for each one of us, so whenever you get that thirst for blood, try a substitute at a time. After a few vamping out crises, you'll be able to realize what substitutes help you most to carry out twoofing with the least pain. Sometimes substitutes might not work, and that's usually when your organism has had enough with subs and needs blood. In this case, you try to figure out some new substitutes and you try to relax and remain patient until the crisis is gone.

Facing twoofing/vamping out is a common thing to those lacking a blood source. Dealing with it is not easy in the first place, but it's something that you must get used to. Relaxing, resting a lot, avoiding tension, learning breathing control and keeping substitutes close are the best things to do during a thirst crisis. The vast majority of people with vampirism report physical and psychical pain during twoofing. Symptoms vary from headaches, dizziness and muscle ache to fainting tendencies and extreme sensitivity. Also, keep in mind that your psychology is not the best during these days, with possible aggressiveness, nerves and mental weaknesses. Depending on your own symptoms in such a case, it's good to sleep a lot, rest and keep a couple of painkillers close.

You can find twoofing control and tips, substitute lists, sub recipes and help on how to find suitable substitutes in the following links: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>.

B. Psi Awakening

You're more the type of taking the lacking energy by draining people or the environment surrounding you? Don't feel like feeding on blood at all, but still having the need for energy? Then , my friend, you belong to the psi vampirism section.

Though people with psi vampirism rarely face feeding problems (energy is all around them, ready to be incorporated in their organism), they still have some trouble. Common problems are shielding, filtering the drained energy and dealing with others' feelings.

Shielding and filtering are processes that allow you to choose what to incorporate from your draining. Taking in unfiltered energy is like eating chips together with the plastic bag including them. If you want a healthy feeding, you should try and learn how to filter your energy. Before filtering though comes shielding, which is the process of learning how to create a kind of energy shield around your organism in order to protect in from unwilling draining and to be able to filter the incoming energy. Techniques on building a shield and filtering your energy involve a lot of visualizing and most of all, believing in your shield. If you believe it exists then you'll be able to build it and then make it work as you wish. Remember that correct psi feeding is an art, and it needs patience and persistence to achieve good results. More on shielding and filtering can be found here: <>, <>, <>.

Also, here are some psi feeding techniques that might help you: <>.

Many people with psi vampirism complain about feeling strongly the drained ones' feelings. Learning to filter your energy or draining from environmental sources are some good moves to avoid too much feeling.

Finally, there's the "guilt" issue. Draining others might seem (or is) like stealing away their own energy, and that doesn't make you feel so well. Read the following source in order to find out more about psi feeding and guilt: <>.

C. Hybrid Awakening

If you feel the need for extra energy and you see that both blood and psi energy work as well for you, then you must be a hybrid, meaning your organism combines both sanguinarian and psi vampirism in a way that you are allowed to alternate feeding sources from blood to psi and vice versa. In this case you should read both the above categories. You might feel better with either psi feeding or blood feeding or both, so deal with whatever suits you best.

D. Physical Problems

Vampirism is a condition that usually causes some physical problems to the people having it. These problems can come and go or be permanent and the tension in which they appear varies, depending on the period of each one's vampirism (for example the problems can be worse during a vamping out crisis).

Commonly presented problems are eye sensitivity, especially to light sources as well as skin sensitivity, mainly to sunrays. Many people with vampirism tend to burn easily and fast when exposed to sun, with a result of red skin, blisters and pain. Also, eyes' exposure straight to light sources might cause them to hurt as well as cause headaches and dizziness. Avoiding prolonged exposure to sun, wearing light colored clothes at sunny days that cover enough parts of your body (especially easily burnt spots like the shoulders), using a good sunscreen with high protection (SPF 30+) and wearing sunglasses when you feel annoyed by lights will reduce the problems. If by any chance you get severely burnt or feel persisting annoyance at your eyes, it would be good to see a doctor. Further info at <>, <>.

Another symptom recorded quite often is being nocturnal. Being young and nocturnal doesn't help at all, due to school and other duties. Same goes for adults that can't find a night-shift job (rare thing). You can give it a try and bring your sleeping rhythms back to normal. Another way is to visit a neurologist with the hope they can help you organize your sleeping hours.

Headaches and migraines are the big ones for people with vampirism. Coming and going and becoming too tense at particular times, headaches and migraines can make you suffer a lot. Painkillers are a source of relief, but don't get too used to them. You can try and rest or sleep a little or have a relaxing drink (like chamomile), until the pain is over or lessened to a tolerable limit. Of course, a neurologist could suggest some medicine for additional help.

For ladies that are vamping out during the tough days of the month, resting and trying physical pain relieving methods is doubly advised.

E. Psychical Problems

Awakening is a mentally wary condition by itself. You are supposed to discover a condition that brings mostly negative things in your life and manage to live with it. The lack of medical research on the vampiric condition and the possible adolescence make things more complicated. Still, you must try to balance your mental health. Sanity and balance are the two most important things in order to realize and comprehend your condition and learn to live with it the best way. There will be many times things won't go as you wish and you will lose control of it. Don't be afraid or worried though, it happens to all of us. It's scary but all together, we help each other get over a crisis and move on. One for all and all for one! About dealing with your awakening, you can read the following advice: <>.

Depression is bound to appear sometime during your awakening. Here you can find some help on depression: <>.

Social problems can be encountered in this section too. The most famous is loneliness and the urge to tell people about your condition. Unfortunately, people can be very narrow-minded, suspicious or even willing to take advantage of you and your condition. Of course, everyone that doesn't suffer vampirism is expected not to understand it. Many might call you a role player, might ridicule you or misinform others and spread rumors about you and your condition. Unless you trust a very close friend enough and you are sure they will understand, don't reveal your problem to others. Telling your parents doesn't sound like a good idea either, because it's more likely they won't understand a condition not yet explained medically, that also happens to be connected to a bazillion tales of folklore, myths and prejudice.

This inevitably leads to a form of loneliness. Finding people with vampirism close to you might be difficult. Being an active member of a message board, contacting via mail with people similar to you and trying to make online friendships are good ways to reduce the lonely feeling.

Concluding this document, I would like to add for once more that we are here to help each other. We always encourage posts with serious and well thought questions, and we appreciate sharing feelings and stories as well as working problems together. Awakening is a complicated process and we'll all find our way to it, slowly but surely.

Further places to look at:

Stickies of the Awakening Section of the VCMB contain helpful info.

Sang feeding techniques at <>.
Psi feeding techniques at <>.
Staying healthy: <>.
The hunger: It's causes and dealing with it: <>.
Advice to the newly awakened: <>.
Teen Vampires Support (!!!): <>.
For those in a bad mood: <>.
In case you don't understand some terms in the text: <>.

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